10 Cheapest 4G LTE Phones in Nigeria - Prices on Konga and Jumia

List Of Android 4G LTE Phones In Nigeria and Prices Online - 2016

Price and Specification of the Latest 4G Phones
Looking for where to buy 4G Phones in Nigeria under 15000 or 20k and pay on delivery? You can buy from Jumia or Konga as they are trusted online stores.

Do you know that Tecno c5 and Gionee M3 mini are some of the cheapest 4G LTE phones with decent specs? The truth is that in some months time, a lot of people would need to look for cheap 4G LTE phones to buy. This is due to the recent roll out of 4G LTE services by the major mobile network companies in the country.

Without the use of this 4G enabled devices such as 4G LTE cell phones, USB modems and WiFi modems (miFi), no one will be able to access this fast internet service. Fortunately, a lot of high end smartphones ranging from Apple to Samsung Galaxy to Note to Huawei to HTC are compatible with 4G network but this compatibility comes with attendant high prices of such 4G enabled android or windows phones.

List of major 4G LTE Networks in Nigeria

  • MTN 4G LTE
  • Glo 4G LTE
  • Etisalat 4G LTE
  • Airtel 4G LTE
  • Smile 4G LTE
  • Spectranet 4G LTE
  • Swift 4G LTE

Do you need a list of Phones that supports 4G LTE that you can buy at cheap price? Not everybody can afford to shell out over 100k for some of these products so I have tried to include some affordable 4G Phones in Nigeria that don’t cost a fortune.

Here is a list of affordable phones and devices in Nigeria that supports 4G LTE service.

Best 4G LTE Phones

Lenovo Z90-7
HTC One M9
HTC One M8
OnePlus 2
HTC One E9+
ZTE Nubia Z9
Tecno Camon C5
infinix hot s
Tecno Boom J8
Tecno Camon C9
Gionee M5 Plus
Infinix Note 2
Infinix Zero 3
Gionee Marathon M5
Tecno Phantom 5
Huawei Honor 7i
Sony Xperia Z1
ZTE Nubia My Prague
ZTE Nubia Z9 mini
Iocean M6752
ASUS ZenFone 2 ZE551ML
Doogee F3 PRO
Sony Xperia SP C5303
Meizu M2 Note
Lenovo A8
Lenovo S60-W
Motorola Moto E
TECNO Phantom 5
Samsung Galaxy A5
HTC one M9
TECNO Camon c5
Xiaomi Redmi 2
Xiaomi Note 3
Xiaomi Mi 5
Gionee M3 Mini

Samsung Galaxy phones that support 4G LTE service
Samsung S6 edge
Samsung S7

Lenovo devices with 4G LTE compatibility
Lenovo A2010
Lenovo Vibe P1m
Lenovo Vibe X3

Infinix phones that are 4G LTE compatible
Infinix X600
Infinix Note 2
Infinix Zero 3

BB phones that support 4G LTE network
Blackberry Z10
Blackberry Z30
Blackberry Q5
Blackberry Q10

Huawei devices that are 4G LTE enabled
Huawei Mate 8
Huawei Mate 7
Huawei P8
Huawei GR3

Sony Mobile devices that work with 4G LTE
Sony Z5 Compact, Dual and Premium
Sony Z3
Sony C4

Tecno phones compatible with 4G LTE
TECNO Phantom 5

Apple iPhones that runs 4G LTE
iPhone 5
iPhone 6

So, here is our list of phones and devices in Nigeria that currently supports 4G LTE network.

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How To Change Theme On UC Browser

Easy Steps To Change Theme On UC Browser

Everyone knows that UC Browser is one of the best browsers on mobile and android phones as well as PC computers. It is a popular mobile browsing application with numerous themes available for download in every version released for mobile users.

By default, UC Browser comes preloaded with two default themes which are the day mode and night mode theme. Both themes can be downloaded and installed easy from any UC browser version. All you need do is to click on the theme you choose and it will download and install automatically.

The night mode option is especially important as it reduces the screen brightness and lessen the intensity of light entering the eyes at night. To download a theme on UCWeb browser, navigate to the symbol menu by going to the center of the lower tab => Themes => Themes Download => then click on the download button.

Within a few moment, your selected theme would be downloaded, installed and you will see the changes immediately.

The essence of this post is to open your eyes to certain features to enable you customize your UC browsing experience. Whether you are a novice or an expert, you will surely learn one or two things going through this post.


  • Start your UC browser
  • Navigate to the options menu by clicking the Blackberry home button
  • Go to 'Settings', then navigate to 'Theme', then to 'Download Theme
  • Choose your desired theme to download
  • Then click install


  • Start up your android UC browser
  • Go to the menu options or right click
  • Choose your desired theme
  • Download the selected theme and install it

How To Customize UC Browser Themes With Pictures

Do you know you can use any image as a theme for your UC browser? You may want to as me how? Navigate to the 'Settings' options, go to 'Themes' and select any theme available for download. You can also use any picture on your phone as background image of the UC Browser theme. Themes are great ways to customize your UC Browser with new amazing looks.

I hope this tutorial on how to change your UC browser theme works for you? Share this post.

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How iPhone 7 Owners Drilled Holes into Their Phones To Create Audio Jack

Desperate iPhone 7 Owners Drill Holes on Their Devices to Create 3.5mm Jack

I was surfing online recently when I came across the extent to which an authority brand can mislead people. Do you believe that several iPhone 7 device owners drilled holes into their cellphones when they mistake a prank for a Do-It-Yourself guide to create the absent 3.5mm audio jack.

Many mobile phone users have been reluctant about buying the newly introduced iPhone 7 because of the removal of the traditional headphone jack which was replaced with wireless air pods. Millions of iPhone customers do not believe in the company's dream that the future of sound is wireless. There has been so much buzz over this issue because while some are in support of the Apple's stand, many others are totally against it.

A video detailing how to get the non-existent audio jack (3.5mm) was posted on Youtube by TechRax. In the video, the instructed drilled through a clamped down iPhone 7 device with a 3.5mm drill and was tagged, 'This video tutorial for iPhone users who do not want to spend money on wireless air pods or go through the stress of using adapters anytime the need to listen to music'

Because TechRax has a reputation of posting helpful tech tips and tutorials, it is quite unfortunate that many people have actually drilled through their iPhone 7 in reality, damaging their device in the process.

Do you know that this youtube video has gotten almost 10 million views already? I feel sad for many out there who may still end up trying this dangerous tutorial.

Google or Salesforce May End Up Buying Twitter Soon

Twitter Reportedly Considering Sale to Google or Salesforce

Do you know that Twitter stocks jumped up by over twenty percent increase due to circulating reports that the company is about to be sold to other giant internet corporations. Reports from CNBC has it that interested negotiators such as Verizon, Salesforce and Google are much particular in the data trends generated by active Twitter users.

This year has been a rocky one for Twitter as a business considering the thirty percent drop in the price of its stocks. Potential advertisers now prefer Facebook for advertising and some users find it hard to understand the workings of Twitter. According to professionals, this has resulted in low user base growth and poor monetization over the past few years.

Many financial analyst believe that it will be more beneficial for Twitter as a business if Salesforce end up buying it. It is also important to note that both Google and Salesforce have been silent about this new development. However, Vala Afshar who is the Chief digital promoter made his opinion know on Twitter recently.

Twitter has been in fierce competition with fast rising social networking sites since Jack Dorsey took up the position of CEO  two years ago. The introduction of social videos on Twitter which was initiated from deals like the National Football League games has brought slight improvement to the static growth state experienced by the company.

Debates from the general elections are proposed to be streamed live on Twitter even as speculations increase that the purchase deal would be finalize before the end of this year.

Smile Vs Spectranet Vs Swift Vs Ntel Data Price and Internet Speed

Comparing Smile Versus Spectranet or Ntel Internet Data Price, Connection and Download Speed, Coverage and Stability

Which Is The best Mifi Network To Use? Which one is the most reliable? Which one is more affordable or expensive? Many people especially Nigerians want to know which mifi modem works better: smile or spectranet?

I will be sharing some insights in terms of the price of their internet data plans as well as internet speed, stability and coverage. I'm not going to be comparing MTN, Glo, Airtel or Etisalat with any of these 4G LTE services because they are clearly not on the same frequency.

Now many of you are yet to test the high speed LTE internet data that Spectranet offer and even most of you that reside in the cities where Spectranet services are currently available, some of you still rely on the 2G/3G data services that MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat offer you.

If you are yet to experience the high speed LTE internet data services that Spectranet and others offer and you are in a city where their services are available but you prefer to stick to the frustrating speed of 2G/3G networks, your loyalty is unshakable oo.

With a good stable LTE internet data package, you can stream most 720p and sometimes 1080p videos without buffering.

If you are particular on fast speed internet not minding the more expensive data plans ranging from 5GB, 10GB to 100Gb, please go for Smile network. Spectranet offer moderate 4G internet connection at pocket friendly rates. Some differences are based on your location.

I have both smile and swift mifi. From my personal experience, these are the major advantages and disadvantages:

Smile internet speed is faster that swift, the smifi (Smile 4G Modems) battery last longer and their is the option of 12 years validity which starts from data plans with 10GB data volume above. Smile service is more expensive though for heavy users and downloaders like me but I still respect their pay as you go package. Modem comes with a 5Gb bonus data.

Swift is not as fast as smile, their coverage does not cover some outskirts of Lagos you lose network once you get to some outskirt of Lagos. Fortunately, Swift data plans are less expensive than smile It has amazing plans far cheaper than swift

Ntel high speed LTE services came with a bang but it is disappointing to note that despite their promises of providing affordable data plans, their services has not been extended to other major cities in Nigeria.

It is your location that determines which one is better. If you live in a city where spectranet coverage is better, you will be tempted to think spectranet is the best and if Swift is better in your location, you will be biased towards it.

Do you need a reliable and cost effective ISP to power your internet cafe business? I have tried to compare Smile with spectranet and other 4G internet solutions in Nigeria. Do you live in Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt or Enugu? Between Spectranet LTE data, Smile internet and the rest, where are you based and which one are you using at the moment?

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which is better, the best, cheaper, more reliable, downloading speed

How To Find Direct Download Link of Any Movie in HD Format .MKV .AVI .MP4 .FLV

Easiest Ways To Find Direct Movie Download Link in HD Format Using Google Dorks

What is the best method of finding the direct download link of any movie on your smartphone or pc ? If you are someone like me who loves watching movies without having all the time to spare to visit the cinema, you will appreciate this movie download tutorial. With our handheld and PC device, we can actually get to do a lot of things related to files and movie download.

We all love movies but it can be really challenging looking up the latest movie releases through the internet. This tutorial will assist you on how to get any movie direct download link even on your mobile phone in less than a minutes without having to waste time and efforts clicking on ads or filling online surveys.

To cut the story short, I will be sharing two different methods with you. You can decide to go with anyone you find easier and more comfortable with. These tricks are not direct download movie websites or forum but involve the use of Google Dorks method of finding any direct download link of a movie like dropbox.


From your pc or cellphone browser, visit Google web search by going to www.google.com
Paste the code beow into the search bar, not forgetting to add the name of the movie you intend to find the direct link to download

intitle:index.of? mkv

For example: intitle:index.of? mkv National Treasure

Look through the search engine results for a webpage that contain your movie direct download link
Open such page and click on the direct link to download the movie in HD format
If your search brings a large volume of results, use CTRL+F to search for your movie
Once you see the movie, click on the link to initiate the download in HD format


Repeat the web search on your handheld device or laptop pc like you did for the method above but use the code below instead

Name of Movie -inurl:(htm|html|php|pls|txt) intitle:index.of “last modified” (mp4|wma|aac|avi)

Substitute the 'Name of Movie' with the movie name you want to download

For example: Mr and Mrs -inurl:(htm|html|php|pls|txt) intitle:index.of “last modified” (mp4|wma|aac|avi)

Look thoroughly through the results, you will see the direct movie link
Click on the link to the movie download and it start downloading for free in High Definition format

This Google dork trick is also useful for searching for files of specific format and extension like .exe, .pdf, .ppt by just replacing the mkv or avi at the end. Do you find this post useful? Please share it with friends.

MTN Mobile Electricity: Solar Energy Solution From MTN


A lot of Nigerians do not know that an alternative energy service has been created in the country courtesy of MTN Nigeria. In towns and cities where people need to fast for days before they can get adequate power supply from PHCN, I think they should consider this solar power option.

MTN Mobile Electricity is a low cost solar power option that can light up your electric bulb, charge your laptop, mobile and handheld devices, power your fan, radio and other low to medium power consuming electronic devices 247.

Contents of MTN Mobile Electricity Kit

==> A Mobile phone charger
==> 6 12V DC sockets
==> One USB adaptor
==> 300Wh Indoor unit
==> Large 80W solar panel
==> 2 LED room lights

You can recharge your MTN Mobile Electricity Kit using this guide:

Duration      Price Per Day    Total Price

3 days        N133             N400
7 days        N121             N850
30 days       N110             N3,300

The device is linked to your MTN SIM card so that you can carry out the subscription flawlessly using your airtime from anywhere in the country.

MTN Mobile Electricity Kit is a very cheap and trusted alternative that gives your power supply to supplement whatever your generator is able to deliver and allowing it to rest too. To get this package, all you need do is visit the nearest MTN retail store close to you for more inquiries.

This device is compatible with 12V rated appliances and devices only.

Gionee M3 Mini Specs And Price In Nigeria

Specifications and Features of Gionee M3 Mini

Gionee M3 Mini is one of the best smartphones available for the Nigerian market. The phone comes with several features that make it a popular choice when it comes to affordable android phones on sale in Nigeria. Gionee M3 Mini is not just the name of a brand. It is a cellphone that provides powerful specifications, matching value for every amount spent to acquire this device.

Gionee M3 Mini Specifications

Gionee M3 Mini was launched in October 2005 and is both 2G and 3G enabled, here some other specs of Gionee M3 Mini.

2G Network: Yes GSM - 900/1800/1900
3G Network: Yes HSDPA - 900/2100
4G Network: Yes
Dual SIM: Yes

Gionee M3 Mini External Features, Colours and Dimensions are as follows. Keyboard is touchscreen and phone dimensions is 126 x 62.5 x 10.11 mm. Available colors are White, Gold, Red, Gray. The phone cover is made of plastic.

Gionee M3 Mini Internal Display is TFT, capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors and screen size is 4.5 inches, 480 x 800 pixels, 218 pixels per inch (PPI)

Gionee M3 Mini Storage And Memory is superb. There is a MMC Card slot present for external storage attachment with complements an internal storage capacity of 8GB powered by 1GB RAM.

Gionee M3 Mini OS And Processors
OS: Android 5.1 (Lollipop) - Amigo 3.0 UI
Processor: 1.0GHz quad-core Cortex-A53
CPU: MediaTek MT6736 chipset
GPU: Mali-T760

Gionee M3 Mini Audio And Sound
Alert types: Vibration, MP3 ringtones
Gionee M3 Mini Loudspeaker: Yes
Audio port: 3.5mm jack

Gionee M3 Mini Camera And Video
Primary: 5MP, up to 2592 x 1944-pixel pictures, HDR, autofocus, face detection camera with LED flash
Secondary: 2MP 1600 x 1200-pixel pictures
Video: 1080p@30fps
Gionee M3 Mini Connectivity
2G: GPRS – up to 85.6 kb/s
EDGE – up to 236.8kb/s
3G: Up to 42mb/s downlink
Up to 5.76 mb/s uplink
4G: Up to 150 mbps downlink; Up to 50 mbps uplink
WIFI: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, WIFI hotspot
Bluetooth: Version 4.0
USB: MicroUSB v2.0

Gionee M3 Mini Battery
Capacity: 4000mAh Li-Ion battery
Stand-by: Upto 300hrs
Talk time: Upto 15hrs
Music play: -

Other Gionee M3 Mini Features Include Sensors such as accelerometer and proximity.
Messaging services like SMS, MMS, Email, Push Mail and IM. The phone browser is HTML5 enabled.

Audio: MP3/WAV/eAAC+/AC3/FLAC player
Video: MP4/MPEG4/H.263/H.264 player
FM radio: Yes
Document viewer: Yes
Image viewer: Yes
SNS Integration Yes
Predictive text input: Yes
Pre Apps: Gmail, Whatsapp,YouTube, Facebook, Google Talk, Xender, etc

Gionee M3 Mini Pricing
Do you know the current price of Gionee M3 Mini? Latest Gionee M3 Mini price ranges from N17,500 -to- N22,000 depending affordable price on the online store or shop you intend to buy from

Where To Buy Gionee M3 Mini

You can purchase Gionee M3 Mini at cheap price from Jumia, Konga and Slot

How To Check Glo, Airtel, Etisalat, MTN Credit (Airtime) Account Balance

Code to Check Account Balance on MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat SIM

Airtime Balance Code For MTN, Etisalat, Glo, Airtel and Starcomms
The essence of this post is to show you how to easily check MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat Airtime balance using specific USSD codes. GSM providers let their prepaid and postpaid subscribers access specific information pertaining to their account via a general code. These include codes to check airtime balance, data balance, credit bonus balance etc.

How Do I Check My Credit (Airtime) Balance? The truth is we are bothered with so many things daily that small things like airtime balance code for mtn and other networks in Nigeria may sometimes skip our mind. For new users, they may find out they don't know the code to check credit airtime on glo or any other network that they use.

This is my sole motivation for compiling a list of all USSD codes for checking account balance on Starcomms, MTN, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel.

This include:

glo account balance code
mtn account balance code
airtel account balance code
etisalat account balance code
starcomms account balance code

How To Check Account Balance on Etisalat Network

Here is the simplest way to check airtime credit balance on your etisalat line. Type *232# and press the green send button on your cellphone. This is the etisalat balance inquiry code. You will get a notification stating the remaining airtime left on your etisalat sim.

Code To Check Account Balance on your MTN SIM Card

Checking airtime balance on MTN is very easy too. MTN Account balance code is *556#, just type this into your phone and press enter/send button. Your account balance will then be displayed on your phone screen.

How To Check Credit Balance on Airtel Network

Do you need to know the credit balance on your Airtel sim? To check account balance for Airtel line, use this account inquiry code *123# and then push the send button to forward your request.

How To Check Airtime Balance on GLO Nigeria

Do you need to check your account balance on Glo sim? Here is the credit inquiry code for glo: #124*1#, type this on your phone and send the account balance USSD code. Your glo airtime balance will be shown on your mobile phone.

Checking Account Balance on Starcomms Phone

The usual airtime balance code for Starcomms is *225#, just type this ussd code on your phone and send it. You will be notified of your remaining credit via SMS.

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10+ Ways to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

How To Make iPhone and Android Phone Battery Last Long

Smartphone users are often faced with the challenge of how to make their smartphone battery last long. Problems with battery usage range from fast draining, to weak battery  to battery not lasting up to expectation.

Have you had to charge your battery many times in the day? Talk about batteries of weak capacities which can be due to spoilage or the brand of the phone or battery.

This article is a compilation of the many ways to ensure your android battery last longer than expected.

Ways to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

Avoid Heat
Always make sure your device or its battery is stored in a cool environment. Hot surfaces or heated rays have a way of destroying the component elements of most Lithium batteries.

Maximize Power Saving Mode
When you do not need internet access or when your battery level gets to like 40 percent, put the phone on power saving mode. This saves battery and makes it last

Screen Brightness
The brightness of your screen display carries a lot of implications when it comes to how lasting your smartphone will be. Brightness of the screen uses up almost 40 percent of battery charge. To make your battery last long, always dim your screen or enable auto brightness.

Screen Timeout
The shorter the timeout, the better for your battery. For your battery to last, every seconds is important. Keep the screen timeout between 15 seconds and below.

I know you love using bluetooth enabled hands-free to listen to music or radio on your phone. Leaving your bluetooth on for long consumes your battery more due to the extra power needed for the radio signals.

Disable GPS Tracking
Online map reading and GPS tracking should only be powered on when you need navigation services. This is because satellite and radio signals necessary for this features consumes a lot of battery.

Disable Automatic Update
Smartphones including iPhones by default are designed to keep their software components up to date. Such device try to periodically scan for new updates to their units and download updates automatically. To improve your battery stand-time, please put update option from 'Auto' to 'Manual Mode'

Disable Background App Refresh
Background App Refresh ensures that your apps are updated with the latest news and information. This is commendable because it keep both you and the app updated. The only downside is that such refresh makes considerable demand on a lot of battery power. If you do not need background app refresh it at the moment? Turn it off.

Location Services
To make your battery last very long, try to disable location service on your android. To achieve this, enable the feature to turn off location services. This option is located under the privacy settings.

App Battery Usage
It is not every app you use all the time, to know which apps consumes the most battery charge, navigate to settings, then to battery and then check out the one that uses the most battery power, it is not one that you use often, please disable it.

Camera Flash
Apart from the distracting and disruptive features of camera flash, no one looks good with a picture taken with flashes. This aside, use of camera flashes should be avoided if it is possible considering the fact that it drains your battery fast.

Do you know my phone battery can last me up to 2 days without charging? How long does your smartphone battery last? Share.

How to Speed Up Your Android SmartPhone 2x Faster Within 2 Mins

How to Increase The Speed of Your Android Device To Make it Load and Respond Faster

One common problem many users of Android phones are faced with is how to boost the speed of their smartphones. Android users sometimes find their device very slow, sluggish and failing to respond to touch on time. The truth is that you are not alone. Increasing how fast your android smartphone runs is important to having an awesome user experience.

So how do I make my android smartphone faster? I have taught this speed booster trick before and I'm going to do it again today. From taking selfies, to running programs and playing games, many people don't know about this tweak to speed up their android, the only tweak they are able to execute is changing their device IMEI.

Do you know that a boost in the speed of how your device runs can make you the boss over your handheld. You are no longer held down by that dragging, slow speed that you have always been used to. There is no need to download any speed booster app or hack into anything. You are only going to make a small edit to a default configuration you have not heard about.

How Do I Make My Android Smartphone Fast?

So you want to find out how you can make your android cellphone super fast? Here are the procedures:

The first step to increase android speed is to activate the developers options which is often a hidden menu by default.

To enable this feature, navigate to the 'about phone' menu which is usually located under the main settings menu on your phone.

You then need to click on 'build number' 7 time before the developers option is turned on.

After doing this, navigate back to the main settings option , you will then see the developers options below the list of items on display.

The next process is to open the developers option that has just been activated, go down until you are able to see the three configurations listed below:

  • Window animation scale
  • Transition animation scale
  • Animator animation scale

Please note that these 3 settings may actually be located in an advanced subsection of the developers option depending on the brand of Android you are using.

These three items have been set to '1x' by default, so what we are going to do is to make adjustments to the values quoted for each. Edit the values and change them to '.5x' in order to exponentially speed up your android smartphone.

This speed booster tweak will end up increase the speed of animation and other components of user experience on your phone making your device load/boot or run smoother and faster.

With this configuration, you are able to take charge and show that you are master over your android device. So boost your smartphone speed now!

How to Set Default Keyboard on Your Android SmartPhone

Setting Your Default Keyboard on Android Phone

Do you know you can actually use different keyboard styles on your cellphone? The Android OS is a flexible one and affords you the luxury of customizing your keyboard using several keyboard apps that you can download and install. Such  downloads would then need to be chosen as your default mode before you can see any change.

Of a truth, there are lots of keyboard apps for android out there but this post will focus on setting Swiftkey keyboard app as the default keyboard on your android. Setting default keyboard on android is necessary to enjoy various options, it is also a very simple thing to do. Do you know that the process of choosing the default keyboard on android is the same regardless of the keyboard app you are trying to use?

So how do I set my default keyboard on Android using SwiftKey keyboard?

  • Click here to download and install your desired keyboard
  • Navigate to the settings, under personal menu, go to Language and Input
  • Choose the current keyboard which is located under keyboard and input method
  • Click on choose keyboards
  • Select the SwiftKey keyboard that you want to set as default keyboard
  • Go through the prompt displayed and select OK to continue the activation
  • Navigate back to the main language and input interface
  • Tap current keyboard like you did before and choose SwiftKey keyboard
  • Your selection would then be saved automatically
To know if the default keyboard has been activated, try typing a quick message to send to a friend.

How To Verify A Nigerian Bank Account Before Transferring Money

Android App That Verifies Any Nigerian Bank Account Detail to Avoid Scamming and Wrong Fund Transfers

Have you ever wondered what it feels like transferring money into a wrong bank account? The creation of this app is a very good initiative considering that many people make mistake while sending their account number to another person to send money to them. I have already rated this app five star because of how useful it has been to be since I discovered it.

Before you send money to a bank account, use this app to verify if the person is the right one or not before transferring you hard earned cash. Getting such wrong deposits reversed or refunded can be a very difficult thing to do in this economy. You can't afford to make such mistake, trust me.

Advantages of this Nigerian Bank Account Verifier App

Do you know why you should download this bank detail verifier mobile application?
  • It prevent you from getting scammed
  • It shields you from identity theft
  • You don't need to go to the bank to verify account info from the customer care people
  • You don't have to send money to a wrong Nigerian bank account

Everyone need to understand that this is the simplest bank account verification method available for now and so you should also get download and install the app on your smartphone and tablet.
  • Click here to download the app from Google PlayStore
  • Start the app and choose you bank name
  • Type in the 10 digits that represents your Nigeria bank account number
  • Click on VERIFY to get details of the owner of the account number

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Tech Device Can Check Malaria Status Within Seconds

This Device That Can Detect Malaria From A Drop of Blood in 5 Seconds

According to WHO, Malaria is one of the most dangerous illness of man killing a large number of people annually especially in the sub-Saharan part of Africa. It is sad to note that this disease is actually preventable and curable but lack of early diagnosis and treatment contribute to the high number of deaths in many cases.

This concern motivated an MIT PhD student to design and develop a tech device called RAM which is the shortened form of Rapid Assessment of Malaria. This device has been proven to be able to detect malaria in a drop of blood within as short as five seconds.

The mechanical device diagnose whether you are malaria positive or negative just from a single drop of blood a week before symptoms commence using a process called Magneto-Optical Detection. Like the popular pregnancy test, the machine analyzes your blood specimen and indicates result either in a positive or negative status.

Apart from the casing and LED screen for displaying necessary information, other components of RAM include magnets, SD card reader, laser and a circuit board. In India, a field test was conducted not too long ago, yielding as high as 92-98 percent accuracy. This has prompted the need to conduct a trial in Nigeria too where as many as 5000 people would be tested for Malaria parasite using the device.

This is a welcomed innovation coming in to Africa, what do you think?

Increase Your Blog Traffic: Drop Your Blog Url

Post Your Blog Url: Increase Blog  Traffic

This post is to provide a directory of blogs that supply information to what you are looking for. Apart from the SEO benefits of backlinks, this will increase your blog exposure as people can easily see what your blog is all about and visit it.

How does this work? 
Write a short description of what your blog is all about and the main theme you discuss including the link to your social media profiles like G+, Twitter and Facebook. Readers who visit such accounts may end up subscribing or sharing your posts if they derive value from your contents enough to inspire them.

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Calculate The Number of Hours You Spend on Your Phone Daily

How To Calculate How Many Hours You Spend on Your Phone Daily

Do you want to know how many hours you spend on your smartphone everyday? The calculation may be very difficult to make and the results may even be more difficult to believe. For instance, I find it unbelievable that I spend almost 25 days within a year, staring at and pressing my cellphone.

According to a recent study, MobileInsurance discovered that on the average, most phone user spend one and half hour on phone daily which equates to 23 days in a year and then almost 4 years of the average person's lifetime.

The simple question is how much time do you spent daily on your smartphone? I know many people spend a lot of time and this is why doing this calculation is essential. Instead of assuming in an effort at calculating the time you spend daily on your smartphone, why don't you install Quality Time, a mobile app to help you calculate the amount of time you spend daily on your smartphone

QualityTime is a powerful time analyzer android app that is fun and easy to operate. It monitors your activities on a smartphone including the amount of time you spent on each application daily. At a quick glance, the report let you know which of your apps you spend most time on.

Click here to download Quality Time and start analyzing the amount of time you spend on your mobile device. Analyzing time usage on mobile phone is important to planning your schedules and prioritizing. In all sincerity, can you share with us how many hours, weeks and months you spent on your smartphone last year?

Facetime for iPhone, iPad, iPod (Apple iOS) - Free Download

Get Apple Facetime Free Download - Facetime App For iPhone

What is Facetime for iPhone Download? Facetime App appears to be a very powerful video calling software for both iPhone, iPhone and other devices running the Apple OS. This video call app is available on popular iOs devices ranging from iPod, to iPad to iPhone. You can get this mobile app from the Apple App Store for iOS phones.

There are many attractive features that make Facetime a likeable iPhone app for video calling.

It is very easy to use Facetime to make a video call to another friend. This is because calls place from one Facetime user to another are swift. The increase in the acceptance of Facetime Apple app finally compelled software developers to develop several variations that are compatible with almost all the operating systems in the market especially Android, Windows and Mac. Facetime app runs on both iPad running iOS 7 and iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6 and 6s phones.

These are some specifications that come with getting Facetime on iPhone:

  • Ability to invite all friends on your contact
  • You can make calls from your phone to another Facetime user free
  • Clarity of video is world class
  • Call history is automatically backed up
  • User Interface is simple and easy to use
  • Data consumption is reasonable
To install Facetime for iPhone free download version, you should have a space of up to 5Mb free on your device. To use Facetime on your iOS phone or tablet, here are some steps to take:

  • click here to download Facetime setup file  facetime-iPhone-free-download
  • install the file and then open it after a successful installation
  • start using Facetime for free on your iPhones and iPads

This is the simplest way for those who want to know how to install the Facetime app on their iPhone.

Sharing is caring, why don't you share this post to inform others?

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How To Check BVN Verification Number From Your Phone

Code to Check Your BVN Verification Number On Your MTN, GLO, ETISALAT and AIRTEL LINE

Hi guys, how did your weekend fare? I understand that many of us have already registered for our Bank Verification Number.  But have you ever been in a situation where you have to retrieve your BVN to process a bank transaction and you were not with the code? Even if you have your BVN code saved in your diary, you may still forget this item at home.

This post will give you steps to check your BVN number right on your mobile phone without the need for internet, anywhere anytime. Did I hear you say really? Yes, you can actually use a specific USSD code to check BVN on gsm enabled hand held devices ranging from your Nokia torch light to android to windows phone.

To get your BVN from your cell phone, all you need do is to dial this code: *565*0# on the particular GSM line you used for the BVN registration and then hold on for some seconds.  Your BVN verification number would then be displayed right on the phone screen.

This BVN code for mobile works on all gsm lines in Nigeria which include Airtel, Glo, MTN and Etisalat. Also note that your line would be charge airtime value of N10 everytime you use this mobile code to check your BVN. This too me is still fair considering the hazzle involved in trying to retrieve your BVN when you are stuck at the banking hall. Hey guys, what do you think?

Removable vs Non Removable Battery For Smartphone: Let's Compare

Compare and Contrast: Mobile Phone Removable vs Non Removable Battery

Have you ever thought about the reason phone manufacturers introduced the idea of non-removable batteries? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both removable and non-removable cell phone batteries? Many cell phone users are already used to having the traditional removal battery that are easily replaced when such power storage unit gets weak or damaged.

Over the past months, I have been able to sample opinions of people around me about their preference for one battery design over the other. While most of the people I spoke with would prefer a removable battery to a non-removable one, others wouldn't mind switching from a non-removable to a removable one and vice versa not minding the pros and cons of each as long as the device specification satisfies them. Removable batteries are easier to replace even by non-geek users although phones with inbuilt battery would definitely be slimmer with sleeker designs.

Another thing I have noticed is the gradual phase out of universal chargers, giving way to power banks. Why? Cell phone manufacturers don't want you tampering with your battery and other internal components. Consequently, most new phone models being introduced into the market now come with inbuilt battery.

Now here is a personal view. I detest phones with inbuilt battery like I really mean it. One major reason I hate this kind of arrangement is you can't just pull out your battery to reset your phone when it hangs. I mean this is weird! You will have to wait for the battery to drain down completely before any restart can be effected. And if you use a phone whose battery can last for up 2 weeks, then my friend you are on your own ooo.

Now let's look at it from another perspective, if your phone accidentally falls into water or a plate of soup, we often yank out the battery and look for a place to air/sun dry the phone. What if the battery is non-removal, this happens on a Friday and the repair shop where you can get help uncoupling your device won't be open until Monday? Now you garrit, I'll rather stick with my removable battery.

Share your experience using removable and non-removable smartphone batteries. Which one do you prefer and why?

How to Extract APK from Installed App on Android

How to Extract APK from Installed App on Android


Many people will choose Android over iOs devices because of the ease to install apps remotely without having to go through the app store. Apple company may actually believe such incapacity is necessary to provide maximum security but the truth is we do not usually experience attacks on Windows OS so I do not think they have a point.

Android users circulate useful apps among themselves using file transfer applications like Flashshare and Xender without the need for much internet use. The post will be an eye opener for those who would like to extract installed app apk on their android device. Such apk can then be sent to others for the purpose of installation without the need of passing through Google playstore.


Airdroid is an android app that help you manage your device right from a computer PC. To get apk off an installed app, these are the steps to take:

  • Click here to download Airdroid, then install the app
  • Launch the application and follow the process to set up a local hotspot
  • Connect with the local hotspot from your PC
  • After you join the connection, start up your PC browser
  • Type in the IP address shown on your android phone or tablet
  • Go to the Airdroid browser interface and naviagate to 'Apps'
  • Choose the desire application you wish to extract its apk and click on 'download'

The apk of the selected app will then be downloaded to your PC in .zip (compressed) format

ES File Explorer

Another tool that can be used to extract installed apk on from your device is actually a file manager. To use ES File Explorer to extract android apk, here are the procedures to follow:

  • Click here to download ES File Explorer and the install it
  • After a successful installation, navigate to the Tools -- then to 'App Manager'
  • Choose the app you want to work on and click on 'Backup'
  • ES File Explorer will then extract the apk from your selected app and save them in backup folder on your memory card

Google Playstore 

Extracting an installed apk directly on your phone is easy. The method is different as the apk is not extracted from your android phone but straight from Playstore with the use of an online apk extractor. What this apk extractor software tool does is that it downloads the apk using the url of the app on playstore.

To use this method, ensure you have ad blockers or pop up blockers installed on your PC, then paste the url of the app from playstore into the space provide on the site. The apk file would be extracted and downloaded on your computer.

What other methods do you know to extract apk from an installed app on android? Why don't you share this post to inform others.


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