Monday, May 30, 2016

UBA Recharge Code: How to Buy Airtime From UBA Bank Account

UBA Airtime Recharge Code: How to Buy Recharge Card from UBA

Do you know how to buy airtime using UBA bank account without having to go out looking for recharge cards to top up your airtime? United Bank for Africa is one of the most respected Nigerian banks with good customer service and initiatives.

This is one of the reasons for creating a mobile top up service that allows account holders to buy airtime from their UBA bank accounts into their GSM mobile phones.

This UBA airtime top up service is not exclusive to the bank, do you remember the 737 GTB airtime recharge code, Ecobank mobile top up and airtime purchase codes for other banks to buy recharge card from bank accounts?  The sweet thing about this product is that your phone does not need to be connected to the internet before you buy airtime from UBA account.

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Sunday, May 29, 2016 Payment Services, Mobile App Download and Agent Application and Commission

MYPAGA: Pay Multichoice DStv Bills, Money Transfer Money and Buy Airtime Online Using Paga

Have you heard of Paga? My Paga is a money transfer service that can be used to send money to any local bank account in Nigeria using a GSM mobile phone.

What are the features of Paga Online Payment Service?

My Paga appears to be the most efficient service currently to transfer money and make payment right on your mobile phone. Apart from the swift money transfer services offered by Paga on mobile, there are two other ways to send money, which is by visiting a registered Paga agent or sending money over the internet using an enabled cell phone.

If you are very security conscious like me, a solution to having to move bulk cash up, carrying ATM cards and check books wherever you go and waiting endlessly on queues in banking hall is to use Paga Mobile Payment Solutions. Do you know that there is no minimum requirement and nothing like subscription charges when you sign up to use Paga to process payments?

Saturday, May 14, 2016



If you are familiar with the mobile phone market, you would have come across Samsung, HTC and even Tecno clones. The recent development is the launch of an iPhone clone that tries to copy the features of the upcoming iPhone7. This is a mean of having a taste of the new iPhone 7 according the Chinese clone manufacturer, GoApple whose business focuses on integrating Google Android Os into Apple design resulting into a hybrid nicknamed iDroid.

According to GooApple, their latest clone named the GooApplei7 is reputed to be the best iPhone clone and will feature an iPhone design running in an Android OS. The objective of GooApple as a company is to blend the features of the Android OS with that of the designs of Apple's new iphones.


How To Get Etisalat 4GB Free Data Today

2016 Latest Free Working Etisalat 4GB Data Plan Activation/Subscription Code

One of the best networks in Nigeria, Etisalat has reloaded another awoof data plan for its loyal subscribers. Etisalat free 4GB data is available to both new and old subscribers on Etisalat network without them spending a dime.

So How Do I Get the Free 4GB Data on Etisalat Sim Card Now?

Latest Free 4GB Etisalat Data Cheat Code
On your Etisalat line, sms DATA to 8186, alternatively you can continouously dial *8186# or *8186*1# on your Etisalat sim. You may also try this working code: *229*2*2# if the first one is not working for you. Please note that you have be faced with some error messages but continue dialling the code till you get your own 4GB. You will need to have some patience until you are notified with a message that indicates that your request is successful.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Airtel Unlimited Browsing Free Cheat Code For Android, Mobile and PC

How To Browse and Download Unlimited On Airtel Using This Working Free Trick

Airtel Unlimited Data Bundle Subscription and Activation Code
Have you heard of this latest browsing and downloading trick on Airtel? This working fbt code has been on for the past few weeks now and is as a result of the response of Airtel network to the agitation of millions of subscribers on their network looking for the cheapest way to browser the internet unlimited without the fear of their data being exhausted.

Airtel internet services may experience some issues at one point or the other but it would be unfair if we don't give it to them that their data services have improved noticeably in certain parts of the country.
Airtel internet data plan unlimited
Airtel network has an unlimited data plan that can be tweaked for browsing. The main reason behind this post is to show you how to get this unlimited bundle plan for your browsing and downloading needs especially for those who want to download heavy files running into tens of Gigabytes on full movies, PC software and games.


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