Download Flash Share ( Xender ) – Send Apps and Files From Android To Android

Download Flash Share and Xender – Transfer Apps and Files From Android To Android

Do you want to know how to download flash share? For some time now, I have just been coming across flash share on my Infinix phone but honestly I have not done anything with it. I planned that some day, I will find time to experiment with this file transfer app to find out its essence and value.

One of my friends with a Tecno phone came around yesterday and I got hooked with a particular app on his phone. He told me he could transfer it to me via flash share and believe me, he did. The application also worked normally without any glitch.

What impressed me about was the file transfer speed. The speed at which flash share sent the file was amazing. An application that is over 60MB was transferred and received in a few seconds. Fro the flash share app, I was also able to install the application straight. Flash share is really a flash when it comes to sending and receiving apps from one android device to another android device.

Do you know that not every android device, whether cellphone or tablet comes with this app by default? I have often come across this app on Tecno and today while searching for Flash Share on my Samsung Galaxy S6, I discovered that the app was not available. Even if you can't get flash share through google play store, please don't be discouraged. The best thing to do is to search and download flash share online.

Are you ready to download flash share for android and transfer easily?

Download Flash Share : Send Files and Apps From Android To Android with Speed

I won't want to bore you with too much words. I have created an account on Sharemobile and upload the app there, the direct link to download flash share has been added below this post.

Without wasting much of your time, I have already uploaded the file on sharemobile and will be giving you the direct link here on this blog. You can download the app Here.

So What File Types Can I Transfer With Flash Share?

Using flash share, you can send any file or app irrespective of its size, videos  (3gp, mp4, mvm, avi, flv, etc), music mp3, pictures (png, jpeg etc) and ringtones on some phones.

Download Xender App From Google Play Store

You can download another powerful app if you don't have a phone that comes with flash share or you just flashed your phone. There are two options available. It's either you download the original flash share app apk ot download Xender app for android from Google play

This app works the same way Flash share works and is the equivalent for flash share app on Tecno android phones. Xender is very effective in sharing apps and you can transfer files to other devices in a seconds without bluetooth or data.

If you find it difficult downloading from Google play store, you can download and install the app apk to your phone. This apk files can also be installed on Blackberry 10 devices such as BB Q10, Z3, Z10 and Z30. You must have upgraded to Blackberry OS.10.2.1 though.

Download Flash Share App Apk
Download Xender App Apk
Download Xender App Apk from Google play

If every android user can download and install flashshare and xender apps on their devices, we will dump bluetooth and the rest and start enjoying flashing speed transfer option through flash share.

Next Tecno Camon Phone To Feature 4 Cameras (64MP) - What!

Next Tecno Camon To Come With 4 Cameras (64MP)? What!

For Tecno Mobile, I think something is really brewing up this time. Whatever is going to happen will definitely blow the mind of all Tecno lovers worldwide. Rumors have it that the next Tecno Camon phone might offer a whooping 4 cameras (two back and two front facing cameras) that are 16MP each. How does that sound? Do you know that this phone is expected to come with four flash lights?

The USP for the Tecno Camon series was the badder than bad camera that comes with these devices. Call it anything, the Tecno Camon C9 also lived up to this expectation.

Personally, I'm not looking forward to mega changes in the specifications as compared to the previous Camon C9 but guys, what will you do with a 4 camera (64MP) phone on just one cellphone? Haba! It may sound weird but that's the latest move from one of the biggest cellphone manufacturers in the world.

Is this phone a yes or no for you? – Download Free Games, Videos, Applications and Themes ( – Download Free Games, Videos, Applications and Themes (

Do you need a website where you can have access to download free applications like games, themes as well as music and videos? Check out is a robust free download site similar to download portals such as like,, etc.

So what can you download On Wapdam site?

From wapdam download portal, there are several categories of freebies to download and the good news is that all these digital items on are offered free, at no cost!

Download categories on include:

  • Games
  • Themes
  • Wallpapers
  • Mp3 Musics
  • Videos

...and others.

If you get to wapdam mp3 download section, you will see various categories of songs that you can download from by navigating through the pre-ordered lists. videos section provides you with a whole range of short and full length videos that you can download free in various formats like .mp4, .avi, .3gp and .flv

On wapdam games sections, there are hundreds of wapdam games to download, like assasins greed, ultimate soccer, tennis and racing games etc.

How Do I Visit site?

To visit wapdam, type in your phone browser and start flexing the numerous downloads on this portal on your cellphone.

One last thing to note is that page is designed primarily for mobile view. For ease of navigation and accessibility, please visit the site via your mobile phone or device like tablets.


Check GTBank Account Balance On Phone with SMS Code

SMS Code To Check GTB Account Balance With SMS On Mobile

Do you know you can checking your GTB account balance from your phone without having to work into any GTBank branch? If you operate an account with GT Bank, you can access their mobile banking services to check your account balance from the comfort of your room instead of going to the banking hall to spend hours on a queue.

GTB 737 banking service offers the flexibility and speed needed to make it convenient for customers to check balance of their GTB account, transfer funds, buy airtime and pay for subscriptions like DSTV and Startimes.

The essence of this post is to share with you how to check Gtbank account balance right on your mobile phone.


I use GTB 737 code to check my account balance anytime I can't do that online especially when my laptop has issues or my phone battery is flat.

To check your gtb account balance on mobile, all you need do is to dial *737*6*1# and follow whatever steps are displayed on your screen. To authorize the account balance check, you will be required to input the last four digits of GTB debit card.

This code will only work if you dial the account balance code from the phone number registered to your GTB account profile.

So here is the code to check gtbank account balance from your phone. Do you have problems with the phone number you registered with you GTB account? It's easy. Just walk into any of the branches around you, fill a form and update you bank account details.

Another way to check your GTBank account balance is to make use of your GTB mobile app.

Get Airtel 7GB for N2000 - 2017

Subscription Code to Activate Airtel 7GB for N2000

In a bid to provide its numerous subscribers with cheap data plans, Airtel has launch another affordable internet data bundle plan. With this new Airtel data plan, you will get 7GB worth of data for just 2k.

I just got this notification from Airtel and if you are on Airtel network you should get yours anytime soon. Compared to Glo snail speed when surfing or downloading, if Airtel speed is satisfactory in your location, I feel this is a good alternative at the moment.

To subscribe for Airtel 7GB for N2,000 dial *437*2# to activate the package.

Is Glo Network Strong in Your Area?

How Strong is GLO Network in Your Area?

Although Glo Nigeria seems to have the most affordable prices for data plans in the country at the moment, the romance between internet data subscribers and the mobile telecom company has turn sour considering the poor quality of internet being offered for now.

Glo Network seems to have moved from bad to worse because in this new year, most people from different parts of the country that I have interacted with have one complaint or the other about Glo data services.

Honestly, I don't seem to understand what Glo is passing through. If you are using glo network, I think you should just move over to other alternatives until the company rectifies whatever switch someone at their company toyed with.

How To Upgrade DSTV Subscription

How To Upgrade Your DSTV Subscription

After a few years of watching DSTV, a couple of days ago it just occurred to me that I needed to upgrade my DSTV from Family to the Classic bouquet. What did I do? I just used my Diamond Bank mobile app to make the payment for the new subscription while waiting for the upgraded DSTV channels to be activated.

Do you know all through the day, i was waiting and the activation was not successful.

After the lengthy wait, I decided to talk to the customer care of DSTV as I was running out of patience. And guess what? They expected that I should have called before my upgrade can be successful.

According to the customer care people, an upgrade is not an automatic thing. If you are trying to downgrade too, you still need to call them.

So folks, it is important that you call the customer care anytime you want to upgrade or downgrade your current plan even after making payment for DSTV subscription in Nigeria. This is the only way DSTV can activate your upgrade from their end.

To upgrade to a new DSTV bouquet while still having an existing subscription, you need pay in full for the new DSTV plan that you are planning to move to. What DSTV will end up doing is to suspend the old subscription and activate the new plan.

Your newly activated DSTV package will now expire after 30 days.

Whether you want to do a DSTV upgrade from compact to premium or to another package, If you ask me, I will tell you that allowing your current subscription to expire before subscribing to a new DSTV bouquet is the best option.

Ecobank Mobile Banking App Download Android Blackberry Apk - Install

Ecobank Mobile Banking - Blackberry and Android Apps for MobileMoney Services

The world has turned  to ICT to performing  various human endeavors  and the demands for apps is daily increasing. Ecobank is not also left  out of this trending phenomenon .

Therefore, Ecobank has introduced a  Mobile app known as Ecobank Mobile Money  as a part of making banking  experiences of its customers unique and easy. The Ecobank MobileMoney allows you to get  all your money and mobile banking transactions done on your smartphone without hassle.

This app has been integrated into a new, more easy-to-use E-wallet, and it works fine still  on your smartphone. This app is currently available in Nigeria and Kenya, where it replaces Ecobank MobileMoney and Ecobank Mobile Banking.

What Transactions Can Be Performed On Ecobank Mobile App

With your Ecobank Mobile app, you can deposit  funds at anytime, and anywhere.

You can perform account-based payments/transactions with this app.

Through Ecobank mobile app, you can recharge your phone and pay bills,  e.g. LLC.

With this app, you can check or make your  balance enquiries.

The Ecobank Mobile banking app will also enable you to Checking  your mini account statements.

Money transfers is also made easy with this app as you can transfer money from Eco bank to Eco bank, and to other banks.

This app also gives you an opportunity to purchasing travel tickets be it land, sea, or air.

How To Activate Ecobank Mobile App

If you’re a new Ecobank Mobile user, the  following  step-by-step guides below will help you to  experience best mobile banking with Ecobank.
You need to download the app and click on New User to register.
Once  you have registered, you’ll receive an SMS with a one-time 6 digit PIN instantly.
After the above, you need to log-in  with the 6-digit PIN.
To ensure security, you need to change the PIN to a new 6-digit PIN of your choice.
     Note that there is a need to  visit any Ecobank branch and fill in an activation form to access your     bank account on this  app.

Steps For Existing Mobile Customers to Enjoy Ecobank Mobile App

MobileMoney from Ecobank enables  you  to send and receive money, make payments and buy        airtime. It’s  an ever ready electronic wallet on your phone that gives you quick  and easy  banking transactions.

Therefore, as an existing mobile customers of Eco bank, you  too should not be left out in enjoying this app. The steps below if followed will enable you to have a nice banking experience with Ecobank  more and more.

Kindly go to the app store on your mobile device (Nokia App store, Google Play, Blackberry App World and Apple App Store).
Type Ecobank Mobile, find the app, then click Install.

Click here to download Ecobank mobile app apk for android
Click here to download Ecobank mobile banking app for Blackberry

Once the app is installed, make sure you exit the app store.
To launch the app, click on the Ecobank Mobile icon on your mobile phone.
To verify your mobile device, dial *326# using your registered number and perform a PIN change
Log-in to the app and start banking.

Key Features Of Ecobank MobileMoney

Ecobank mobilemoney enables you  to depositing and withdrawing  money.
The Ecobank mobile money enables you to transferring and receiving money.
With this mobile money, you can  purchase airtime, pay for goods and services.
Through Ecobank mobile money, you can check  your account balance.
It is also possible to  making electronic collections via Ecobank mobile money.

How To Register For Free With Country Codes

To register on the Mobile Money platform, kindly follow the steps below.

       1. Dial  *326# on your mobile device.
       2. Enter your option number.

Note that the remaining steps are easy to use. And this service  only opens  to subscribers  of Glo, Airtel and Etisalat Mobile networks. You can also contact  the Ecobank Customer Care  in case of any irregularity through: 08003262265 (0800 ECOBANK) as well as on:

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Skye Bank Mobile App Download for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad

The Unbeatable Benefits Of  SkyeMobile Mobile Banking App

SkyeBank Mobile App is a mobile solution which gives you access to various but scintillating  mobile or internet banking any time,  any day and anywhere.

What that translates to is that the Platform allows all Skye bank customers  to carrying  out various banking transactions on their account(s) while on the move without visiting the bank.

In another words,  with  SkyeMobile banking app on your  internet-enabled smartphone,  there are unlimited accesses  to the SkyeMobile banking services  everywhere you go  , regardless  any type of GSM network you  subscribe to.


The following are the basic requirements needed to have your Skyemobile working as desired.

1. You need an active personal Skye Bank account
2. Your active mobile phone numbers must be linked to your bank account.

What Can Skyemobile Used For?

Do not doubt various important banking services  your Skye Bank mobile banking app  can do for you.  Some of them are given below.
1. You can change our personal PIN number through this mobile banking app.

2.  This app will enable you  perform intra- and inter banking fund  transfer. This means you can transfer money from  one Skye Bank  to another Skye bank,  and from Skye bank  to other banks)

3. Through this app, you can buy airtime of Airtel, Etisalat, Glo and  MTN.

4. This app helps you to pay your bills for Cable TV, Electricity e.t.c).

How To Sign Up For Skyemobile App

There are two major activities needed to sign up for the Skye Bank Mobile App. The first involves the download of  Skyemobile app fom  Mobile App Store on your smartphone. The second method is through the mobile network code.

To get the app  through the mobile network Provider’s short SMS Code, SMS “D SKYE” to 20220.This service is available on all GSM networks.

After the sms, you will receive a text message with a link through which the application can be downloaded.

Also, by  scanning the QR code, you will be redirected to a link through which the application can be downloaded.

However, the alternative option, which is the first method mentioned above is  believed to be the most preferred option to most Smart Mobile Phone Users.

Just get to any of Google Play store, Apple iTunes store, Blackberry OS 10 app world and the Windows store on  your smartphone, open the app store and type “Skyemobile”.  There comes your app with easy download.

Click here to download Skyebank Mobile app for iPhone and iPad
Click here to download Skyebank Mobile banking app apk for Android
Click here to download Skye bank Mobile app for Blackberry

How To Activate The Downloaded App

After a successful download of Skyemobile, you will be prompted to do the following so that your downloaded app can run and function effectively.

1.  Input your GSM number, account name, email address and memorable word (that is  the password).

2. You shall receive a prompt sms on your registered GSM number  containing your activation code that  reads “Congrats you have successfully activated, please send PM ********** to 20220 for your PIN”.

3. A  four digit PIN would be sent to you, and that is viable to perfore  any internet/ mobile banking the tune of N20,000.00 daily.

Remember that to ensure a complete and upgraded services,you shall be required to visit the nearest Skye bank  to increase your transaction limit from N20,000.00 to N500,000.00

How To Go About Skye Bank Mobile Recharge

Buying or getting airtime on your mobile phones  is another innovative service  introduced by Skye Bank PLC. for its numerous  customers.

The service is available on Etisalat, Airtel, Glo and MTN  mobile network. To enjoy this service, simply dial *833*Amount# on your mobile phone . E.g. to recharge N1,000.00, please dial *833*1000#.

What are you waiting for? Grab the above superlative services offered by SkyeMobile and begin to  reveling  on your banking experiences with Skye bank PLC.

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UBA Mobile Banking App Download - Apk For Android, Blackberry, Iphone, Ipad and Windows

Download UBA Mobile Banking App Download - Application, Login and Transfer Procedures - U Mobile

Are you a customer to United Bank of Africa (UBA)? Have you heard of their mobile banking app and how to use it for your banking transactions? United Bank for Africa (UBA) is one of the leading banking institutions from the African Continent.

It operates from 19 countries in Africa and has offices in the main financial centers of London, New York and Paris. It boasts of eight million customers that patronize its services, from any of its 700 offices worldwide.

The UBA New York office is duly registered with the Office of the Controller of Currency and is a member of the Federal Reserve Bank, with assets totaling over 1.3 Billion USD. The UBA Group is credited with a number of firsts which include:

Being the first Nigerian Bank to be registered under law in 1961.
Being the first bank to offer an IPO to the investing public on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in 1970.
Being the first bank to offer to customers  a Cheque Guarantee Scheme or service
The first bank to accumulate over 1 trillion Naira in terms of its balance record
The first bank to establish money deposit ATMs in Nigeria.
The first bank to establish a foundation to cater to its Social Corporate Responsibility-the UBA Foundation.

In line with keeping with its promise of always offering cutting edge service to its customers, UBA introduced a mobile banking application- the UBA Mobile Banking - in order to give its customers greater flexibility and ease in transacting financial deals.

With the UBA Banking application, the customer is empowered to carry out the following services, without having to visit any physical bank branch:

1. Access all accounts using a smart device; the accounts can be current, savings, domiciliary, fixed deposit or joint holding.
2. Ascertain the validity of NUBAN account numbers, with regard to cash transfer.
3. Carry out transactions that are protected from fraudulent hacks via the process of secure user authentication login process
4.  Payment of bills directly from holder account(s).
5. Movement of funds; for both inter-bank and intra-bank.
6. Payment of   utility bills like DSTv.
 7.  Ordering the revocation of credit and debit cards, in instances of theft or loss.


The UBA mobile application is available to users who have smart devices for internet use and users who intend to employ the application offline.

1. For  Smart devices and Internet Usage:

The internet user will receive a hardware token, an internet banking pin and a One-time password generated by the token. Internet usage involves the following actions:

A. Launch the installed application on the internet-enabled device mostly a smart phone.
B.  Type in your NUBAN account number.
C. Read, understand and accept the terms and conditions of the application service.
D. The user will be required to generate a password, numeric in make-up and 6 digits long. This password will be required by the mobile application when the user logs in for the first time and also for subsequent log-ins.
E. The user will be prompted to create a mobile pin; 4 digits long and all numerals. This step is to enable the user consummate transactions from the app, as an alternative.
F. The generated password and pins will be required for input, in order to authenticate the process of registration.

The completion of these steps will usher the user to the login page of the UBA mobile banking application. Once on that page, the user will input his/her NUBAN Account number and the password selected at the start of registration.

2.  For Non-Internet usage 

 A. The user will visit the UBA mobile bank application.
B. The user will be required to select the non-internet usage option.
 C.  The user will be required to input his/her NUBAN account number and click the "I Agree" option
D. A onetime password is generated and sent to the phone number registered to the account.
E. The next step is the generation of a 6 digit password; all numerals.
F. The user subsequently creates a mobile pin, which is a numeric 4 digit password that is the only means by which transactions are consummated.

Subsequently, the user will be directed to the UBA bank mobile app LOGIN page, where the user will input his/her NUBAN account number and the password generated. If the user of the non-internet platform decides to upgrade to the internet version, he/she can obtain a request form from any of the hundreds of UBA branches nationwide.

This mobile app is so useful for banking transactions if you want to enjoy banking with UBA. So, visit Google app store to download it now into your smart phone.

Download U-Mobile App For Android, Nokia, iPhone and Blackberry

UBA Mobile Banking App Download For Android
UBA Mobile Banking App Download For Nokia (Java)
UBA Mobile Banking App Download For iphone
UBA Mobile Banking App Download For Blackberry

How To Access Youtube Desktop View On Mobile Phone - Opera Mini, iPhone and iPad

How To Access Youtube Desktop View On Mobile Phone - Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Opera Mini

Accessing the Desktop Version of YouTube on Android
Do you want to know how to switch from mobile view to YouTube full version (desktop view) on your Android phone. Don't worry as I will soon reveal how to easily switch from mobile to desktop version of Android Youtube on your device.

URL to Show Full Version of Youtube on Blackberry, Android, iOS Phone, iPad, iPhone and Tablet - Switch

Click on the youtube video you are prepared to see, tap the options icon. When it expands, choose 'Desktop version' by tapping on it.
This is the simplest way to use the desktop version of YouTube on Android!

How To Force Desktop Version of YouTube in Safari for iPhone & iPad:

Do you have Safari app downloaded on your iPhone, what you need do is to visit the link to the full site stated below as it will take you to the desktop version of Youtube.

For this to work, you need to have installed and enabled javascript on your browser. Navigate to these options: Settings -- Safari --- Advanced ---- Javascript ---- On

youtube desktop version url:

For those using iOS 9 and below, here is how to get youtube desktop version link on your Apple device. Start the Safari browser on your iPhone, type in '' into the address bar and click on Go.

You will be presented with the mobile site but to get desktop youtube on iphone here is what to do. Tap the Menu option and then scroll down until you get to the bottom of the page. For desktop youtube on ipad and iPhone, just click on Desktop and that youtube full site login you have always wanted will go live!

To get youtube desktop version iOS 9 & Later, these are the steps to take. Type in into Safari browser and then click on the web address to highlight and prompt the bookmark options to be displayed.

When you swipe downwards, you will see an option tagged, 'Request Desktop Site'. Click on this option and that is all! Using youtube pc view on mobile doesn't have to get you sweating.

Why iPhone 6S Sucks – What You Should Know

Why iPhone 6S Sucks – Top Reasons You Should Know

iPhone 6s - Major Shortcomings of the Device
The day Apple unveiled the 4.7 inch iPhone 6s and the 5.5 inch iPhone 6s plus in San Francisco, another device also unveiled that day was the 12.9 inch iPad Pro, which comes with a wonderful design. The colors of the latest Apple iPhone are; Rose Gold, Silver, Gold and Space Gray. The iPhones are available in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB storage capacities.

The motive of this article is to discuss why the iPhone 6s is not worth the hype. Before then, let us not forget that the iPhone 6s is a good phone with different features. Apple included 3D Touch on the device which makes it possible to upload pictures or check in without opening the application. For instance, simply tap the Facebook icon to upload pictures on the site.

Although, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are good devices, but they have their numerous shortcomings. Now, we are going to discuss why you should not consider buying the iPhone 6s.


1. Absence of External Storage

The fact that the iPhone 6s does not have external storage facility makes it a "No No" for me. This attribute of the iPhone also cripples file transfer. It makes it impossible to transfer items between computers without installing iTunes on the two computers. Also, you need to use file storage applications to get the work done. Although, these restrictions by Apple is to make the OS secured, but it does more harm than good to the user at times. For instance, it is frustrating when your iPhone can not perform the function when you are not with your pen drive.

2. Old 8MP Camera Composition

Following the announcement of iPhone 4S in the year 2011, the device had 8MP camera spec. This same specification is the same with subsequent iPhones like; iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This makes the camera spec unexciting, especially when you remember the fact that Nokia has a 41MP camera on a smartphone as far back as the year 2012.

Many phone users do not know that a big pixel resolution does not signify good camera spec. At times, manufacturers play smart with phone users. A 13MP camera might have poor camera resolution in comparison to another 8MP camera with good picture quality.

There are several things that make up good camera quality. For instance, the processor, the lens, the DSP engine, the sensor amongst others are features that make good camera spec.

Ordinarily, an 8MP camera with good features would work well for a common smartphone. There is simply no need for higher Mega Pixel camera spec unless the picture would be used for a large billboard showcase.

3. Mobile Device File Transfer Issue

Like the infra-red, the bluetooth file transfer might become obsolete in the next few years. This is due to the fact that there are some restrictions when it come to file transfer. It is important to know that the presence of bluetooth makes transfer of images, PDF files, documents and other documents easier between devices.

The lack of this simple transfer feature on the iPhone is not a good idea. To get a bluetooth feature, one needs to pay the sum of $9.99 through Cydia for the Celeste Bluetooth application.

Irrespective of what Apple thinks by not including the bluetooth app in the device, a random Android user would assume the absence of the transfer app should not be jeopardized for easy files transfer.

4. Jailed without a Jail-break

There are several things one can do on an Android device which can not be done on an iPhone that has been jail broken. Due to this fact, many people always refuse to upgrade their device when the release of an iOS update is announced.

An iPhone that is not jail-broken is close to being a less useful device. Although, Apple will not agree that jail-breaking the device is one of the things that still keeps the company in existence.

5. The Catch-Up Game

It is no doubt that Apple has been playing catch-up with Google. Apple used to be a pace-setter company that break old rules and set new ones for others to follow. The first ever produced iPhone and iPad set trends that every other manufacturers followed. However, many people are not impressed with Apple's latest trends.

The first 64-bit mobile device featured in the iPhone 5S was the first in world. Though, phone analysts wondered why would a 64-bit processor be featured in a smartphone. The device also have the Touch ID which was the first ever fingerprint security. Apart from these two impressive features, Apple has not produced any pace-setting feature in the last few years.

6. Other Complaints

The users of the iPhone has a lot of petty gripes about the device. From unopened source of operating system, non - removable battery, no 3rd third party store, are few of complaints leveled on the iPhone device.

Will People Purchase the iPhone 6 spec? 

No doubt, so many people like the Apple brand due to the sophistication associated with it. This means that the iPhone 6 will experience good sales. Millions of the device would be sold in the first few weeks, without recourse to the criticism the brand experiences every year.

Can One Still Consider Getting the iPhone 6 Despite its Shortcomings?

The answer is Yes! One reason to still look out for the iPhone is its secured nature. With an iPhone, one would not worry about virus attack or installation of spyware applications. From personal experience, an iPhone 5 has outlived three different Android devices. This implies that the life span of an iPhone is generally good. For iOS device freaks who has been on the platform for year, the several disadvantages of the device would be inconsequential to them.

So many users fail to upgrade their iPhones due to the fact there is little or no difference. The major upgrade of the iPhone 4s to the iPhone 5s is the fingerprint security sensor and the longer screen size.

The bigger screen of iPhone 6 makes it desirable in comparison to other iPhones. This would however make people opt for the iPhone 6 device. To be candid, the Apple brand still have deep relevance among phone users. The brand will still get a large chunk of the market for a ling time to come. However, Apple needs to step up their game and improve their product specifications. They should try and recover their lost pace-setter position and not continue to live on past glory.

Battery Life

Although, Apple has stated that the fastest processor in the world is featured iPhone 6s. This would however make the battery drain quickly, because it has a smaller battery than the iPhone 6. The battery capacity of the iPhone 6 is 1810mAh while it reduced to 85mAh on the iPhone 6s. This implies that the iPhone 6s is about 5% less in capacity.

The lovers of the Apple iPhone brand can only hope for improvement in battery life with the production of the next iPhone.


The expensive nature of the iPhone 6s is another reason to weigh your options well before purchasing the device. When in actual fact, an Android phone with better phone specification than the iPhone can be gotten with lesser price. Purchasing the iPhone 6s from Apple with a contract costs $27 for the 16GB, $31 for the 64GB and $35 for the 128GB versions respectively.

Also, purchasing the iPhone 6s without contract costs $649.99 for the 16GB, $749.99 for the 64GB and $849.99 for the 128GB versions respectively.

Kindly drop your opinions on why you might not consider buying the iPhone 6s device in the comment box.

Netflix Nigeria: How To Register and Watch Movies on Netflix

How To Sign Up on Netflix in Nigeria: Website, Contact, Registration, Payment Method and Data Plan

Netflix is a paid streaming service on the internet. It is one of the most popular streaming services available. The Netflix permits streaming of movies and TV shows on the mobile device, television or computer system. It is easy to get a Netflix account and registration takes only few minutes.

With the Netflix service, one can watch any movie or program with the streaming service available on the internet.

Netflix is now available in Africa and it has been the subject of discuss among different people. Even with this, some people still do not know how to sign up for it.

Discussed below is the guide on how to sign up for the Netflix;

How to Sign Up for Netflix

1. Go to Apple or Google Play-Store and download the Netflix app. You can visit the Netflix website to sign up for the service. Then click on "Start Your Free Month".

2. Select a plan. Then enter your payment details.

There are three different Netflix plans, each with its own unique feature, even though there are features that pervade all three of them.

Netflix has different plans and each plan has peculiar features. Although, there are general features common to the three plans.

The features below are common to the three Netflix plans;

a. Unlimited access to TV programs and movies.
b. The first month is free and you can cancel the subscription anytime.
c. Streaming can be done from phone, tablet or laptop.

The unique features of the three Netflix Plans are discussed below;

1. The Basic Plan:

a. Only one device can be streamed at a time.
b. HD or Ultra HD can not be streamed.
c. Cost is $7.99 per month

2. The Standard Plan:  

a.You can stream HD videos.
b.Streaming can be done on only two devices at a time.
c. Cost is $9.99 per month.

3. The Premium Plan:

a.You have access to stream HD and Ultra HD videos.
b. Streaming can be done on four devices at a time.
c. Cost is $11.99 per month.

The one month free membership offer starts when you click on the 'Start Membership' icon. The membership can be canceled anytime within the first month and it will not attract any charge. Netflix will send an email reminder 3 days before the expiration of your free trial period.

Get registered on Netflix today and stay updated on movies and TV shows anywhere you go.

Tecno Camon C8 vs Tecno Camon C9 Compare - Differences and Similarities

Tecno Camon C8 vs Tecno Camon C9 Comparison - Differences and Similarities

Basic differences between Tecno Camon C8 and Tecno Camon C9 and Similarities to Compare
This article tends to do the comparative analysis between Tecno Camon C8 and Camon C9 devices. If you have been wondering about the special features of these devices, spare some time and read through this article.

It will explain the differences and similarities between the two devices, with regards to their aesthetics and specs.

Tecno Camon C8 Specification:

This smartphone was launched in August 2015 and it is considered one of the stylish devices that rocked the year 2015. The Camon C8 device is specifically designed for picture lovers. The camera set-up and quality of the Camon C8 is superb.

It has a dual LED flash at the back camera and a flashlight at the front camera. The smartphone specifications are; 16GB internal storage, 1GB RAM, 3000mAh battery and Android 5.1 Lollipop.

Tecno Camon C9 Specification:

This device is an upgrade of the Camon C8 smartphone. The Camon C9 is the second device launched in the "Camon" smartphone series. The launch of this device was done in June 14, 2016. Like its predecessor, the Camon C9 is also designed for picture lovers with an upgrade in its camera specs.

According to an official of the Tecno Mobile company, the Tecno Camon C9 device will be the best camera smartphone in Africa. The official also opined that the front camera of the phone is second to none in the world.

The Tecno Camon C9 has 5.5' inch display screen, 16GB internal storage, 2GB RAM, 3000mAh battery and Android 6.0 Marshmallow with the inclusion of the new HiOs.

The Similarities between Tecno Camon C8 and Camon C9

1. Screen Size: The two tecno smartphones have 5.5 inch display screen size.

2. Non - Removable Battery: The batteries for the Camon C8 and Camon C9 devices can not be detached from the phone.

3. Internal Storage: The two devices have 16GB internal storage capacity.

4. Front Camera Spec: These two devices from the Camon series both have LED flash in their front camera.

5. Battery Capacity: The Camon C8 and Camon C9 smartphones have the same battery capacity in common. The devices have 3000mAh battery capacity.

The Differences between Tecno Camon C8 and Camon C9

Brief Description of the Differences 

1. Camera Spec: The Camon C8 has 13MP back camera and 5MP front camera. However, the Camon C9 has 13MP for both front and back camera.

2. 4G LTE Support: The Camon C9 supports 4G LTE while the Camon C8 does not support it.

3. Android Spec: The Camon C8 uses Android 5.1 Lollipop while the Camon C9 runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow with HiOs.

4. Body Design: The Camon C8 is designed with a metal body and a leather back cover while the Camon C9 has full metal body design.

Comparing The Component of the Camon C8 and Camon C9

1. The Design:

Having a first hand experience of the Tecno Camon C8 when it was launched in August 2016 gives me a good option to do the review of this device. The first impression I had about this device is quite impressive, as it provide quite efficient as advertised.

In regards to the body design, the Camon C8 is a beautiful smartphone which one would get attracted to at first sight. The device has a full metal body and a leather texture at the back. The Camon C8 has a slim body  even with the fact that it comes with a 3000mAh heavy battery. The light nature of this device in terms of weight is something one would also love.

However, the Tecno Camon C9 comes with full metal body design. The back cover of this device is not removable. The Camon C9 is an improvement of the Camon C8. Thus, the C9 is lighter in terms of weight, slimmer in size and has a more beautiful outlook.

2. The Performance:

The main reason why I prefer the Tecno C9 to the Camon C8 is the performance. Overtime, the C8 began to slow down in terms of performance due to the 1GB RAM on the device, even when it runs on 64-bit octa-core processor (my opinion).

However, the Camon C9 has more RAM than the Camon C8. The C9 runs on 2GB RAM and 64-bit octa-core mediatek chipset. This implies that the performance of the C9 would be better. It does faster multi-tasking than its predecessor.

3. The Camera Set-up:

On the aspect of camera , it is quite difficult to decide which smartphone edges the other , but first , let's look at the camera setup.
When it comes to the camera set-up of the two devices, it is a bit difficult to choose which one surpasses the other. However, let us look at the components of the cameras.

The Camon C8 has 5MP front and 13MP back camera. The LED Flash of the camera make pictures beautiful. Pictures taken with the Camon C8 are brighter and better picture qualities. The selfies are clear and beautiful. The Camon C8 camera has the Complexion Smart Adjust which gets rid of oily skin and beautifies the face.

Also, the Camon C9 camera spec is fascinating. This is because it comes with a whooping 13MP front and 13MP back camera. This is quite interesting and makes the camera set-up a good one for taking beautiful snapshots. The centralized nature of the C9 front camera makes the viewing area wider while taking selfies. The LED Flash is present in both the front and back camera of the Camon C9 device. Note that the LED Flash for the front camera is hidden and can only be seen when selfies are taken.

Another good thing about the Camon C9 camera is that it has 83 degree wide - angle range for selfies. This simply means that the device works effectively well while taking group selfies.

Features such as; HSR Mode, Panorama Mode, Visidon and Smart Gesture are also embedded in the Camon C9 camera. One cannot really argue about the device being the best camera smartphone in Africa with the composition of the above mentioned features in the camera set-up.

Share your experience with us.

What Happened to Google Glass? How Long Should We Wait?

Google Glass Price and Release Date - What is the Update? 

What happened to google glass? After google glass release date, Microsoft showcased their HoloLens technology including its gaming applications some weeks back. The exhibition was rad.

The advancement in technology is really shaping the world. This virtually augmented google glass eyewear race - HoloLens, Oculus Rift and Google Glass will definitely bring the future to our doorstep in no time.

The Google Glass Project

Recently, it appears Google has soft - pedalled on the Google Glass technology. What is the update on this technology after releasing the google glass video? Why has Google remained silent about it? When do we expect this piece of tech to be fully available for use?

How does google glass work?

Google got the attention of everyone right from the period the announcement was made. The Google Glass technology uses goggles that enables one to video capture any item sighted. This is done with the use of a voice command.

Other google glass features that could be done with this technology is that, one could have music sheets pinned to the glass corner while a guitar is being practised. Also, one could overlay a map ahead while walking. One would be made a modern day T100 technology without a metal skeleton with the Google glass tech.

The exhibition for this technology was big and it caught the attention of everyone. An entire episode in the Simpsons was even dedicated to this technology. The latest Google Glass 2 will definitely change everything about technological advancement.

Despite the media fare that welcomed this tech, Google declined on selling the new Google Glass smartphones to the public and returned it to the laboratory. This act by Google did not proof the intended efficacy of the technology to the populace who waited anxiously to get it. It appeared like Google gave up on the tech, thus it was withdrawn from the market.

Although, Google made a lot of bad decisions in regards to the product launching and marketing. The $1,500 google glass price point for the tech is one of such poor decisions. Presently, it appears Google has more plans to upgrade the capacity and technologies of the Glass before tampering with the price of google glass. There are many stores to buy google glass online.

The Glass was tested by beta users also known as "Glass Explorers" for one year before Google recalled it to the lab. An announcement was made by Google that the Glass tech team would be leaving the Google X laboratory to their own department.

This action marked the beginning of the silence on the Google Glass tech. Nothing has been heard from this team ever since the movement occurred.

This silence is enough to make one lose interest on the well publicized google glass technology.

Actually, the fact that the Google Glass team is getting their own department could mean work is still going on with the technology. The knowledge of other VR technologies might give the team more ideas to include in the Glass.

A fact has emerged that Tony Fadell has been invited to be a part of the team that would work on the Glass project. He is one of the capones that worked on the first generations of iPods.

The question now is, Can we keep hopes alive for those who want to get Google Glass?

NTEL 4G LTE Data Plans, Coverage, Devices - What Happened?

NTEL NIGERIA 4G LTE NETWORK: Unlimited 4G Internet For Nigerians

The moment new broke out about Ntel 4G LTE network in Nigeria, a lot of Nigerians rushed to carry out ntel reserve number for their SIM which is a unique 0804 number. This followed what the company promised that ntel coverage would soon be strong in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt as they continue to add more cities to the list and roll out more ntel data plans.

Unfortunately, Ntel did not live up to expectation. Why? Ntel has completely abandoned other cities yearning for their 4G service. I do not want to believe the market is too competitive or that the company does not have what it takes to roll out its services in other cities across the country.

Sometime in June this year, we were updated via ntel nigeria website by a representative from their Abuja office that more infrastructure for transmission are still being installed in several locations, up to 200 in Portharcourt and Abuja and double of that number in Lagos.

We were also told that one a cities comes under coverage, a list of locations to purchase Ntel sims would be made available to the public. November is gradually winding up and we have not heard anything tangible.

Ntel is currently working with some cellphone manufacturing companies to roll out affordable 4G phones that can operate on their 4G LTE band considering that most 4G phones in the market are quite pricey.

At the moment you can only use your Ntel sim in Abuja and Lagos. Maybe Ntel has decided to give up on other cities and states in the country.

I hope Ntel coverage in and outside Lagos improves and the prices of their mifi, router and other 4G devices become cheaper for the common man. Do you Ntel Nigeria apn and the LTE band?

Well, for my Naija people who have started looking for ntel 4g cheat and free browsing techniques (fbt), please chill o, allow this company stabilize before you bombard their server, lol.

Will There Ever Be Airtel 4G LTE Network in Nigeria?

AIRTEL 4G NIGERIA: When will Airtel Nigeria Launch their own 4G LTE Service?

This is something giving me serious concern considering the trend at which new 4G networks continue to enter the Nigerian internet market. Many mobile users are now looking forward to buying 4G LTE smartphones in order to enjoy the amazing browsing and downloading speed that 4G networks offer.

In a few years time, 3G networks will become history just as nobody listens to music with a cassette walkman anymore.

Some weeks ago, Glo, MTN and  Etisalat have already rolled out their 4G networks. The truth is we should not deceive ourselves. Almost all the cities in Nigeria do not have enough coverage yet and even though the ISPs claim their 4G internet speed is like thunder, browsing with such network can be very annoying if you are connecting from a poor coverage zone.

Etisalat 4G LTE service for instance is yet to cover more than 70 percent of Lagos, so what are we saying. Well, I just hope these network companies up their game and increase their coverage in covered and uncovered zones in the country.

The last time I was in a Glo mobile shop, I was shocked to see the babe attending to me surfing away on MTN 4G LTE. Wow, so when it comes to speed, everybody know their levels. I love 4G LTE because of the amazing internet speeds that it offers and so Airtel should speed up whatever plan they have in the pipeline.

The case of Airtel is like an abandoned baby, crying on a cold lonely planet. It appears the network is neglected and may not be able to cope with the pressure from their subscribers who may feel cheated out of experiencing the speed of 4G LTE networks in Nigeria.

Can we say Airtel Nigeria is still interested in launching their own 4G LTE service in the country at all? Even if it is a yes, I don't see it coming out anytime. Hey, for those using Airtel weekend plans, I just discovered I can roll over unused data, have you?

Whatsapp Increased Maximum Group Members From 100 to 256

Do you know you can now have up to 256 members in your whatsapp group?

Whatsapp just increase the maximum number of users allowed in a group from 100 people to 256 people. In 2004, this limit was increased from 50 users to 100 and has been increased again now because the app users keeps growing everyday.

As the most widely used instant messaging app and the most popular social messaging app, whatsapp really needs this change. Over 40 billion messages are exchanged on whatsapp daily and in jan 2016, Whatsapp announced that the $1 yearly subscription due has been canceled making the app completely free for use forever.

For those who have not been notified of this update, all you need do is upgrade to latest whatsapp version. This is the only way you can double the number of people allowed in one whatsapp group.

For the mean time, this expansion in group capacity is only available on iOs and android devices but Whatsapp has announced that it will extend the feature to other platforms as soon as possible.

What Are Your Experiences so Far Using WhatsApp Video Calling?

What Do You Think of WhatsApp Video Calling Features?

Many mobile users gradually lost interest in the use of Duo after the video calling feature appeared on their Whatsapp messenger. The only issue is that if you check critically, you will discover that only a small fraction of people on your whatsapp contact list actually have downloaded the whatsapp version with video calling enabled. The bulk of whatsapp users turn out to be normal whatsapp users.

The truth is when it comes to clarity of calls, Whatsapp video calling feature is not perfect yet. But if your internet connection is fast and stable, you should enjoy some good quality calls. Using 4G LTE network here on my device, I discovered that i could see my call receiver clearly, both video and audio qualities were top notch. However, upon switching to 3G, I discovered that my video calls took forever to connect.

On a side note, I tried calling people whose whatsapp did not support video calling and was immediately notified that I can't place a call. The message displayed was that the user I was trying to call is using a phone that does not support video calling.

Let see how things go, hopefully normal whatsapp users should be able to enjoy video call feature through Google Play Store. Whatsapp admins are still testing this great video calling feature so try to send a feedback anytime you use the service.

If you ask me, I don't know what you are still using Google Duo for on your android phone. What has been your experience so far using Whatsapp video calling on your phone? Share.

How To Check Diamond Bank Account Balance On Phone

USSD Code To Check Diamond Bank Account Balance on Mobile Offline

How do I check my diamond bank account number? Diamond Care is a feature that allows you check what your diamond bank account is very easily. It is a program for Diamond bank account owners and solves the stress of having to go to an ATM center or needing internet access to check your diamond bank account online. Diamond Care is a swift 247 service that can save you time and cost.

Diamond Bank Account Balance Check
Do you know that diamond care features are not restricted to just checking account information and balance? You can carry out some other basic banking needs such as immediate deactivation of your ATM card, for instance in a case of theft, as well as make enquiries including a whole lot of other features.

Code to check your Diamond account balance on phone offline with Diamond Care Service

  • Write down and save your diamond debit card number
  • On your mobile phone, dial 0700-300-0000 and follow the prompted instructions
  • To choose the account balance feature, press 1
  • Then key in the 16 digits of your debit card that you have save, ending it with #
  • After pressing #, you will be instructed to put in a 4 digit self service code that would have been sent to the line registered with you account via text message
  • To proceed, you will need to change the self service code to another one for security reasons
  • After the change, you will then be notified of the account balance of the card details you entered
  • To send this account balance to your phone via sms, follow the voice prompt

What happens if I did not receive the self service code?

Dial 0700-300-0000, then press '0' and you will be connected to speak with a service consultant agent. This operator will forward your self service code to you.

How to check diamond bank account balance via sms

Do you know the code for checking diamond bank account balance with sms? Share.


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