Funny, Nice, Awesome and Best Pictures For Whatsapp DP - Display Pics

Best Whatsapp Dp Images and Pics for 2016

Whatsapp dp also called Whatsapp Display Pic is currently the happening thing right now. Just like people changing profile pics on Facebook and twitter, you can also use cute wallpapers as your display pics on Whatsapp. This post is all about gathering some of the best and funny Whatsapp profile pictures that you can use as your own dp.

Do you know how to download some of the best Whatsapp profile picture to use as your own Whatsapp dp? Well, the essence of using new Whatsapp dp is to be able to share expressions and emotions with friends and family using images you get online while searching for terms like

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Through this search, you can get some of the best cute, funny and sad whatsapp dp images free.

Here are some of the funny best whatsapp dp collections free download

These are some of the most beautiful whatsapp wallpapers that you can use as dp. More cute and best and awesome dps will be uploaded in subsequent posts.

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Facetime for iPhone, iPad, iPod (Apple iOS) - Free Download

Get Apple Facetime Free Download - Facetime App For iPhone

What is Facetime for iPhone Download? Facetime App appears to be a very powerful video calling software for both iPhone, iPhone and other devices running the Apple OS. This video call app is available on popular iOs devices ranging from iPod, to iPad to iPhone. You can get this mobile app from the Apple App Store for iOS phones.

There are many attractive features that make Facetime a likeable iPhone app for video calling.

It is very easy to use Facetime to make a video call to another friend. This is because calls place from one Facetime user to another are swift. The increase in the acceptance of Facetime Apple app finally compelled software developers to develop several variations that are compatible with almost all the operating systems in the market especially Android, Windows and Mac. Facetime app runs on both iPad running iOS 7 and iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6 and 6s phones.

These are some specifications that come with getting Facetime on iPhone:

  • Ability to invite all friends on your contact
  • You can make calls from your phone to another Facetime user free
  • Clarity of video is world class
  • Call history is automatically backed up
  • User Interface is simple and easy to use
  • Data consumption is reasonable

To install Facetime for iPhone free download version, you should have a space of up to 5Mb free on your device. To use Facetime on your iOS phone or tablet, here are some steps to take:

  • click here to download Facetime setup file  facetime-iPhone-free-download
  • install the file and then open it after a successful installation
  • start using Facetime for free on your iPhones and iPads

This is the simplest way for those who want to know how to install the Facetime app on their iPhone.

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How To Check BVN Verification Number From Your Phone

Code to Check Your BVN Verification Number On Your MTN, GLO, ETISALAT and AIRTEL LINE

Hi guys, how did your weekend fare? I understand that many of us have already registered for our Bank Verification Number.  But have you ever been in a situation where you have to retrieve your BVN to process a bank transaction and you were not with the code? Even if you have your BVN code saved in your diary, you may still forget this item at home.

This post will give you steps to check your BVN number right on your mobile phone without the need for internet, anywhere anytime. Did I hear you say really? Yes, you can actually use a specific USSD code to check BVN on gsm enabled hand held devices ranging from your Nokia torch light to android to windows phone.

To get your BVN from your cell phone, all you need do is to dial this code: *565*0# on the particular GSM line you used for the BVN registration and then hold on for some seconds.  Your BVN verification number would then be displayed right on the phone screen.

This BVN code for mobile works on all gsm lines in Nigeria which include Airtel, Glo, MTN and Etisalat. Also note that your line would be charge airtime value of N10 everytime you use this mobile code to check your BVN. This too me is still fair considering the hazzle involved in trying to retrieve your BVN when you are stuck at the banking hall. Hey guys, what do you think?

Removable vs Non Removable Battery For Smartphone: Let's Compare

Compare and Contrast: Mobile Phone Removable vs Non Removable Battery

Have you ever thought about the reason phone manufacturers introduced the idea of non-removable batteries? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both removable and non-removable cell phone batteries? Many cell phone users are already used to having the traditional removal battery that are easily replaced when such power storage unit gets weak or damaged.

Over the past months, I have been able to sample opinions of people around me about their preference for one battery design over the other. While most of the people I spoke with would prefer a removable battery to a non-removable one, others wouldn't mind switching from a non-removable to a removable one and vice versa not minding the pros and cons of each as long as the device specification satisfies them. Removable batteries are easier to replace even by non-geek users although phones with inbuilt battery would definitely be slimmer with sleeker designs.

Another thing I have noticed is the gradual phase out of universal chargers, giving way to power banks. Why? Cell phone manufacturers don't want you tampering with your battery and other internal components. Consequently, most new phone models being introduced into the market now come with inbuilt battery.

Now here is a personal view. I detest phones with inbuilt battery like I really mean it. One major reason I hate this kind of arrangement is you can't just pull out your battery to reset your phone when it hangs. I mean this is weird! You will have to wait for the battery to drain down completely before any restart can be effected. And if you use a phone whose battery can last for up 2 weeks, then my friend you are on your own ooo.

Now let's look at it from another perspective, if your phone accidentally falls into water or a plate of soup, we often yank out the battery and look for a place to air/sun dry the phone. What if the battery is non-removal, this happens on a Friday and the repair shop where you can get help uncoupling your device won't be open until Monday? Now you garrit, I'll rather stick with my removable battery.

Share your experience using removable and non-removable smartphone batteries. Which one do you prefer and why?

How to Extract APK from Installed App on Android

How to Extract APK from Installed App on Android


Many people will choose Android over iOs devices because of the ease to install apps remotely without having to go through the app store. Apple company may actually believe such incapacity is necessary to provide maximum security but the truth is we do not usually experience attacks on Windows OS so I do not think they have a point.

Android users circulate useful apps among themselves using file transfer applications like Flashshare and Xender without the need for much internet use. The post will be an eye opener for those who would like to extract installed app apk on their android device. Such apk can then be sent to others for the purpose of installation without the need of passing through Google playstore.


Airdroid is an android app that help you manage your device right from a computer PC. To get apk off an installed app, these are the steps to take:

  • Click here to download Airdroid, then install the app
  • Launch the application and follow the process to set up a local hotspot
  • Connect with the local hotspot from your PC
  • After you join the connection, start up your PC browser
  • Type in the IP address shown on your android phone or tablet
  • Go to the Airdroid browser interface and naviagate to 'Apps'
  • Choose the desire application you wish to extract its apk and click on 'download'

The apk of the selected app will then be downloaded to your PC in .zip (compressed) format

ES File Explorer

Another tool that can be used to extract installed apk on from your device is actually a file manager. To use ES File Explorer to extract android apk, here are the procedures to follow:

  • Click here to download ES File Explorer and the install it
  • After a successful installation, navigate to the Tools -- then to 'App Manager'
  • Choose the app you want to work on and click on 'Backup'
  • ES File Explorer will then extract the apk from your selected app and save them in backup folder on your memory card

Google Playstore 

Extracting an installed apk directly on your phone is easy. The method is different as the apk is not extracted from your android phone but straight from Playstore with the use of an online apk extractor. What this apk extractor software tool does is that it downloads the apk using the url of the app on playstore.

To use this method, ensure you have ad blockers or pop up blockers installed on your PC, then paste the url of the app from playstore into the space provide on the site. The apk file would be extracted and downloaded on your computer.

What other methods do you know to extract apk from an installed app on android? Why don't you share this post to inform others.

How To Fund GT Bank Dollar MasterCard

How To Fund GTBank Dollar MasterCard

Getting a dollar MasterCard from GTBank Nigeria is very easy these days. The requirements are similar to what is needed to open a current account from the same bank. The best way to fund the Guaranty Trust Bank Dollar Card is through the use of GTBank Internet Banking which involve carrying out transfer using the GTBank mobile app or their internet banking portal.

To fund your GTBank Dollar MasterCard, here are some steps to follow:

  • Login in to your GT Bank Internet banking account
  • When you get access to the admin dashboard, Navigate to 'Account Transfers', then to 'Own Account Transfer'
  • Choose GTBank dorm account from the 'From' drop down and dollar card account number on the top down menu
  • Type in the amount of fund you need to transfer and then click the submit button
  • To approve your transfer, push the white button on your token and input the transaction code generated

If successful, the amount transferred will reflect in the balance of the GTBank dollar card account. This is the fastest way to fund your gtbank dollar mastercard

External Hard Disk Data Recovery Software: Free Download Full Version

External Hard Disk Data Recovery

Data recovery from corrupted external hard disk
Sometime last year I had an experience that made wish I had taken the advice to back up files in my hard drive seriously. We had booked for a studio recording with some musicians and everyone was prepped up and ready. I plugged in my external drive, and just like that, it refused to respond! I had used it the night before for crying out loud! I cannot even begin to share the frustration and panic I went through at that moment.

For those of you that have gone through this before, there are actually ways you can recover your data if your hard drive fails. But before we delve into the solution, let us understand the modes of the problem. There are various ways external hard disks can fail and they are briefly outlined below.

Firmware Failure

The firmware code enables communication between the computer and the hard disk. So, if your drive powers up but is not recognized by your computer, or the drive powers up but is not properly recognized (drive name shows up with nonsensical letters/characters), then you may be facing a firmware issue.

Electrical/Electronic Failure

This kind failure is caused by power surges which cause damage to the PCB, and hence, loss of access to data stored on the disk. Signs of this kind of damage could be that your disk is powered but not functional, disk ‘knocking’ as the drive motor fails to spin, or clicking sounds as the heads search or initialize.

Logical Failure

This defines problems that are not caused by physical damage to the storage media, but rather on the data itself. Examples include file corruption, accidental deletion of files, or accidental formatting of files, viruses and malware, file system corruption/errors, software bugs etc.

Mechanical Failure

Mechanical failure refers to physical problems in the drive and is caused by impact/shock (when the drive is dropped or hit), wear and tear, water or heat, etc. A sign of this is clicking or grinding sounds from the hard drive among others.

A hard disk failure may be as a result of a combination of more than one of the above named types of failure. The method of data recovery to be used on a disk depends on the kind of failure that occurs. It is important to note that whenever a file is deleted, it actually still stays on the hard drive until another file is overwritten on it.

Doing anything on the drive before data recovery process is initiated may cause data overwrite on the hard disk, and this may cause irreparable loss of data. So when ever your external hard disk fails for any reason, the first thing to do to ensure data is not permanently lost is to switch off the computer system and remove the hard disk.

Best External Hard Drive Data Recovery Methods

Data Recovery Software

Data recovery software is used to get back lost data with maximum possible result. In a data recovery operation, the software scans the failed storage device to find specific information, and also assembles components of a damaged file system.

Data recovery software can aid in the recovery of data lost via logical or firmware failure - file corruption, accidental deletion of files, or accidental formatting of files, viruses and malware, file system corruption/errors, software bugs, drive powers up but is not recognized by your computer, or the drive powers up but is not properly recognized, etc.

Visit for data recovery software reviews to get information on the best data recovery software available in the market. Most of these data recovery software boast of up to 99% data recovery rate.

Professional Data Recovery Services

In the case of mechanical failure-problems in the drive and is caused by impact/shock (when the drive is dropped or hit), wear and tear, water or heat, etc., it is strongly advised that the services of a professional be called upon.

The reason is that it is very difficult to take a drive apart without damaging it. Data recovery professionals do this in controlled environments that are free of environmental pollutants. A single speck of dust that settles on a hard drive’s plate can cause more problems. Static electricity can also damage the drive. Hence, the rooms, equipment used, the clothing worn by the technicians, are designed to minimize all these risks in the course of data recovery.

A data recovery specialist could do a number of things which include rebuilding parts of the hard drive, or repair of corrupted pats using advanced software. Getting the services of a data recovery specialist could be costly, but they get the work done effectively and minimize the risk of permanent data loss.

Back Up Your Data

The best and safest way to recover data is to back it up! Hard drives are unreliable and they don’t announce their failure dates. In order to avoid being caught between a rock and a hard place, always back up the data you have on your hard disk on a system, another hard disk, DVDs, the cloud, or any other storage media within your reach. It is advisable to have your data backed up in at least two separate media and updated periodically.

How to Use Etisalat BIS on Android

How to Use Etisalat Blackberry Subscription on Android

Does etisalat bis work on android? It is easy to browse with Etisalat BB plan on Android if you have the latest working settings. Configuring Eti BIS with Android using Psiphon is very easy to use as such browsing is smooth and unlimited.

Etisalat bis work on android phones
I'm happy these Etisalat BB android plan tweak is finally out considering that Etisalat has one of the most expensive data plans in the country  right now. If you are looking at a fast network for smooth browsing and fast downloading of heavy files off the internet.

This new Etisalat BIS free browsing settings is confirmed working as at the time of posting this article. The blackberry data plan comes with a data limit of 6GB that can be used daily, within 7 days or 30 days.

How Do I Browse With Etisalat Blackberry Plan Using Psiphon

Here are things and apps needed to browse with Etisalat bis plan:
  • Psiphon App
  • Internet enabled Mobile phone
  • Etisalat Blackberry Plan
Etisalat blackberry settings for android
The first thing to do is to subscribe for Etisalat BBlited Plan using this guide:

Daily Etisalat BB plan, use this USSD code *599*2*2#, costs N70
Weekly Etisalat BIS plan, use this USSD code *599*2*1#, costs N350
Monthly Etisalat Blackberry plan, use this USSD code *599*2#, costs N1000

Configure your phone to use this APN settings:
  • APN:
  • Username: empty
  • Password: empty
Configure your downloaded Psiphon app using these settings
  • Proxy type: Real Host
  • Proxy server:
Click on the Save Button, navigate to the 'more options', un-select connect through Http proxy and allow a few moments for the connection to be established.

If I were you, I would quickly start out to rock this tweak before Etisalat decide to block the settings. Stay updated for my next post on how to use etisalat bis on android by changing imei

Download Simple Server Apk: New Version For Unlimited Browsing

Simple Server Download Apk

Simple Server download comes in various versions. This new version was introduced a few months ago and I decided to share it for benefit of those who have not upgraded the simpleserver app on their phones. The UI is classy and the UX is awesome.

Here are some cool features of this new simple server app for mobile

  • App is now more stable for phones enabled with auto rotation
  • Boring force close messages are now history
  • The application loads and process faster than before
  • The GUI is cool and classy
  • The application now comes with easier navigation, configuration and use

Users of previous version of simple server have had to battle with the issue of the app stopping every 5 minutes but this bug has been resolved in the new version. You are free to ditch those long settings we use to keep the app working for more that 5 mins without crashing.

Download Simple Server today and suck up data like air.

Download Simple Server here

Get Free 250mb to 2500+mb on Mtn With IMEI Tweak

How To Get Free 250mb to 2.5GB+ By Changing your IMEI

If you observe critically, you will discover that this year witnessed a deluge of free browsing tweaks and free call bonuses from service providers in Nigeria. Whether these loopholes are due to a network glitch or internal doesn't erase the fact that android users now have many ways to browse the internet on their devices at more affordable rates. This to me is a welcomed development as it brings internet access to the reach of more people across the country.

Many of my guys are data sucking gurus and have successful downloaded and uploaded frightening volume of data from the nest of Etisalat, Glo, MTN and Airtel over the past months. I also know of people who are 'faithful' with browsing cheat and who only use them to meet their internet needs without the tendency of abuse. You find many of these categories of people rocking Glo BIS 3GB silently on their android phones.

In this post, I'll be sharing with you how to get data worth of 250MB at no charge right on your MTN sim. Appreciation goes to every IMEI tweaking app developers ranging from Mtk Engineering mode to Terminal emulator to Mobile uncle. IMEI tweaking rocks!

So how do I activate MTN free 250MB data bundle?

If you don't know how to tweak your IMEI, you should start out by reading this post. This is an IMEI tweaking tutorial that I will advise every beginner to study before using browsing cheats that are powered by changing device's IMEI.

  • Slot your MTN sim into a IMEI tweak app enabled phone
  • Start the IMEI changing application and choose phone 1 or 2 based on where your line is located
  • These first nine digits are constant for the Nokia phone you want to clone '867648010'
  • Input these digits, generate random 6 more digits and add it to these nine digits
  • Use this imei validator site to verify the authencity of the developed IMEI
  • You will get a notification that will determine if the IMEI is valid or not
  • Input the IMEI into the imei changing app if it is valid and click the send button
  • The next step is to restart your phone and then send 'Nokia' to 131 in an SMS
  • Your MTN number would then be credited with free 250mb bonus
  • If you tweak to another IMEI, you will by pass the one time daily limited and would be given another 250MB worth of data
  • Repeat this process and keep accumulating volumes and volumes of megabytes

Sharing is caring, why don't you share this post with others now?



Is Glo magic sim still working?
Glo Magic SIM is one of the latest trick to make browse free on Glo network. This hot tweak may not last for a long time so it is better you activate it fast to be a part of these goodies. Will Glo Magic calling be blocked soon? That I can't really say. I will be sharing step by step procedures to activate Glo new magic sim for unlimited browsing free.

How To Activate Glo Magic SIM For Free Browsing

  • Arrange two different Glo sim cards and put one in a torch light phone and the other in a USB modem
  • Recharge sim 1, (the line in your phone) with an airtime of N1,000
  • On this same line, type *127*53# and send in order to activate this latest glo magic plan
  • Alternatively, you can text 53 to 127
  • After the successful activation of the plan, please don't make the mistake of browsing with it as that would be mean your money is gone. 
  • Android users should ensure that their data connection is switched off.
  • Using the line with the 1k subscription, dial this code to activate magic sim *127*01*number of line in the modem#
  • If this process is duly activated, you will be notified that data share transfer to the second line has been successful
  • Connect sim 2 to the internet for some minutes and then press this magic sim code on sim 1: *127*02*number of glo line in usb modem#


This is the tweak to activate your latest glo magic sim and it works, it is not a must to use a modem for the sim 2 and data from sim 1 can shared to more than one glo numbers.

For those who do not have N1000 to activate glo magic sim configuration, simply share this post and drop your glo line so that others who have activated their own glo magic numbers can help with yours.

Just continue enjoying your free browsing on glo using the glo latest magic sim card tweak.

Keep flexing, keep surfing!

How to Bypass The Unlimited Etisalat Social Pack Throttling

Ways to Bypass The Unlimited Etisalat Social Pack Throttling To Increase Your Browsing Speed

A lot of people are currently making use of the social me Etisalat Unlimited Plan, but most people are yet to reap the full benefits of this plan. I will write on some of the major difficulties that people face when they use SAS, TweakWare or Psiphon with Etisalat Unlimited Social Pack. How can you be experiencing less than 50kb/s when other people browsing with Psiphon are enjoying over 1MB/s of download speed?

One of the major challenges with Etisalat browsing using the Social plan is how to bypass the speed limit during browsing sessions. For an internet user whose download speed already exceeds 60-70kb/s, you have already bypasses this speed throttling of a thing. All you need is the get a good location where the network reception is high to increase your browsing speed and enjoy high download speed.

How To Use Etisalat BIS on Android For Unlimited Browsing

How to Use Etisalat BIS on Android by Changing IMEI

Most internet data plans prepared for Android phones are very expensive for the average Nigerian student. This is because by the time you calculate the average data we use on a monthly basis and look up the cost, you will discover that most android data plans are not that pocket friendly. This is however different on Blackberry plans which offer BIS at affordable rates and satisfactory volume of data.

This challenge is the brain behind the newly cracked working Etisalat BIS cheat for Android device so that everyone can enjoy affordable browsing experience for now. Please note the Glo BIS still work flawlessly on Android phones when you change the IMEI to that of a blackberry.

How to use Etisalat Blackberry Subscription on Android 2016

To browse with Etisalat BB plan on Android phones, you are required to change your Android IMEI to a blackberry IMEI. Whta many people do is get hold of the IMEI of a BB and tweak the last three digits before using it for their Android. Here is a comprehensive guide on tweaking the IMEI of most android devices. To confirm a successful tweak, just dial *#06#.

Etisalat APN Settings for Android, PC, Blackberry, Modem, iPad and iPhone

Etisalat APN Settings for Android, PC, Blackberry iPad and iPhone and USB Dongle

Do you know the working access point settings on Etisalat network? What type of phone do you use? Etisalat Nigeria APN setting is the same on all Nokia java and symbian phones, other windows phones; BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad; Android phones like Samsung Galaxy, Gionee, HTC, Infinix, Innjoo and Tecno.

Without using the correct apn settings for Etisalat Nigeria on your phone or tablet, you can't browse the internet even after activating an Etisalat data bundle.

USSD and SMS Code To Get Etisalat Internet Settings Through SMS

To request for Etisalat packet data settings (internet browsing settings or apn configurations), send SETTINGS in a text message to 790. This service attracts no charge.

MTN Xtra Pro Tariff Plan at 11k/Sec and MTN Xtra Special at 15k/Sec

MTN XtraSpecial and MTN XtraPro Tariff Plan: Call Rates and Bonus Features

Code To Subscribe To MTN Xtra Pro Tariff Plan

One of the latest cheap tariff plan from MTN is Xtra Pro. This tariff plan give you a call rate of 11k/sec coupled with a data bonus. Up till now, I don't know why MTN scrapped one of their cheapest tariff plans. Mtn True talk+ used to be the favorite for people seeking cheap tariff plans on MTN.
MTN Xtra Special and Xtra Pro Plan Call Rates

In addition to MTN XtraPro, another tariff plan called MTN XtraSpecial has also been launched with its own unique features and affordable call rates.

How to Know if your Phone is an MTK Device

Steps To Know if your Phone is an MTK Device: Tutorial

Many people want to know how to identify if their phone is an MTK device. Before I start showing you how to know if a phone is an MTK device or not, it is very crucial to define what is meant by an MTK device.

What is MTK?

What do we mean when we say MTK? To better understand this post, MTK means Mediatek which stands for a popular chip manufacturing firm with headquarters in Taiwan. Mediatek produces chips that are used in the OS processing of MTK devices.

These Central Processing Unit (CPU chips) are used in the production of DVDs, HDTVs, cellphones and other wireless telecommunication devices. The Chinese mobile tech is the biggest market for MTK chips, so when you hear MTK device, it means mobile phones that run on MTK chips.

How to Change Your Twitter Name, Email and Username (Handle)

How Do I Change My Twitter Name, Email and Username

People change twitter name and email when trying to re-brand their business. What they often careful about while changing their twitter username is losing followers. Ensure that you update your bio section to inform followers that you have changed your username so that their can tweet their replies and send direct messages via this new account username.

How To Change Your Twitter Display Name
  • Sign in to your account on Twitter using your username/email and password
  • Navigate to the settings page by clicking the gear icon located at the top right-hand corner of the page
  • Head over to the profile setting page by clicking the profile tab on the left side of the webpage
  • Select a new twitter name (20 character max) that you will type into the text field found on the right of the name
  • Twitter real or display name cannot be more than 20 characters long.
  • If the profile name you chose has been taken, you will be notified to supply a new one
  • After this stage, click the save button found below the page to save your new Twitter name
Change Twitter Display Name

Changing your twitter username and display name would not affect your existing followers, your account direct messages and twitter @replies. The next time you update, followers will see a new username beside your profile photo.

How To Change Your Twitter Username and E-mail

Do you want to edit your Twitter username and email?
  • Make sure you are logged in
  • Visit the Twitter account settings page
  • Input a new Twitter email and username
  • Twitter username is 15 characters max.
  • Click on the Save Changes button
Change Twitter Username and E-mail

You see it is simple! You have eventually changed your Twitter Display name, Twitter Username and Email. Do you find this helpful? Why don't you share.

How To Check Airtel Android Data Plan Balance

Code To Check Your Data Bundle Balance For Airtel Android Subscription Plan

So how do I check my data balance on airtel android plan?
A few months ago, Airtel Nigeria launched series of Android data plans adapted for android phones and devices. This came as a great news to many Android users who have been eager to get specific data bundles tailored to data usage on their mobile phones and tablets.

Two most popular airtel data plans that were introduced include the N2000 for 2GB data and N3,500 for 4.5GB bundle both of which have a validity period of a month. The subscription code for the Airtel 2GB android plan is *438# while that for the 4.5GB is *438#.

After activating any of these data plans, there comes a time when you'll need to check the amount of data remaining on these Airtel android plans. What do you do?

UBA Recharge Code: How to Buy Airtime From UBA Bank Account

UBA Airtime Recharge Code: How to Buy Recharge Card from UBA

Do you know how to buy airtime using UBA bank account without having to go out looking for recharge cards to top up your airtime? United Bank for Africa is one of the most respected Nigerian banks with good customer service and initiatives.

This is one of the reasons for creating a mobile top up service that allows account holders to buy airtime from their UBA bank accounts into their GSM mobile phones.

This UBA airtime top up service is not exclusive to the bank, do you remember the 737 GTB airtime recharge code, Ecobank mobile top up and airtime purchase codes for other banks to buy recharge card from bank accounts?  The sweet thing about this product is that your phone does not need to be connected to the internet before you buy airtime from UBA account. Payment Services, Mobile App Download and Agent Application and Commission

MYPAGA: Pay Multichoice DStv Bills, Money Transfer Money and Buy Airtime Online Using Paga

Have you heard of Paga? My Paga is a money transfer service that can be used to send money to any local bank account in Nigeria using a GSM mobile phone.

What are the features of Paga Online Payment Service?

My Paga appears to be the most efficient service currently to transfer money and make payment right on your mobile phone. Apart from the swift money transfer services offered by Paga on mobile, there are two other ways to send money, which is by visiting a registered Paga agent or sending money over the internet using an enabled cell phone.

If you are very security conscious like me, a solution to having to move bulk cash up, carrying ATM cards and check books wherever you go and waiting endlessly on queues in banking hall is to use Paga Mobile Payment Solutions. Do you know that there is no minimum requirement and nothing like subscription charges when you sign up to use Paga to process payments?


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