How To Borrow Airtime (Credit) From GLO, MTN, Airtel And Etisalat Network

How Do You Borrow From Glo, MTN, Airtel, Etisalat Nigeria Nigeria Line: Steps And Code To Collect Credit Loans

Mobile Networks In Nigeria, MTN NIGERIA, GLO NIGERIA, AIRTEL NIGERIA and ETISALAT NIGERIA have all launched a service where subscribers can now borrow airtime credit on their networks with the hope of paying later. This service has proved very useful especially in emergencies when you need to make calls and you don't have the money to buy airtime or it is not even available.

Apart from charging a service fee which they deduct upfront, you will need to meet other requirements like 'how long you have been on the network' and 'how much you recharge per month' to be eligible for this credit borrowing service. Ensure you do not abuse this service so as to continue enjoying the offer.

borrow credit airtime

This 'borrow me' service allows you to borrow credit and recharge your MTN, Etisalat, GLO or Airtel SIM by just dialing the required subscription code and Gbam! Your line is credited with the amount you requested for. This borrowed credit is later deducted from your account balance when you recharge later.

List Of Code To Borrow On GLO, MTN, AIRTEL And ETISALAT Network In Nigeria

Code To Borrow GLO Credit/Airtime
----» On your phone, dial *321#
----» Type in a 4-digit PIN you will be using for the service
----» Use the pin to borrow credit in this format:  *321*pin*amount you want to borrow#
----» You can used the borrowed airtime like normal credit for browsing, calling and sending SMS.
----» For GLO Nigeria network, they deduct 5% of the amount you borrowed unlike MTN that deducts 10%.

If you need a specified amount of airtime on your line, used the codes below:
*321*50# ==> N50
*321*100# ==> N100
*321*200# ==> N200
*321*500# ==> N500
*321*1000# ==> N1000

Code To Borrow MTN Credit/Airtime
----» Dial *606#
----» You will see a series of options for MTN Xtratime.
----» 1 is for checking eligibility
----» 2 to request xtratime
----» 3 to check your borrowed credit balance
----» 4 to see your Xtratime time history
----» 5 to learn more about Xtratime
----» 6 to exit
Personally, I only enjoy this MTN offer after I have recharged #500 or more in that month.

Code To Borrow Etisalat Credit/Airtime
Without using up to N450 or more on Etisalat Nigeria network in the last 90days, you won't be eligible for this service to borrow credit. Just send STATUS to 665, you would get a text confirming whether your line is eligible or not. The borrow me credit code for  Etisalat is *665#. Just use *665*amount#

Code To Borrow Airtel Credit/Airtime
For Airtel Nigeria, the process is the same. The code to activate this service is *500#. If you are an Airtel subscriber whose line is more than 3 months old and has paid back all credit loans you have collected, here is how to borrow on Airtel line:

Dial *500# and follow the instructions shown
*500*50# ----» N50
*500*100# ----» N100
*500*200# ----» N200
*500*500# ----» N500

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