How To Download YouTube Videos With Your Blackberry And Android Phones

Download Full Videos And Movies From YouTube On Blackberry And Android Devices

For many people using BIS plans to browse and download on their PC and phones, I'm going to show you a tutorial to easily download videos directly from Youtube. Yes, Youtube is a video sharing/streaming site but with these tricks you can easily download videos from Youtube using the tricks I want to share.

Instead of wasting your remaining data bundle to waste while pinging and whatsapping why not download videos from Youtube and save on your systems so you can enjoy watching them later with these tweaks. This is what has ensure that I do not waste a single Kilobyte of my Glo 1k 3G BB plan.

In this post, you will discover two secret methods and ways to download full videos and movies from Youtube using your Blackberry device.

First Method

When you get to Youtube, search for a video you are interested in. When the get to the page of the video, go to the browser tab and replace everything before 'youtube' URL with 'ss' e.g to ssyoutube.. Press enter to load the modified link. You will be redirected to page where you would be able to choose any download format ranging from Mp3, 3gp, MP4 to FLV. Immediately you select your desire format, the download begins. If you need another Youtube video, paste the link in the search bar on and click download. You will be taken to the download webpage for that particular video.

download from youtube

Second Method
This trick is not as difficult as the first one. This is what to do. Visit, then type in the name of the video you want to download. Download your favourite music videos, season movie episodes and latest Nigerian movies from Nollywood in Mp4 format. Don't let me expose too much, lol.

Please don't slack, take up your phone now and get busy downloading until your hot battery shouts for help, hahaha! Remember to ask me question using the comment form below.

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