10 Free Apps To Zip, Unzip, Rar And Unrar Files On Blackberry – BB Q10 Z10 Q5 Phones

File manager Zip Utility : This app unzip any zipped document OR compress any number of selected files and folders into Zip.It features File Browsing, Create New Folder, See the files in List view or Thumbnails.

ZipLock : It automatically locks your BlackBerry screen & keyboard when the back-light goes off to prevent unwanted key press activity.

Rock File Manager Trial : This app allows you to manage your documents, photos, music and every kind of files happily, with zip & rar compression and decompression function, quick search function, COD install function, favorites and even more.

File Manager Pro : It is the the most advanced Zip and file manager for your BlackBerry & easily manage all of the files and zip archives on your BlackBerry with its intuitive and powerful features.

Zip Creator Free : This application create zip of only single file.

File Manager Zip Utility Pro : It is an app which lets you unzip any zipped document OR compress any number of selected files and folders into Zip.

ZipCloud : It is the fastest and most efficient way to access all of your data on the move, It also puts all of your data from all of your backed up computers in one place, ready to access from an incredibly intuitive application.

Zip Locker:
It features Option for Enable or Disable ZipLock, Custom lock timeout, Option for Enable or Disable the time displayed on the screen, Option to change the displayed background from your home-screen to your favorite photo or image file.

Zip Code Finder : It is a handy tool to perform USA Zip Code and Area Code search, and USA address validation.

Zebra ZipShip : This app enables quick and easy identification of the right Zebra supplies product for your printer and/or application, along with the list price and product specification.

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