How To Identify Fake And Genuine Tecno Battery

As with most smartphones and cellphones, there may come a time when you need to change your Tecno device battery. With the rate at which counterfeit products keep flowing into the market, knowing the right way to identify an original Tecno battery and differentiate it from the fake may come in handy.

Identifying a genuine Tecno battery is easy and for this, all you need is a QR code scanner. The method works for any Tecno battery but for this tutorial, we’ll be using BL-5CAT model as our example.


Product name:TECNO Mate BL-5CAT


Compatible models: HD70/TV20/TV30/TV40/TV65/T20/T209/T21/T25/T281/T30/T330/T331/T35/T351/T36/T380/T381/T390/T421/T451/T471/T481/T50/T510/T505/T506/T511/T511/T530/T531/T551/T604/T607/T608/T638/T342/T341/T384/T526/T33/T340/T345/T346/T605

Like most original Tecno battery, this particular battery model has certain features that won’t be found in counterfeit ones.

1. 45℃ high temperature standing test, ensuring every battery’s good quality.

2. Low pressure modeling makes every battery with high capacity.

3. Top-class battery cell with effective circuit protection

4. No memory effect, long-lasting, supporting fast charging, repeated charging.

5. 72 hours aging test: every TECNO Mate battery has passed 72 hours aging test, guaranteeing its stable quality.

Steps to Identify a Genuine Tecno Battery

You can use the following method to identify its authenticity once you purchase the battery. You’ll need a QR code scanner and if you’re using an Android device, there are lots of free ones to choose from at the Play Store but QR BARCODE SCANNER is recommended.

1. Scan the QR code at the back of the battery. The scanner should attempt to launch a URL looking like the one showed below:

2. For the first three scans, the result should take you to a “Thank You” page with a green passmark appearing as shown below:

2. After first three scans, it shows “Attention” with a symbol as shown below:

3. If the page alerts you that the QR code does not exist with a red caution symbol as shown below, it means the battery is fake.

Recently, sales of fake batteries is increasing rapidly, resulting in frequent battery explosion that burns the phone or even causes casualties. Therefore, for safety reasons, ensure you’re purchasing a  GENUINE battery.

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