How To Install A Blackberry App From A .Zip or .Rar File

Two widely used methods for installing Blackberry apps are OTA (Over The Air ; which requires an internet connection) and offline ( which does not require an internet connection). In the OTA method, the app gets installed directly to your device. There are however some app developers who release only the .zip or .rar format of their apps.

In such a scenario, the zipped folder will contain the installation files for the app so don’t fret. The complete folder should consist of .cod files and either a .jad or a .alx file (sometimes, both .jad and .alx files are in the .zip / .rar file).

To begin installation, extract the folder or files in the .zip / .rar file and place them in a folder.

How to install a Blackberry app using a .jad file

If the folder contains a .jad file, all you need do in order to install is to:

    Send the folder to your Blackberry using your BB cord
    Navigate to this folder location on your Blackberry then open it
    Click the .jad file.
    You’ll be prompted to begin download, click yes.
    Installation should auto-begin and complete

How to install a Blackberry app using a using a .alx file

    If a .alx file is present instead, then you need to:

    Download Blackberry Desktop Software
    launch it
    connect your Blackberry and wait till the desktop software recognizes your Blackberry.
    Click Application and wait for all the apps installed on your Blackberry to get listed
    click on ‘import fies’ and navigate to the .alx file then select it
    Click ‘apply’
    Your Blackberry might reboot.

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