How To Root Infinix Zero And Change IMEI From Android To Blackberry

This guide is majorly to assist people who want to root their Infinix Zero device and change the android IMEI to Blackberry IMEI to enable them use it with Glo BIS Blackberry plan. I have tried several other rooting options until I stumbles upon this technique that finally worked.

What You Need?

Phone drivers
iroot.exe... get it here:
MTK droid tools... get it here:
working IMEI number (you should know how/where to get that by now)
USB cable.

First, we install the phone drivers. I noticed i could not get the phone to auto install its driver so i simply downloaded pdanet (google it) for android and installed it. Pdanet has compatible drivers for android phones. and Secondly, enable USB DEBUGGING under "Developer options" on your Android.

Rooting Procedure:
iRoot, Formerly Vroot, is a free one click Android root tool designed by XINYI Network. It has both PC and Android version but for Infinix Zero, PC version is required.
        1. Install iroot on PC and launch the application
        2. Connect phone using USB to PC

        3. Click on "Connect device"
        4. Click "Root"
        wait for few minutes while rooting takes place. phone will re-booth 2-3 times, just relax and BOOM! Rooting done!!!

IMEI changing procedure:

        1. Install the mtk droid tools and wait till button below turns yellow.
        2. click "root/backup/recovery" and back up your phone
        3. Go back and click "ROOT", it will ask you to use superSu already installed on your phone, confirm and wait for it to finish.
        4. Click on IMEI/NVRAM, both imei's will be shown, just replace the one you wish with the blackberry imei and reboot your phone. Congratulations, your INFINIX ZERO has been successfully rooted.

Less i forget, you will notice that the superSu installed is in Chinese. Simply uninstall it and replace with Chainfire SuperSu or any other from playstore. Check root status with Root checker.

Insert glo sim and configure as usual.

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