How To Upgrade To OS 10.3.1 on Blackberry 10 Device Without PC

It has been confirmed that OS 10.3.1 comes with a lot more useful features and advancements. Instead of using Sachesi to upgrade your OS just like when the update was not available for everyone, you can now download this new OS update free on your BB10 with just a single click. This is wonderful news for all users of Blackberry 10 device ranging from Q10, Q5, Z30, Z10 to Z3.

Reasons For Upgrading To OS 10.3.1

This latest BB10 software update, OS 10.3.1 is fantastic as it comes with lots of attractive features.

bb 10 upgrade

-----» Blackberry Blend: This new  feature enables you to access your Blackberry messages and other contents right on your PC and tablets.
-----» Blackberry Assistant: BB Assistant is a wonderful tool that assist you in sending instructions to your device via text or voice command.
-----» Amazon Apps Store: You don't have to struggle with Amazon Apps any longer. This new OS comes with Amazon Apps Store pre-installed. Through this store, you can download thousands of android apps on your Blackberry 10 free.
-----» Extended Battery Life: This enhancement helps to raise the efficiency of your battery by up to 15-20%

How Can I Upgrade?

-----» Ensure you create a back up of your current OS version before you start this upgrade.
-----» Before you begin, please back up your current version of OS ( It's very important)
-----» Visit Blackberry Appstore, you will see a notification to upgrade to OS 10.3.1
-----» Make sure you are connected to a upgrade message as seen in the image below.
-----» Make sure your BB10 is connected to the internet. You can achieve this through a WiFi or linking to an internet enabled PC after installing a Desktop Manager.
-----» To download this new BB10 OS upgrade, click here
-----» Be patient, downloading should be finished between half and hour to an hour depending on how fast your internet connection is.
-----» After the upgrading is completed, your BB will reboot and you will see a message that reads, 'Welcome to OS 10.3.1'

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