Activate MTN Magic SIM Code And Tutorial For Latest Free Unlimited Browsing

How To Browse And Download On MTN Network With MTN Magic SIM Card Tweak/Cheat Activation Code 2015-2016: Working Configuration

What's MTN Magic SIM?
MTN Magic sim card is a simple tweak that grants access to unlimited browsing and downloading to you SIM card without the need for extra configurations, proxy, additional softwares and vpns.

In this post, I'll be sharing with you the latest mtn magic sim card tweak for all devices that will make sure you browse, download heavy files and stream videos with just 0.0kb and N0.00 on your MTN SIM.

TUTORIAL: 5 Latest Working MTN Magic Sim Card Activation Process For Unlimited Internet Access.

How To Activate Mtn Magic Sim Free Of Charge? Browsing and downloading is actually free but you need small airtime/credit to set up this cheat.

mtn magic sim

Recharge your MTN SIM with #250 and dial *406# to migrate to MTN Pulse. Send 2H as a message to 131. Remove your battery and keep your SIM for the next 3hrs. After this, insert your SIM in a modem or phone and send 103 or 106 to 131. Start browsing and downloading as the plan is unlimited.

Get hold of an MTN Nigeria SIM card. Load #250 on it and dial *406#. After the migration is successful, send 2H in a text to 131. Connect and browse on your phone for up to 45minutes. Remove the battery and keep for the next 24hrs. Send 103 or 106 to 131 and then connect. Enjoy this free browsing cheat powered by MTN.


Load #500 airtime on your line and text BBCWEEK to 21600. Though this will activate the weekly MTN BB plan, the next trick will ensure to becomes unlimited for you. Send 103 or 106 to 131 and then connect. Even after the BBC plan expires after seven days, you will still be enjoying unlimited data access on your newly activated MTN Magic SIM.

Recharge #300 on any MTN SIM card and dial *406#. Your package would be migrated to MTN Pulse. Using a Nokia torch phone or any other non-GPRS phone, send 2H to 131. Remove your phone battery after getting a confirmation message from MTN and insert it back after 24hrs. Dial *123*4*5*2*4# and then click 1 to confirm. You should be notified that you do not have enough credit to carry out the operation. Next step is to send 103 to 131 to get the same message.

Connect with your SIM and start browsing for about 30-45 minutes before removing the battery and replacing it again after 24hrs. After this, it has been activated as MTN Magic SIM.


You will need to activate MTN Blackberry daily plan first. Load N400 on your SIM and send BBCDAY to 21600. #100 would be deducted from your account. After getting the success message that your line has been subscribed to the plan, call the customer care by dialling 180. Request that you want to activate MTN 2H unlimited browsing plan. Wait for the confirmation text to be sent and keep your SIM for the next 1hr. Put it back in your phone and continue surfing away.

Remember to avoid sending 2 or RESET to 131. Also avoid sending 103 to 131 more than once on your MTN Magic line. Keep rocking this unlimited free MTN browsing and downloading at 0kobo.

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Activate MTN Magic SIM Code For Free Unlimited Browsing 

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