Android Phone Battery Not Charging To 100 - SOLUTION

Is Your Android, Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia, Pantech Mobile Cell Phone Battery Charging But Not Charging?

The average experience of smart phone battery life on smartphones is not satisfactory. At one time or the other, many people have faced problems of their phone or tablet battery not charging up to 100% despite being plugged to power supply overnight and sometimes for days. To solve this problem, some people decide to go for a new charger but the soon discover that this is not the solution.

What Are The Common Causes Of Battery Not Charging To 100% - Phone Battery Charging Backwards - Cell Phone Battery Not Charging Fully

This problem may start when you charge your phone for over 2-3 times in a single day without letting the charge drop to less than 20%. To avoid overcharging, you shouldn't charge your phone for more than twice daily and always ensure it gives the low battery notification before you plug it into power supply. When a battery is old and nearing its lifespan, it may have issues charging to full capacity too.

Practical Solutions To
Cell Phone Battery Not Charging Fully

Make sure your phone battery power level is drained to under 10-15%. Switch off the android completely and connect to a power source to charge. When the charging gets to 100% complete, switch your device on and use. That's all!

If you suspect that your device battery is fake or aging , get a new one as replacement.

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