How To Copy And Paste Text On Android Phone And Tablet

Cut And Paste Text On An Android KitKat, Phone, Galaxy S3, Tablet

How Do I Copy And Paste On Android Tablet?

If you are android user who has had months and years of experience on these wonderful devices, you may take this post on how to copy and paste on android phone for granted. Truth is that the ability to copy and paste text is feature that is not easily discovered on the android OS. Android, as an operating system has stopped hiding features behind long press action except for this copy & paste feature. Part of what constitute this confusion include different apps and software that handle copy and paste which can give a new user nightmares.

The process of using copy and paste features on a android phone is basically the same though the action may be different. If you want to know how to select and copy text on android browser, continue reading this post.
how to copy & paste on android phone and tablets

How To Copy And Paste On Android Chrome, Facebook etc

Scroll to the string of text you want to copy and do a long press on the block of text. A menu pops up and you will be presented with tabs and a highlight feature. Drag the small tabs to cover the entire block of text you will like to copy and then check the new menu again. On the bar displayed at the top of your screen, align from left to right, you will see various options such as select all text, copy selected text, share the selected text and perform a Google search on the selected text.

Although these buttons are not that self-directing, once you are used to their function, to copy text android tablet becomes a piece of cake. To copy text on android browser, it follows the same process too. When you are ready to paste the text you copied, all you need is another long press in a text field and then tap the 'paste' option that comes up. For how to copy and paste a link on android, you can follow the same process.

Just as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, many of us are already professionals when it comes to using basic and advance functions on android but we should not forget beginners who newly crossed over to this platform from Java, Symbian, IOs, Blackberry OS 7, BB 10 and others.

I hope you enjoyed my simple guide on how do you copy and paste text on an android phone?

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