How To Detect Hidden Camera In A Room With Mobile Phone

Detect Hidden Cameras With Android - Using Iphone, Blackberry And Others - No Need For Detect Hidden Camera App

If you are planning to lodge in an hotel room, you may be interested in finding out if a CCTV camera has been hidden somewhere in the room. If you do not joke with issues of privacy, you should carry out this simple action using your mobile cellphone to find out if a hidden camera has been planted in your room.

When many people travel on business and personal trips, it is good to ascertain that your are not being video-recorded or photographed without your knowing.
how to detect hidden camera

How To detect Hidden Cameras Through Mobile

To detect hidden camera using Iphone, Nokia, Android, Blackberry etc, enter into the room. Switch off all the lights and draw the blinds. Switch on your phone camera. Make sure the flashlight is turned off. Turn round the room with the camera still on and check necessary areas in the room too.

If you find a red dot, this signifies that a hidden web camera is installed somewhere inside that room. But if no red dot is found, the room is free from hidden cameras.

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