How To Increase Speaker Volume On Android Phone

How To Boost Or Increase Loudspeaker And Earphone Speaker Volume

Many Android phones and tablets users have always looked for ways of increasing the level of volume of their device beyond the default, raising the volume to more than 100%. Some people have problems with their android devices which shows low microphone or speaker volume level. Most times these people complain that people cannot hear them well or they can't hear their caller properly during a phone call.

Well, that's now a thing of the best because I will be showing you a few tricks to increase the level of volume on your android. The solution is to download Mobile Uncle fast. The process is very simple. This is no increase volume android code. Just follow the guide I have prepared below:

Android App To Increase Speaker Volume

-Mobile Uncle and you can download the app here

-----» Ensure you backup your android device fully because I won't be liable if your phone or device gets damaged.

-----» Start Mobile Uncle application and go to the engineering mode.

-----» Navigate to the Hardware section and check for 'Audio' options under this menu.

-----» Click on it the next thing you will see is normal mode, headset and loudspeaker.

-----» Ensure you do not alter anything asides what I have stated in this article because you may get your android phone or tablet bricked in the process.

-----» Edit the highlighted values. The highest value is 160. Edit the value for both headset and loudspeaker.

-----» After saving the configuration, reboot your android device to effect the change.

-----» Please make sure you note down any value before you edit it. This will make it easy to undo the changes whenever you want.

This is how to boost volume on your Android device. I hope you have been able to increase your volume with this simple tutorial. Remember to drop a comment and share this article if this trick works for you.

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