SOLUTION - How To Stop MTN Spam Messages - Calls And Text SMS

Code To Block MTN Spam Messages (Texts, SMS and Calls) - Stop Receiving Spam Messages, Texts And Calls From MTN

I'm launching a campaign against annoying advert text messages from MTN which are often sent from these popular short codes; 5021, 5020, 5030, 5031 and 4100.

On behalf of other MTN subscribers across Nigeria, I wish to appeal to MTN Nigeria to please stop bombarding our lines with unnecessary sms and calls.

You can imagine the disappointment when I'm expecting an important call only for my phone to start ringing and on getting there I discovered it was from 4100.

Let join our voices together and resist this idea of MTN taking us for a ride anyhow.

block mtn nigeria spam

How To Block MTN Short Codes Sending Annoying Advert Messages/SMS

Simply follow the procedures outline below. Send STOP as a text to 33111. Immediately, you should get a text notifying you that your phone number would be removed from the database "You will be removed from our campaign database within 24hrs. Thank you"

Congratulations, you can start enjoying your mobile line free from those annoying texts and call advertisements from MTN.

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