4 Things To Do Before Your Android Device Gets Bricked!

PREVENT BRICK ANDROID - 4 Tips To Avoid Bricking Of Android Phone And Tablet
If you love your android phone or tablet, you should be willing to take certain steps to keep it secured before it gets bricked. It is saddening at times when I come across a new Infinix, Gionee, Tecno or Innjoo android user getting bricked within just a few weeks of purchase.

How To Prevent Bricking Your Android Device

how to prevent and avoid bricking android

If you want to protect your android phone or tablet from bricking, you should take pro-active steps by following the pieces of advice below. 

1. -----» Enable USB Debugging Option
The advantage is that you can easily unbrick your android tablet or phone if you make mistakes that gets the device bricked.

Here is how to enable USB debugging on various version of Android:

Android 2.3 and below
Navigate from Settings »» Applications »» Development. Click on USB Debugging box to enable the option.

Android 4.0 and 4.1
Navigate from Settings »» Developer Options and then switch on USB Debugging there.

Android 4.2 and Above
Navigate from Settings »» About Phone. On this page, look for what is known as Build Number. To enable Developer Options on your android device, click on Build Number 7 times and then follow the next instructions you see.

2. -----» Do A Nandroid Backup
What is a nandroid backup? This is a complete backup of your entire android phone or tablet that can be restored later to bring you device to that state before it was bricked. You create a backup before the device is bricked and restore it after it gets bricked

How To Take A Full Nandroid Backup Of Your Android Device 
You will need a custom recovery like clockworkmod or TWRP to create a nandroid backup for your android. Make sure you copy the backup files to your PC or USB flash drive in case it gets deleted accidentally on your memory card.

3. -----» Keep To Specifications
Don't ever try to install or flash your device with an application that is. Not meant for it. Consult before you tweak or flash your android. It is not Nokia or Blackberry.

4. -----» Ask Question Before Installing Apps
There are some apps which have been confirmed to be specialist at bricking android phones. For instance a particular font app has continue to brick any phone it gets installed on. Always ask questions to find out if someone has used the app before. You don't want to get your device fried just because of a silly app you could have avoided.

I hope you'll keep your android safe and secured with these tips.

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