Add Multiple Administrators (Contributors) To Your BBM Channel

How To Add Multiple Contributors (New Administrators) to Your BBM Channel

If you currently manage a BBMChannel with substantial subscriber base, you should find this post insightful. Adding multiple contributors to BBM channels is one of the most anticipated features on BBM Channel.

Managing a BBM Channel may not be that easy and stress-free but the gains are definitely worth the pains. A lot of internet marketers make so much from their BBM Channel because they have gathered a huge base of subscribers there. As a blogger, you can promote your blog using traffic from BBM channel updates.

If you check your BBM Channel as a owner, you should see the option to add new administrators to your channel. This is great news as it would reduce the burden of just one man posting updates.

So How Do I Add Contributors to My BBM Channel?

This is very simple. Below are simple steps to add new admins/posters to your BBM Channel.

-----» Click here to visit BBM Channels web manager portal

-----» Select the particular channel you want to configure and click on that person icon at the top right of the admin dashboard

-----» Type in the details of the administrator you want to add such as name and email.

-----» An invitation email would be sent to them which they would have to click and sign in with their BBID details

-----» Immediately, their invitation is accepted, such persons who be able to select that BBM channel whenever they log in to their of their BBM Channel Web Portal dashboard.

Are you encountering any problem adding administrators to your BBM Channel, use the comment box to ask your questions.

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