HOT! Charge Your Mobile Phone To 100% In 60 Secs!

Super-Fast Battery Charges To  Full Capacity In A Minute.

I know you find this difficult to believe but believe me, this is real! The future of technology is changing because how can you explain a battery being charged to 100% in 60 seconds. This sounds like magic but scientists have made this possible.

Scientists in the US have recorded a ground-breaking tech achievement by developing a battery that can fully charge your smartphone in just one minute. The Aluminum battery was developed by Standford scientist and is considerably lesser in cost than lithium batteries often used in laptops and mobile phones.
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What Are The Features of This New Battery?

--->> Battery charges to 100% in just a minute in respective of the device housing it.
--->> This magic battery is safer and last longer than the popular lithium-ion batteries.
--->> Battery can run up to 7500 charging cycles before performance is appreciably compromised.

This rechargeable aluminum battery according to the inventor, may replace alkaline and lithium-based batteries. This new battery won't catch fire and runs up to 7500 charges as opposed to lithium ones that can only last a 1000 charges.

Personally, I can't wait for the company to develop more and launch the batteries. To understand how this battery works, watch the video here.

The big question is how much do you think this new battery would cost when it finally comes into the market? Would you rock it?

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