Konga VS Jumia - Price List Of All BB10 Devices Blackberry Q10, Q5, Z3, Z10, Z30

Latest/Current Price Of Blackberry 10 Phones on Jumia And Konga

Konga and Jumia are the two giant e-commerce stores in Nigeria offering BB10 devices at affordable rates. These two online stores have a wide variety of products ranging from electronics, computer, phones and other accessories. Online shopping in Nigeria made a great leap with the emergence of Konga and Jumia which are currently the biggest e-commerce platform for buying and selling in this part of the world.

In this post, I will be comparing the prices of all bb10 phones currently offered for sale on Konga and Jumia online stores so as to assist intending buyers make their choice easily. Both Jumia and Konga offer related services as well as free delivery on purchased phones.

Here are the latest/current prices of BB10 phones on both Jumia and Konga online shopping stores.

Prices: Last updated 4th April 2015.


Blackberry Q10 | Black
 black bb Q10
Jumia Price - ₦ 42,520
Konga Price - ₦ 45,000

BlackBerry Q10 | White
white BB Q10
Jumia Price - ₦ 44,820
Konga Price - ₦ 45,000

Blackberry Q5 | Black
black bb Q5
Jumia Price - ₦ 34,020
Konga Price - ₦ 33,000

BlackBerry Q5 | White
white BB Q5
Jumia Price - ₦ 37,950
Konga Price - ₦ 33,500

Blackberry Z10 | Black
black bb z10
Jumia Price - ₦ 44,920
Konga Price - ₦ 45,000

BlackBerry Z10 | White
white BB Z10
Jumia Price - ₦ 46,440
Konga Price - ₦45,000

Blackberry Z3 | Black
black bb Z3
 Jumia Price - ₦ 41,040
Konga Price - ₦ 39,500

BlackBerry Z3 | White
white BB Z3
Jumia Price - ₦ 43,350
Konga Price - ₦ 40,000

Blackberry Z30 | Black
black BB z30
Jumia Price - ₦ 68,000
Konga Price - ₦ 63,000

BlackBerry Z30 | White
white bb z30
Jumia Price - ₦ 70,000

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