Buying A Fairly Used iPhone Online And Offline: What You Should Know

Buying Used Iphone tips And Guide: Tips For Buying A Used Iphone On Craigslist, Ebay and Amazon

Buying a UK (London) or American used iPhone is one of the ways users of these beautiful device save cost. Many of these used phones are sold off in good working conditions because the previous user is in need of cash or wants to upgrade to a higher spec phone. Before sealing a deal to purchase a fairly used iPhone, here are some issues you should give careful consideration.

What you should know before buying a used iPhone

Iphones are generally expensive to buy so before you put your cash down for that used phone, you check the device very well to detect any hidden fault that may cause you to start spending again after buying the iPhone. Some fault can result in your discarding the iPhone completely so you take your time to examine the phone carefully. Fairly used Iphones can be bought online from online stores like Ebay, Alibaba, Amazon, Konga and Jumia or directly from a seller by arranging a meeting with the person.
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Buying a Used iPhone Online

---> Most online stores have return policy that provides you a refund if the product you received is not what you want.
---> Sadly, you wont be able to check the phone’s IMEI and Activation lock until the Iphone is in your hand.
---> Buying online allows you to check the full specs and description of the phone before making payment.    You will get a full description of the phones specification on the site you are buying from.
---> Some dubious seller on the online shopping site may not be truthful about the condition of the phone    The seller on the site might not be telling the truth about the phone’s status.

Buying a Used iPhone Physically In Person (Offline)

Below, I have tried to summarize a few points to note before purchasing a used iphone from hand to hand.

---> There is no return policy. what is buy is what you get.
---> verify that the IMEI on the phone body tallies with that inside the phone to ascertain that the body casing has not been changed.
---> Check the Activation lock and ask the seller to turn Find my phone off before you make a deal. activation lock on iPhones
---> Ensure you tell the previous owner to remove his Apple ID account.
---> Examine that the screen of the Iphone is in good condition. To ascertain this, the headphones jack and dock connector have white sensor spots near them that turn pink once the water touched them.
---> Check the warranty of the phone.
---> Assess the phone charger and headphones to check if they work perfectly.
---> Make a test call to verify that the phone earpiece and mouthpiece are working perfectly.
---> Pick your meeting place carefully as you can get robbed if you meet in lonely places
---> Always go with someone more knowledgeable about iPhone if you don't know what it takes to assess the phone well.

Whether you want to buy a second hand iPhone online or offline, both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. The final decision is left with you to decide on which way you consider the safest to buy the fairly used Iphone.

Have you ever bought a used phone? What was your experience buying and using the phone? Share.

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