How To See What The Other Person Is Typing During Chats

Beam - Mobile App To Show What Other Person is Typing...

Sometime while typing a message, you will discover errors in your text or perceive the message not satisfactory enough to convey your intention. What do you do? You try to erase them and start typing all over again. If you are unlucky to be chatting with an android user powered with Beam, I would have read everything you wanted to send word for word, letter by letter. With this powerful application, anyone can read what you typing even before you send that message.

Beam Messenger

… is writing a message…

Beam Messenger is a powerful mobile application that reveals what the other person is typing as they are texting their exposing their thoughts from your phone.

With this app, instant message just got better. You will become more conscious of what you type even with the option of erasing them before sending to the other person. It exposes your thought sequence and typing skills. The only downside is that it could raise concerns with breaching privacy.

Where Can I Download Beam?
To download Beam app for your Android phone, click here. Blackberry users should exercise a little patience as their version is in the making.

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