Windows 10 Mobile Now Enabled For Android & iOS Apps Installation

When I got this update, what came to my mind was is Microsoft gradually submitting to the powerful force of the Android? I believe the best decision for their business at this point is to produce in line with the trends.

To many users who are addicted to the microsoft interface, this is good news! But I can bet some are not happy to discover that Microsoft is gradually succumbing to the pressures of the 'god of Android'.

At the just concluded Build 2015 conference, Microsoft made an official declaration that a new upgrade on Window 10 will now allow users install Android and iOS apps installation on their mobile handheld devices. Also that popular Candy Crush was sited as an example of iOS game ported to Windows Mobile with little or no modification. Another major update is the replacement of the renowned Internet Explorer with a new browser called Microsoft Edge. Personally, I have made an assessment of this new browser and I can say it's way better than IE.

The summary is you can start installing and running Android apps and iOS app on your Window 10 mobile phone. What do you think? Is Microsoft trying to remain relevant having learnt from our old friend, the Blackberry?

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