4 Basic Reasons Why You Should Avoid Buying Cheap Android smartphones

Four Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy Cheap Android Phones, Phablets And Tablets

For some years now, Android smartphones have been dominating a sizable share of the mobile market leading other operating systems due to the fact that this platform is powerful and can multitask. Another strong point is that Android as a software has many android developers involved in its development making lots of applications available for android users.

This trend has made several users of android devices fall in love with their gadgets making the demand for such items skyrocket. Before now, high price has always scared a lot of people from buying android phones until manufacturers such  Techno, Gionee, Infinix and Innjoo stormed the market with powerful android devices at cheap prices.

On careful examination, these smartphones functions like any other Android phone and the difference looks too small to be overlooked. But the big question is, 'Should you buy such cheap android smartphones?'

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy Cheap Android Devices

1. Low Quality Components:
I think it is logical that manufacturers use poor quality materials to manufacture such cheap phones in order to cut down costs of producing a single unit and justify the price. Whenever you go ahead to buy a cheap android device, understand that what you are getting is a collection of inferior materials prone to easy crashing and cracking. The quality of casing and screens of such phones usually reflect the low price.

2. Poor Touch Screens Quality: Recently, when i compared the screen responsiveness of Samsung Galaxy with another cheap android phone, I discovered that there is a very big difference. Apart from the poor screen quality, cheap android phones often come with poor touch screens that doesn't respond well to swipes and gestures. If you decide to buy that cheap android phone, this is one core issue you would have to manage.

3. Short Battery Life: Substandard batteries are very common with cheap phones. The bitter truth is that battery problem is a common problem to such cheap phones. I always recommend that people avoid buying cheap android phones that will make them carry phone battery chargers wherever they go. If you desire is to be able to charge your phone just once in a day and use it all through, please run away from cheap android phones.

4. No OTA Updates: When it comes to having your device updated over the air, forget cheap android phones. Most cheap phones do not have the facility to support future updates and this can be frustrating. You would definitely need to make updates manually or run custom ROMs on such devices to enjoy what others would at just some few screen taps.

This post summarizes my view on buying cheap android phones, tablets and phablets. What is your position? Send in your replies using the comment box below.

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