How To Migrate To Glo BUMPA Plan for 200% Bonus On Recharges

Migrate to Glo BUMPA - Check Your BUMPA Bonus Balance

How to migrate to glo bumpa - Glo bumpa 200 bonus
There is one telecommunication network in Nigeria that keeps wowing their users,without a doubt its definitely Globacom Nigeria Limited. I’m about to tell  you about one of the best call tariff plans out there provided by Glo, called the Glo BUMPA tariff.

How To Change To Glo BUMPA Package
The Glo BUMPA tariff is a prepaid price package that gives you a 200% bonus on every recharge from N100 to call ALL networks in Nigeria. That is to say you get three times any amount you recharge. For instance, recharging N1000 gets you N3000 (N1000 in main account and N2000 in the Glo bumpa bonus account) and the best of it all is the ability to browse, send SMS and make calls to all networks in Nigeria using your Glo bumpa bonus balance.

Glo Bumpa

How To Subscribe/Migrate to Glo BUMPA prepaid Tariff Plan
Glo bumpa migration code - Glo bumpa code - Glo bumpa bonus code
It’s quite easy to migrate to the bumpa plan and all that you need to do is to be a glo user. Here is the
code to migrate to glo bumpa. Simply dial *100*10*1# and press 1 when asked for confirmation. This glo bumpa activation code is very simple. Migration is free as long as you are migrating for the first time in a month to glo bumpa tariff plan.

How To Check Your BUMPA Bonus Balance
How to check glo bumpa account balance - how to check glo bumpa bonus account
To check your glo BUMPA package balance, here is the latest code to check glo bumpa bonus. Simply dial #122*2# and that’s it. I’m already loving this glo bumpa tariff plan. More glo bumpa plan code below.

How To Check Your Glo BUMPA Plan Bonus Credit Balance - How to check glo bumpa bonus Airtime 

Checking glo bumpa balance - Glo bumpa code
In this atticle, I’ll let into know the of a simple code to check your Glo BUMPA plan bonus credit balance.

How Do I Check My Glo BUMPA Bonus Credit Balance
It’s simple to check your bonus balance once you are on the BUMPA tariff. Simply dial #122*2# and the bonus credit balance would be shown.

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Migrate To Glo BUMPA Plan for 200% Bonus On Recharges

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