How To Turn Your Android Phone To A Wi-Fi Hotspot

So many times, users of android devices find themselves in situations where they need internet services on their laptops because though there is no wireless network available  anywhere closeby. At these points, you may discover that the 3G, 4G or H+ network signal on your android is in full bars. So how do you get your laprop connected in this type of situation bearing in mind that you can only share the working internet on your phone.

In this post, I will be sharing with you how to turn your android smartphone into a WI-FI hotspot device that will enable you share the 3G internet services on you phone to all other devices such as iPads, tablets, laptops, PSPs etc. While turning your android phone into a wifi device, there is a facility to include a pass-key so as to bar authorized users from connecting to your internet and using it without your approval.

Another thing you should put into careful consideration is the fact that using a 3G connection via wi-fi consumes lots of megabytes so it is recommended that you use this setup with an unlimited 3G data plan.

How To Set Up Wi-Fi Hotspot In Your Android Phone

First, move over to the Settings then tap on the  more button which is right below the Wi-Fi option so that you can have access to the portable hotspot options, That’s if you are using android 4.0 and above.
Note that you can place some security measures on the portable hotspot you are about to create. You can easily change your wireless security pass key to any one you want or better still if you do not wish to protect it from other users you can leave it as default as that will even save you from any complications  when accessing the  connection from some other devices. Another method of protecting your connection is to make use of an automated  password that the phone generate for you or better still use a passkey of your choice.

And also the more connection you have on the device will determine the performance of the connection, just like on any other Wi-Fi device, because the more device its serving the more the bandwidth becomes constricted. You can easily manage the total number of device that can be connecting to your Wi-Fi hotspot by tapping on Manage users.

To activate the Wi-Fi hotspot on Android

What you need is a tap then it will come on. When ever you want to add a device like your laptop, just make a search for Wi-Fi devices on your laptop or any other device you want to connect, and if you have insert any password while setting it up, then you will be prompted for the passkey, insert it and connect.

To hide your Wi-Fi hotspot device from other people's usage

Navigate to the menu, then tap the advance settings, here you can easily hide the SSID or router names, You can as well choose the power mode so you can save your power in the power options.

Understand that using an android smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot device uses up a lot of power so make sure your phone is connected to a power outlet or only use in cases of emergency cases.

Try these steps and let me know if it worked for you.

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