2 Easiest Method To Unroot Any Android Device

The essence of rooting any smartphone is to make customization easier. Android phone users get to install several apps and games of their choice as they like. But the truth is not been able to get latest updates for your phone can also be frustrating because it is rooted. OTA updates are necessary if you want maximum satisfaction from your handheld device. Your warranty is annuled immediately you root your device and getting repairs at the store becomes impossible.

So this got a lot of people thinking. Is there a way i can remove the root easily without causing problems to my phone? Here are two ways to unroot your phone after rooting if you want to get rid of the rid now.

Before you start to unroot your android phone,be sure you have done the following:
While unrooting, all the data will be formatted.So make sure that you backup all your important data on your SD card or your PC.
==>CHARGE YOUR PHONE: make sure that battery is charged to not less than 80%.

Method ONE: Super User Application

This method works for all android devices that were rooted without installing custom recovery.
1.  Download and install SuperSU app from Play Store.
2.  Launch the SuperSU application, go to Settings, and click on ‘Full unroot’.
3.  It will await your confirmation.Just tap continue. After being successful, Unroot superuser will close automatically
4.  Restart your Android device
5.  Uninstall SuperSU and you are fully unrooted.

Method TWO: ES File Explorer

1. Install ES File Explorer app on your device.
NOTE==) Don’t move it to SD card.
2. Engage the application and tap the menu button
3. Tap on ‘Tools’ and select ‘Root Explorer’ to turn it on.
4. You will be asked for permission by Superuser to grant privilege or root privileges to the application. Allow it.
5. Now go to the main screen of the app and tap ‘/’ in the top corner of the screen.
6. Go to system ==> bin. Find the busybox and su file and delete them. If you are not able to find any of them, just move on  to the next step.
7. Go back to system folder then open ‘xbin’ folder and delete the busybox and su file there
8. Now go back to the system folder again and open ‘app’ folder and then delete the supeuser.apk file found in the folder
9.It should be unrooted by the time you restart your device.

To verify that your device is completely unrooted, download and install Root Checker HERE.

Now that you have been fully unrooted, you can continue with your upgrade.

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