Why Use VPN On Smartphone - What You Should Know

Why VPN On Smartphone

If you are reading this, it is incredibly likely that your smartphone is extremely important to you and an integral part of your everyday life. In fact, that is likely the case with just about everyone else you know as well. Therefore, you want your smartphone to be protected. Now you already likely have a case for your phone, but that is only protection from the elements (not the least of which is gravity).

You need something to protect the data on your smartphone, as well, when you are out using it. This is where a VPN comes into play for you. A Virtual Private Network will allow your smartphone to connect to an offsite secure server which will connect to the internet for you and then send your phone (or other device, should you use one for a different device) the data that you require.
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Here are a few reasons why you should really subscribe to a VPN service:

Your Phone Will be More Secure

While this was implied before, this really is the most important reason you should be looking at a VPN. Public networks are common and useful (and continually getting both more common and more useful), but they are as dangerous for the unprepared as they are useful. A great deal of the public networks out there have absolutely no protection on them, and that means hackers can take a look at and steal your data.

This can include the passwords to your social media accounts and even your email, meaning that your whole life can be majorly inconvenienced or in the case of more sensitive data even ruined by a hacker taking their opportunity with your smartphone. If you shop online with your smartphone while you are out, then a hacker can potentially steal that information too, and then take liberties with your credit and identity that you want no one to.
With a VPN you will be able to securely do whatever you need to online on a public network (or any network) so that you won’t be inconvenienced while you worry about your security. The most hackers would ever be able to see is the fact that you use a VPN, and even then some more advanced VPNs won’t allow a hacker to see that, rerouting the connection whenever any interference is detected.

Travel Will be Safer and More Convenient 

If you do a lot of traveling, then you will especially want to get a VPN, in addition to dealing safely with the many public networks involved in traveling to who knows where, you will also want to be able to use the hotel network (one of the most valuable hunting grounds for identity thieves) with a sense of confidence.

The first thing to note is that if you travel to other countries often, you have probably encountered a lot of various regional restrictions on video streaming services you use such as Netflix. These restrictions can be frustrating because you paid for these services, and so why shouldn’t you be able to use them regardless of where you are? A VPN would allow you to get around all of these restrictions with ease, and so you will more than make up your money if you do a lot of travelling.

Also, in addition to the regional restrictions on some commercial products, you will want to be able to get by government censorship in whatever country you may be in. Certain countries can block Facebook and Google, and that can be extremely difficult for you if you are a professional on the go. A VPN will make it look like you’re in another country so you won’t have to worry about that problem.

You Will Regain Some Privacy

The average internet user considers internet privacy to be of the utmost importance. You never know who might be watching you, especially on the above mentioned public networks or other insecure connections. Even if they aren’t trying to steal your accounts or your data, you might not want to have other people know what you are up to or what websites you visit. That is your business and your business alone, and you want no organization, government, or company to know what you are up to.

A VPN is useful in this capacity as well, with onlookers only knowing that you are using a VPN, and that won’t be information that is all that useful to them. That way no one will be access information about either you or the people close to you.

I hope that you have found this information to be useful in making decisions about your data and smartphone. Thank you for reading this article.

I would like to thank Mobiletechbase.com for allowing this guest post on their website. Their articles can be extremely useful for learning more about smartphones, and I would recommend reading this article on too much heat coming from your smartphone after this.

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