5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Blackberry 10 Over Android

BB10 Be Better Than Android?

Android vs blackberry 10 Os - android vs blackberry 10 Kitkat, Jelly Bean
There has been series of debates among mobile users on which operating system takes the lead when it comes to functionality and user experience. Android has provided powerful function at affordable rates making it one of the most popular OS out there. When it comes to BB10 smartphones, the combination of flexibility of the android platforms and the security of Blackberry makes it a popular choice among many smartphone users across the world.

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This post would be focusing on the five main reasons why Blackberry 10 smartphones appears to be a better choice than the Android.

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1. Multiple App Engagement: While using a BB10 phone, it is very easy to minimize any application with a simple swipe and the app is still available for use on a separate screen by holding down the Blackberry home key.

2. A Central Hub: Blackberry10 phones are powered with a dedicated unit that merges your SMS, IMs, emails, social network feeds, call records and so on in a particular point making it very easy for you to access all your notifications in order of delivery, read them fast and respond accordingly.

3. Extensive Search Function: BB 10 smartphones comes with a powerful search feature. To access any app, you don't have to always use the MENU. All you need do is to type part or whole of the name of the app or file on the home screen and what you are looking for pops up in the search window.

4. Quick And Powerful Notification:
If you are a regular user of BB10 devices, you would understand that incoming messages and notifications are displayed very fast. This notification feature works well across all apps including games. although  Android is also enabled with this feature too, it does not work well across all android smartphones and apps. When it comes to getting notifications pretty fast, give it to the blackberry 10.

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5. Hack-Proof Security: I have seen many android phones unlocked when users forget their device passwords just by flashing to bypass the lock-screen. This is not possible on the blackberry 10. BB10 is a much more secured platform compared to the android anytime any day. Another thing, Android as a software itself is open source making it flexible for customization and tweaking. This makes the OS prone to virus and easy hack.

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Do you agree with these reasons why the BB10 OS is better? Do you know of other functions why the blackberry 10 is better than the Android? Feel free to share in the comment box below.

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