Best Fonts to Install on Your Android - Best Font Installer For Android Free Download

Best font installer android download free

best font installer android - font installer android download
Using cool fonts on your Android smartphones adds colour to your chats and messages. Unique fonts on Android can be a whole new experience if you are able to secure what you like from numerous font choices. New Font designs customize your default text style which is usually boring and unromantic.
android fonts

font install apps android - android font download
One of the most popular and best font installer on Android is an app called iFont. This powerful font customizing app is designed to install beautiful fonts on your Android smartphone. There are hundreds of fonts choices to choose from, making your phone very distinctive, cool, beautiful and unique.

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How to Get The Best Font Installer For Your android Phone

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font installer for android free download
==> Make sure your device is rooted
==> Click HERE to download iFont from Google Playstore
==> After a successful download, install iFont on your Android
==> Start the iFont app >> Choose the font you want to install by clicking on it
==> Give the app some time to download the selected font style completely

Another thing you should note is that your device is automatically rebooted immediately you confirm to set the downloaded font as your default style.

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Start enjoying cool new fonts on your Android device!

So what happens if the app bricks my phone? Here is a quick fix. Click HERE to download Auto Font Unbricker. This useful app was developed by Hovatek to reverse the changes effected by apps that change fonts on Android. Read more on Auto Font Unbricker if your need to unbrick your phone that was bricked by the font. Another good option is to ensure that CWM recovery (optional) is installed on your device.

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For those that would like to know how to install font in android phone without rooting just hold on. In subsequent posts, I will be showing you how to install font in android without rooting and also how to install fonts in android manually. Is your font installer android not working? Ask your questions below.

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