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YahooMessengerDetector - Yahoo Messenger Invisible

Have you always wondered if it's possible to detect that offline friend on your yahoo messenger list? The truth is many people hiding under the pretense of Invisible Mode to avoid chatting or disturbance. This trick is what you can use to reveal the real status of such a friend on YM. When a person status appears to be offline, that offline status is not always the true status because Yahoo messenger has a feature to hide an online user and make him/her appear invisible.

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For instance if you are not in the mood to have a chat, you can hide your online status and the person would believe you are offline because of have set your status to be invisible to friends on your yahoo messenger list.

The question is how can I detect the true status of your friend on yahoo messenger. With YDETECTOR invisible scanner and detector, detecting the true status of friends on your YM list is easy.

To check Yahoo! Messenger status, visit this website: Ydetector.com. Ydetector yahoo invisible allows you to bypass Yahoo! messenger setting, revealing the true status of an online user appearing offline.

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Type your friend's Yahoo! ID without including the '@yahoo.com' and click on the Magnifier button. Next notification would display the result. If the result states invisible in the yahoo messenger invisible scanner, this confirms that your friend is actually online but just hiding using the invisible mode.

It is very easy, isn’t it? If you have any questions or would like to just appreciate this stuff, kindly make use of the comment form on the blog.

Look out for my future posts, I would be showing you how to login into Yahoo Messenger with multiple IDs at the same time and how to add emoticons to your posts.

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