How To Install Whatsapp on Nokia Asha 200, 202 & 205 + s40 Java Phones

How to Install Whatsapp on s40 Java Phones Like Asha 200, 202, 205, 501, 305, 306 & 308

Guide To Installing Whatsapp on a Nokia Asha Phones - 200, 202, 205, 501, 305, 306, 308

Good day dear blog reader, I'm writing this post to help people who find it difficult or impossible installing Whatsapp installation file on their s40 java phones especially Nokia Asha models. This tutorial guide on how to install Whatsapp Messenger on your nokia asha single SIM, dual phones and other s40 non-supported java phones.

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Before you continue, an important step is freeing your device internal memory. It is also essential to have at least 4-5MB of memory and ensure two SIM cards are present in the phone so that you do not encounter error notification during installation.

==> Click here to download Whatsapp installation file. This setup  has been zipped so you need to copy it into your memory card or pc to unzip it.
==> Navigate to the extracted folder, hold on, do not run the whatsapp setup inside the folder.
==> Move the application from its location in your memory card to your My Apps/Games folder.
==> Go back to the initial folder and hit the delete button on it.
==> Open your phone MENU and go to the Whatsapp application. Click on the options icon and then update the app.
==> After the software update run the app, follow all setup instructions and wait.
==> While the app is loading, you will be get an update error, notifying you that your phone model is not supported.
==> Just close it, your whatsapp is fully installed and working.

If you find it difficult unzipping the Whatsapp folder you can try this unzipped versions. Click here and here to download the set up file. After successful download, copy them to a folder in ur SD card. Rename WhatsApp_jar to WhatsApp.jar, also rename WhatsApp_jad to WhatsApp.jar

If both the zipped and unzipped files do not work for you, another way out to install whatsapp on phone is to download directly from Nokia Store.

Do you live in India and still get error while updating favorites? This is the way out!
==> Look for another Nokia phone which Whatsapp downloaded, installed and working on it.
==> COPY (not CUT) the application file to the phone's memory card.
==> Remove this memory card and insert in your own phone and copy the app straight into your phone
==> Now start flexing Whatsapp on Nokia Asha 200.

Are you getting setting up favorites notification error? This shows the network status is not strong enough to allow contact refresh. So what should you do? Navigate through Menu to Settings to Configurations. Then delete existing network configurations. You can then proceed to launch Whatsapp from your Memory card.

Are you still getting error notifications? Carry out a factory reset on your Nokia Asha, launch your mobile browser and update the new Nokia Express. Close and begin the whole process again.

You need to have both SIM card slot filled, one SIM will be used to gain access to the internet while the other sim slot should not be vacant.

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I believe virtually everyone should be able to enjoy Whatsapp on their Nokia Asha 200 and other dual sim phones now. Don't forget to share this post wit your friends so others can benefit from it.

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