Microsoft Cortana App Turns The Internet World Upside Down!


It is interesting to introduce to you an app in Microsoft that is the rave of the moment, Cortana. Unfortunately, this app is restricted to Windows devices.

Will microsoft's cortana outsmart siri?
A beta version of this application has been launched by Microsoft. I can only say this is like selling your soul for a cheap gain of fame.

Cortana logo picture

What are the uses of Microsoft Cortana App

Through Cortana, you can make a call to get direction on different routes. The app can recognize words spoken with a very high sense of accuracy. For instance of you want to search for the nearest airport in an area, you could simply say, 'show me a map of.....'

How to get Microsoft Cortana
Cortana App has some Google features such as Google maps, news and weather incorporated in it. The major USP of this app is the sharp voice features. There is no official release yet and the beta app may perform differently if Microsoft finally installs Google play store in the app. If you won't mind this beta version download it from the link below.

How to get microsoft cortana for pc
Download Microsoft Cortana App For PC HERE.

How to get microsoft cortana android  and release date
Download Microsoft Cortana Android App Apk HERE

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