How To Boost Your 2GO Star Progress FAST!

2GO Star Booster Cheat - 2GO Cheat For Star Progress

Do you want to know how to boost 2go star within a short period of time? One of my friend has a free 2go cheat for boosting star and getting to ultimate level within 7days. This is not a free 2go cheat for Etisalat, GLO, MTN or Airtel as this my guy's 2go cheat codes works with any network.

Latest 2GO Star Progress Cheat - 2go Cheat For Ultimate 2016
So what's this secret 2go cheat for star progress? Within your 2go profile, change your availability to away or offline and continue to chat away You will be surprised at what this 2go cheat for ultimate will end up achieving within a short time. There are different 2go cheats and tricks to increase your 2go star level. For instance to boost your 2go star, you can trick your 2go application into believing you have logged in and logged out numerous times. However this 2go cheat for boosting star works best on Glo network  Ensure you do not have airtime or data bundle on your SIM and then download 3-in-1 2GO (This is an App that Contain three 2GO) application here.

Log into your 2go account on all 5 and press * to minimize one for another. The app would be connecting and disconnecting, leaving you partially offline and online. Repeat this procedure for like 5 hours daily ans watch what happens to your 2go star progress level. With this trick, I was able to move from novice to Enthusiast in just 2days and to ultimate in 7 days.

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