Find My Phone On Google - Locate Your Missing Android Phone Using Google

Search "Find My Phone" On Google to Locate Your Missing Android Phone

How To Find/Locate Your Missing/Stolen Android Phone With Google Search
Do you know that you can use Google to find your missing phone? Locating a lost phone using Google can be done via a phone locating program on Android device manager website. Recently, has integrated this wonderful phone search service within the main search engine. Now it is quite easy finding your phone by just doing a simple google search.

When you type the term 'Find My Phone' in Google search box and hit the enter button, you will see a small pop up containing information about your phone's last and current location on a map. From this platform, you can instruct your phone to give a ring so as to make finding it easier if it's missing nearby. For Android users who have more than one device, clicking on the map itself will take you to the Android device manager website.

This is one awesome way to see your phone location online thereby helping to recover lost or stolen cellphones via the internet. Unfortunately, this Google's 'Find My Phone' service can only be accessed using a desktop browser for now. This is not everyone can always have access to a PC especially at the point of looking for a missing phone. I do hope in the coming months, Google extends this 'find my phone' feature to mobile search too.

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