How To Improve Battery Life & Performance On Android Phones

5 Powerful Tips To Improve Battery Life & Performance On Android Phones

How to increase battery life on android phone - android maximize battery life
Almost every Smartphone user has been faced with the problem of the Smartphone's battery power or getting a disappointing low battery alert at a point in time while using your Smartphone.  Most Smartphones on an average level can hardly last a whole day with full usage (full usage means making calls, texting, using the internet, playing music and videos etc at the appropriate time) not including the new Flagships being released recently because they have good battery life,they last up to and more than a day in most cases.

android battery tips
Improve android battery life root - extend battery life android root
No matter the type of Smartphone you are using, having a low battery alert may create some problems if you're on the road or where you are not able to charge your Smartphone. That's why i recommend you to buy your used mobile Smartphones with good battery life from, you can also sell your used mobile phones on too.

How to increase battery life on android tablets
Going on to the main tips for you to preserve your battery life, there are various ways to save battery power, and in this post i will talk about the best 5 tips to increase the operating time of your Android Smartphone. These tips are also useful for iPhone and Windows Phone users.

Display - It is one of the largest energy consumers. Control the brightness of the display according on your needs.Your phone may supports automatic adjustment of brightness it is more rational to change the brightness manually because using the automatic adjustment also consumes energy.

It is clear that the more widgets on the screen - the more energy they consume. Try to analyze the need for the presence on the screen of the current widget and leave only the most necessary. Disconnect automatically updated widgets also.


Every time your phone searches for both Wi-Fi and 3G or 4G network and connects to them, it uses the battery power.If the Wi-Fi network signal is strong, it's better to keep Wi-Fi turned on always, this can be a rational solution in terms of energy consumption, as Wi-Fi internet is more economical than 3G and 4G.So, activating 3G or 4G network and cellular data when needed will make your device work for 2-3 hours more.

When your Android device is trying to define its position on the Status cell tower network, it uses the battery economically compared to using GPS. Widget Power Control quickly turns on and off GPS thus enabling you to save your battery power by only using it when it's necessary. The use of both methods at the same time is unjustified.


You have to put in mind that Developers are interested in getting users to constantly update their applications. So, most applications have a pre-defined setting that allows it to automatically update the Application to the latest released version thereby consuming both data and battery life. You can disable the automatic Application update. If you do not want to disable it then make sure you increase the intervals of automatic updates and this will surely save your battery power.You can also upgrade your Applications at home manually, when your device is being charged so no battery power is lost.

These tips are very useful, you can apply them to increase your battery life and reduce fast discharge on your Smartphone. However, if even after using all the tips, your battery is still being consumed very quickly then you can download and set the Battery Saver App, which will present a detailed report about which component consumes more energy and also allow you to manage them.

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