How To Boot Your Android Phone Into Safe Mode

How To Boot Android Phone In Safe Mode

Boot Android in safe mode
Whether we like it or not a mobile phone especially android phones may start to function abnormally applications become slower adverts pop out of nowhere among many others. It can be caused by software problems or the installation of heavy apps by the user.

Such problems can be solved by simply rebooting your phone, but in some cases it is not effective so you have to boot your phone into safe mode to remove your mobile device problems.

Android safe mode bootWhat is safe mode on android phone? Boot android into safe mode

Safe Mode is an invaluable Android feature that helps to troubleshoot problems that refuse to go. When enabled, it gives your device instructions to boot up, without loading any third-party software. The code that could be the cause of your phone's problem, like a recent application, can be solved easily.

How to boot android in safe mode - boot into safe mode android 2.3

How to boot android into safe mode - android safe mode boot
This depends greatly on the type of smartphone configuration because not all android phones are configured the same way.

Press down the power button on your android phone,the menu window pops up,then hold you finger down on the 'Power Off option', after a few seconds you will be informed that you are about to go into safe mode. This method works on smartphones made by Sony, Motorola, HTC, LG and Huawei, as well as on Nexus phones and other handsets running on the stock Android.

You can also enable Safe Mode on most Android phones by turning it off, turning it on again, and then you hold down the reduce volume button as soon as the logo of the manufacturer appears.
This method is known to work on phones manufactured by LG, Samsung, HTC, as also on Nokia X phones.

Note that you can activate Safe Mode on some older phones with the use a different shortcut key or combination of keys.

On some Motorola models, safe mode is simply activated by holding down both volume buttons during power up. Also on older Samsung Galaxy handsets, you’re to tap on the capacities menu button while the phone is booting.

That is simply how to boot your Android smartphone into Safe Mode and stop your phone from mal-functioning.

How to exit safe mode :

how do i take my android phone off safe mode? When you’re done, simply turn it off and back on again for it to load normally. Android wont boot into safe mode? Drop a comment below

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