How To Search Your WhatsApp Chat History

WhatsApp Chat History Android- WhatsApp Chat History Iphone

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application, that allows you to share files in form of voice, videos, text as well as picture messages with friends and family members.

The best feature about Whatsapp is that you can connect with a friend (or a contact in your phone book) and start chatting immediately.
The Whatsapp Group Chat feature makes provides access for more than one person to chat and be connected at the same time, but as many people people are chatting at the same time, it is very easy for a single message to get lost in the thread.

WhatsApp Chat History Hack - recover whatsapp chat history android

Fortunately, Whatsapp has come up with a search feature that helps you to easily search your archive history. This search feature is hidden from view, and most people do not realize it until they delve deeper into the Settings while looking for how to get whatsapp chat history online.

Here is how you can search through your archive history in Whatsapp.
1. In Whatsapp, go into the chat where you want to search for the archived message.
2. Click the Option button.
3. You should see a  Search option. Select it.
4. A search field should appear at the top. Type in the text or term that you want to search.

Whatsapp will then search through your archive history and highlight the term you have searched for. Tap the up or down arrow button beside the search field to move to the previous or the next search result. For more Whats app questions answered, check here

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