How To Back Up Mtn Mobile SIM Contacts + Retrieve Back Up Contacts (Numbers)

MTN Backup Code: Create MTN SIM Backup Login And MTN Backup Retrieval

Code for mtn sim backup -  Phonebookbackup mtn com gh Login
There are several methods of keeping your mtn phone contacts secured. Many people have lost their phones losing hundreds of phonebook contacts in the twinkle of an eye. For easy backup of mtn sim contacts, MTN has provided a platform whereby subscribers can store their sim numbers in their central database unit for prompt retrieval when needed. Do you use a MTN and find it difficult writing out all your contacts and saving them away in a physical diary? Do you scare of losing sim your mtn contacts and then going everywhere to get these numbers all over again? I have provided a comprehensive guide on how to create mtn backup and carry out mtn backup retrieval easily.

mtn sim back up

MTN backup gives you the opportunity to save up 200 phone contacts on your line and up to 5000 sim contacts in their central database. You can retrieve your saved contacts  logging into your account per adventure you lose your mobile device or sim card. Although MTN back up service supports up to 500 mobile phone brands, only MTN SIM from 2010 upwards are enabled for this service. If are a old subscriber, you may have to go for a welcome pack to get these newer brands of sim cards.

Registering For MTN Back Up
Do you want to know how to register for MTN back up service? You must have a SIM enabled for mtn back up or a data-enabled phone to start using this service.

- Depending on your phone make, navigate through your phone menu and search for 'MTN Services' or 'SIM services'
- Select 'MTN back up' and choose 'Back up SIM contacts'
- You would be asked if you are interested in synchronizing your phone book contacts, just choose OK/Yes
- In a few moments, all your sim contacts would be backed up and your back up account details would be sent to your line
- Your login name would necessarily be your phone numbers and a password would be included
- You can use your details to login into your MTN backup account using the official portal HERE

How to Retrieve Your MTN Backup Mobile Contact Numbers

MTN SIM Back Up Retrieval - How to Retrieve Your MTN Backup Mobile Contact Numbers
Have you backed up your mtn sim card recently but lost your phone/sim card or they were stolen? I will show you a simple way to restore backup contacts or carry out SIM backup recovery.

To retrieve your MTN Mobile Phone Contacts Now, follow these steps to retrieve your MTN Mobile Phone contacts;

==> Log into your MTN backup online account at: using your login details (your mobile number e.g. 2348012345678) and your password that was given to you during your initial contacts backup.
==> Go to devices to check the page where you did your recent backup.
==> Make sure you select a phone-type that matches with your current phone.
==> Select sync now, you will then receive a message that says “server wants to do a synchronization with you”
==> Select continue and wait until it says “Operation in progress” Be patient for the operation to be completed.
==> After the completion of the synchronization, your new phone will be updated with your contacts, events, tasks and notes that you have saved on your old phone; you will then see “Operation successful. Thank you”
==> Click on OK
==> MTN backup service will send you a text message to confirm that your back-up was successful.

NOTE= N50 will be deducted from account automatically for the service. With this you will be able to get back all of your backup data back to your phone.

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