How To Make Whatsapp Messenger Free For Lifetime

How To Make Your Whatsapp Messenger Free For Lifetime

How to make whatsapp free for lifetime on Nokia, Android, Iphone And Windows Phone
Whatsapp is one of the most popular chatting platforms on mobiles phones that most people think is free but which is far from the truth. You can make use of its trial for a short period of time.this post instructs you on how to use your Whatsapp for a lifetime.

Make Whatsapp messenger free for lifetime
The trial period for the whatsapp application is a year after that you do not have to pay anymore if you utilize this tricks. You’ll be amazed at how easy is after reading this. Once you realize that your Whatsapp free trial period has expired, delete the existing Whatsapp messenger from your mobile device and simply install a new one with the same process and you’ll get another free trial period for 1 year.
make whatsapp messenger free for lifetime

==> Delete your existing whatsapp here by following these steps.==> Open your whatsapp and navigate to Settings > Account > Delete My Account.
==> Enter your number in the field and Click on Delete my account button.
==> You have just deleted your account from Whatsapp and you are no more on Whatsapp.
==> Open a new account for Whatsapp messenger as previous.==> You can check the expiry date of your whatsapp software by going to whatsapp Settings > Account > Payment Info. ==> You’ll see when the free trial will expire.


==> Uninstall Whatsapp messenger from your smartphone.
==> Install it again from your application store.
==> Create a new account and you’ll get a free trial.

So, you can do it as many times as possible to save money.

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