Airtel SmartTalk, One SIM, Talk More, Smart Connect, 2Good Classic & Big Family Plus Plan Tariff And Migration Codes

CHEAP LATEST AIRTEL PREPAID PLANS: Airtel  SmartTalk, Airtel One SIM, Airtel Talk More, Airtel Smart Connect, Airtel 2Good Classic & Airtel Big Family Plus Plan Subscription, Migration And Activation Code

Airtel Nigeria keeps dishing out different prepaid tariff plans for their customers. And if you are on the Airtel network, and you are interested in knowing the latest prepaid plans from Airtel, then here they are.

1. smartTALK

Airtel smartTALK is an exciting prepaid plan that allows subscribers to:

Call all networks in Nigeria at 11 kobo per second (from the very 1st second) for a daily access fee of ₦5 charged on your first call of the day.

Make international calls at 20k per second to the USA, Canada, China, India and UK Landline.

Airtel smartTALK Subscription, Migration And Activation Code
To activate, simply dial *315# or send YES to 315 and start calling friends, family and everyone in Nigeria for 11k per second all day, all night!

5 Things You Should Know About The smartTALK

A. Subscribers can migrate into smartTALK by dialing *315# or Sending  “YES” to 315
B. Migration into smartTALK is free (except if it is a subsequent migration within the month by the subscriber which will be charged at N100).
C. This is an opt-in offer and is open to new and existing Airtel prepaid subscribers.
D. All calls are charged at 11k/sec ACROSS ALL local Networks at a daily access fee of N5
E. Only subscribers with minimum of N5 Main Account balance would be able to initiate 1st call of the day (on-net/off-net). This does not apply to subscribers with valid voice bundle like Talk More, Premier Connect, WeekendMAX EXTRA etc.
Subscribers on this plan can also purchase the Talk More bundle, Premier Connect bundle and other bundles as desired.
5x offer is not available on this plan.

2. Airtel One SIM Tariff Plan: 2x Your Recharge Value

Airtel One SIM is a tariff plan from Airtel Nigeria that offers 100% bonus on any recharge you make. That is, you get this bonus on each recharge made. Recharge ₦200, for example, and you get back ₦200 in bonus; recharge again and you will still get another bonus on top, and so forth. And the sweet thing here is that, the bonus can be used for text messaging, data, national calls and some selected international destinations.

The bonus is equally split into two categories, namely Weekday Account and Weekend. If you load ₦400, for instance, your main account will be credit by the said amount, while your Weekday account gets a bonus of N200, and your Weekend account N200, making a total of N800 for a ₦400 recharge.

Airtel One SIM also supports the registration of 2 special numbers that attract discounted rates when you put a call through to them.

Subscribers on One SIM also get 15 MB bonus on recharge of at least ₦200 or greater. The bonus data is valid for 3 days, and could be received only once per 7 days, that is, no more than one data bonus within 7 days no matter the number of subsequent recharges made. Happy Hour (12:30am - 4.30am) free on-net calls is also applicable, given that you have at least ₦100 in balance. There is no increased rate for the first 60 seconds on One SIM. It must be noted that

National calls: 40 Kobo per second (₦24 per minute). Since you get 100% bonus on every recharge, it could be argued that the real call rate is 20 Kobo per second (₦12 per minute).

Calls (Registered Numbers): 12 Kobo per second (₦7.2 per minute)

Happy Hour Calls (between 12:00am and 04:30am): 12 Kobo per ssecond

National SMS: ₦4

SMS (Registered Numbers): ₦1

International SMS: ₦15
Calls to Canada, China, India, UK landline and the United States: 40 Kobo per second

Text On to 337 or dial *337# .
First activation is without charges in any calendar month. A fee of ₦100 is applied for subsequent migrations within the month.
Dial *337*2*Airtel_Number# to resister. For example, if you want to register 0802 8888888dial
*337*2*08028888888# .

Dial *337*3*Airtel_Number# to get a number deregistered. For example, if you want to deregister 0802 999 9999, dial *337*3*08029999999# .

To view registered number(s), dial
*337*4# .

To access the associated general options, dial *337*1# .

Registration is free for the first two numbers. Subsequent registrations attract a fee of ₦20 per number. You can have a maximum of 2 registered numbers at a time. To register a new number, you have to delete an existing number, assuming the total number already registered is two.

3. Airtel Talk More

Airtel TalkMore is a bundle-based tariff plan that offers varying bonuses depending on the packaged paid for. The applicable bundle could be used for telephone calling, text messaging, and browsing the Internet, but may not be used for paying for a subscription. The bundle also offers competitive rates for calls to Canada, India, China, UK landline, and the US.

Applicable bundles are TalkMore 60, 100, 150, 250, 300, 500, 700, 1500 and 3000. The bonus is between 100% and 328% depending on the package selected.

Note: All Airtel prepaid subscribers can purchase TalkMore bundles except One SIM users. On purchase of a TalkMore plan, its account becomes the primary account from which you are charged. On exhaustion or expiration, calls will return to the subscriber's normal tariff.

One amazing feature of this plan is that you can buy more than one TalkMore plan at a time. But the validity your plan will assume will be the validity of the highest plan purchased.

Same-Day Validity:

TalkMore Bundle- 60
Cost - #60
TalkMore Total Value- #120
Activation- *234*60#

Subscription expires every 11:59pm

1-Day Validity:

TalkMore Bundle- 100
Cost- #100
TalkMore Total Value- #250
Activation- *234*100#

TalkMore Bundle- 150
Cost- ₦150
Talkmore Total Value- ₦500 Activation- *234*150#

TalkMore Bundle- 250
Cost- ₦250
Talkmore Total Value- ₦1,000 Activation- *234*250

7-Day Validity:

TalkMore Bundle- 300
Cost- #300
TalkMore Total Value- #1,000
Activation- *234*300#

TalkMore Bundle- 500
Cost- ₦500
TalkMore Total Value-₦2,000 Activation- *234*500#

TalkMore Bundle- 700
Cost- ₦700
TalkMore Total Value- ₦3,000
Activation- *234*700#

14-Day Validity:

TalkMore Bundle- 1000
Cost - #1,000
TalkMore Total Value- #4,000

TalkMore Bundle- 1500
TalkMore Total Value- ₦6,000 Activation- *234*15#

30-Day Validity:

TalkMore Bundle- 3000
Cost- 3,000
TalkMore Total Value- #12,000
Activation- *234*30#

Dial *123*5# to verify amount of minutes available for use.

Others include Smart Connect, 2good Classic, Big Family Plus, etc

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