Top 10 Free Android Apps For Bloggers

Smartphones are taking the place of personal computers because they are more portable, reliable and even quite fashionable. And without no doubt, the Android OS platform keeps growing in terms of popularity as it is being tightly embraced in Smartphones and tablets.

There are millions of free and paid applications stored in Google play store. On a daily basis, thousands of apps are being uploaded and downloaded by Android users and developers. While some apps are nothing but unpleasant, many are very helpful for users. And among the sea of apps in existence, there are some that will be so beneficial to bloggers. And that is what we want to see now.
Blogger Android Apps
Let us see ten superb free android apps bloggers should take full advantage of from their Android smartphones, to make things much easier for them.

1. Blogger:

Blogger is a great app already been owned in many bloggers' smartphone. A blogger can easily handle his or her blogspot powered blog posts, edit exists posts, publish posts, view the list of published, drafted posts and much more.

The blogger app is a great application for blogspot users to keep in touch with their blogs performance and statistics.

2. WordPress:

WordPress is one of the best Android apps that help a blogger to write, edit and publish new posts on his or her blog. Again, you can monitor your site statistics/analytics, visitor behaviors, users site use, read posts in readers and it’s open source. If your blog powered by WordPress CMS(Content Management System) then once you must try it.

3. Google Analytics:

When it comes to monitor website statics and analytics, the value of Google Analytics tool can never be ignored. Google Analytics is a simple tool developed by Google Inc. for analyzing your blog traffic and statistics. You can easily monitor site visitors, page views, unique users, returning users, session, bounce rate, visitors landing pages, exit pages and more things by using this free best android app.

4. Tumblr:

The way Tumblr app works is also similar to Blogger and wordpress Android apps. With it, you can easily write new topics, draft posts, edit and publish new posts to your blog from your smartphones and tablets. Also, one can directly share images, gifs, videos, music, links and texts, reply to messages and can do much more with this great app.

5. Writer:

This app is a perfect one for blog writer. With the Writer Android app, you can write notes, novels and stories quickly. In fact, according to it developer, the app tries to be as basic as possible, giving you somewhere to turn your thoughts into text, markdown support, and some statistics. This is a good one if you write unique contents yourself.

6. Photo Editor:

There are tons of good photography apps for Android users available in Google play store, but this one is quite unique. With this app, you can edit your snaps, crop, draws over images, easy rotation, resizing, adjust color schemes, effects and many other things.

7. Twitter:

Twitter is one of the best social apps for android users to help them keep connecting with their online social circles and communities. You can use this app for twitting your blog posts, connecting with peoples, share twitts and much more. Twitter is a free app too.

8. Feedly:
Feedly is RSS feeds reader app, you can read latest articles or posts of any site if you subscribe their RSS feeds in Feedly. You can also subscribe multiple sites RSS feeds for getting latest updates in one place. Feedly is very famous in bloggers and blog writers.

9. Swiftkey Keyboard:

Swiftkey keyboard is a keyboard app with impressive features. This keyboard app come with features such as easy to write, great next-word-prediction, 800 emoji characters (emotions), smarter auto corrector, support 60 languages, 30 colorful layouts. In fact, It is also becoming default keyboard app in Android devices.

This application is one of the best Android app in dictionary applications category. It has more than 2,000,000 definitions and synonyms from dictionary and  The app has key features such as: audio pronunciation, word origin, idioms and phrases, word history, voice search, favorite words, abbreviations and much more that you need.

There are other tons of apps beneficial to bloggers, simply do your research, and let them help you become a better blogger.

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