MTN Zone, TruTalk+, Beta Talk, SmoothTalk Plus, SuperSaver+ & Ipulse Plan Tariff And Migration Codes

CHEAPEST MTN PREPAID PLANS: MTN Zone, MTN TruTalk+, MTN Beta Talk, MTN SmoothTalk Plus, MTN SuperSaver+, MTN ipulse Plan Subscription, Migration And Activation Code

The full deregulation of the telecommunication sector in the year 2000 in Nigeria ushered the unprecedented revolution in the telecommunication sector we experience now. Yes, this has introduced healthy competition among the key stakeholders and operators. MTN, glo, Airtel, Etisalat and many others have had to slash their data charges, call rates, SMS charges etc. just to stay relevant in the competitive industry.
mtn tariff plans

MTN Nigeria hasn’t been left out in the never-ending competition. Are you an MTN subscriber and you want to know the cheapest MTN Nigeria tariff plans? Let us see some latest prepaid plans which Mtn recently released.

1. MTN TruTalk+:

Before Mtn introduced this plan, what we use to have is the Mtn TruTalk. Nevertheless, the Mtn TruTalk+ has a cheaper national call rate than the traditional TruTalk. After a daily access fee of ₦5, all national (on-net and off-net) calls are billed at 11 Kobo per second (₦6.6 per minute). On the regular TruTalk, only 11 numbers could be called at 11 Kobo per second, so
TruTalk+ is more economical.

To migrate to the TruTalk+, dial *123*20#

First activation is free-of-charge in any calendar month. A fee of ₦100 is applied for subsequent migrations within the month.

Dial *560*1*MTN_Number# to resister. For example, if you want to register 0803 000 0003, dial
*560*1*08030000003# .

You can also register non-MTN numbers.
Dial *560*2*MTN_Number# to remove a registered number. For instance, dial
*380*2*08030000003# to remove 0803 000 0003.

Then to view registered number[s], dial *560# .

You should note that the first eleven registrations are free. Subsequent registrations attract a fee of N50 per number. You cannot have more than ten numbers registered at the same time. To add a new number, you have to delete an existing number, if the total number already registered is 11.

2. MTN Zone:

Mtn Zone is a dynamic tariff plan that has no fixed call charges. You are charged based on your current location or zone. It offers attractive discounts depending on the prevailing discount rates on the cell site from which you receive signal. When you initiate a call, you will be notified of the rate at which the call will be charged.

Text messaging is charged at the prevailing rate of ₦4 for national SMS or N15 for international SMS. Subscribers on MTN Zone also make free MTN-to-MTN calls between 12:00am and 04:00am, provided the balance is at least ₦100.

Dial *135*1# to activate MTN Zone. Alternatively, you can text 135 to 131 .
Information regarding the current rates of discount is displayed via cell broadcast, so it is in order to activate the cell broadcast feature on your phone so you could view the current rate of discount on calls based on your location and time.

Migration to MTN Zone is free once per calendar month. A fee of ₦100 is applicable for subsequent migrations within the month.

*135*2# to view information about your zone.
*135*3# to see your active call rate
*135*4# to be notified of the details of your channel ID. MTN Zone channel ID is 50
*135*5# to know if you have active discount notification enabled or not, or to turn on the feature.
*135*6# to disable active discount notification

Remember: It is important you enable cell broadcast on your phone so you could see your discounted call rates displayed on the screen.

3. Beta Talk

Beta Talk is a tariff plan from MTN Nigeria which offers 200% bonus on every recharge of at least N100 made. In other words, you get 3 times the value of your recharge PIN for use in calling, text messaging and surfing. Beta Talk feels like Airtel One SIM , but it gives a more generous bonus, and is less restrictive.

Beta Talk operates a flat rate tariff system, in the sense that all national calls are charged at the same rate for each second or minute, unlike SmoothTalk Plus that charges a higher rate for the first cumulative 60 seconds daily, and cheaper rate afterwards.

Note that only the use of a physical recharge card will give you the bonus. The value of the recharge PIN goes in the main account, while bonus credited to Bonus account. Non-card top-up avenues such as airtime transfer , and so forth, will not. Bonuses cannot be transferred or used for subscriptions.

1. Provided you use up the bonus within its expiry date, it is arguably cheaper than SmoothTalk Plus

2. It makes obsolete the Wow Weekend Recharge which requires you to use *888*PIN# to recharge your account from Friday (6pm) to Sunday to get 200% bonus that is usable only on Sundays and expires midnight same weekend. Beta Talk gives you a 7-day-validity 200% bonus that could be used to call all networks in Nigeria, for data and SMS. Use *555*PIN# .

3. A data bonus of 7-day-validity 10 MB on a recharge of at least N100 is given once a week, and 7 days after the last bonus was received.

MTN-to-MTN calls: 40 Kobo per second (N24 per minute)
MTN-to-others calls: 40 Kobo per second
On-net Happy Hour (12:30am - 4.30am): Free, given a minimum balance of N100.
National SMS: N4
International SMS: N15

Text BT to 131 or dial *123*2*6#

First activation is free-of-charge in any calendar month. A fee of N100 is applied for subsequent migrations within the month.

Other MTN plans include SmoothTalk Plus, SuperSaver+, Mtn ipulse, etc

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