How To Picmix On Java Phone

How To Picmix On Java Phone: Mix Picx or Picmix with Java phones

Do you want to know how to use picmix on java phone? Most people believe that you can only run Picmix on high end phones like Blackberry and Android smartphones. In this post, I'll be sharing with you how to picmix with your java phone.

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Picmix on Java

How To Do Picmix On Java Phone: Download Picmix for java fone

To picmix on your java phone, follow the steps below:

1. How to download picmix on java phone: Click Here to download an alternative, Propaint mobile.
2. After the download is completed, copy pictures you would like to mix into a single folder on your phone.
3. Start the Propaint application and select any of the pictures, then click menu>>>tools>>resize, ensure you resize the picture to 80X160.
4. After you finish resizing your desired picture click menu>>edit>>choose all, then go back and click menu>>edit>>copy
5. Click create and create a page of 160X16 after you have copied it, then go back and click menu>>edit and you will see the option paste click it and paste the picture at one side of the page
6: Click menu>>file>>save to save the picture and you can use any name to save it
7: After doing that open the other picture and repeat step 1-6 and copy the picture
8  Click open the first picture that you have saved and then paste the second picture. What you'll get is an output of one picture that contains your mixed pictures and you are done.

NB: Repeat the same steps above to mix 4 pictures. You can use 80X80 dimension to mix your picture

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