How To Recover (Show) Hidden Files From Infected Flash Drives And SD Card Fast!

Show Hidden Folders And UnHide Files From Infected Flash Drives & SD Card

How to view hidden files on flash drive
You should not discard that infected or corrupted memory card or flash drive just because you can't access your files on them any longer. Relax as this tutorial guide will show you how to retrieve your personal files from any corrupted SD card or flash drive.

show hidden files on infected drives
How Can I Recover My Files From Infected Memory Card or Flash Drive?

Show Hidden Files On Infected Drives - How to find hidden files on flash drive
1. Plug that infected or corrupted USB Flash drive or Memory Card or any other USB storage device that is affected. Head over to 'My Computer' page and take note of the alphabet representing the storage device such as E:/ F:/ G:/ or H:/ etc.

2. Start the command box using the WIN+R key, alternatively you can achieve this by going through: Start>>All Programs>>Accessories>>Click Command Prompt. In newer version of Microsoft Windows, you can type in 'cmd' in the search box that pops up when you click Start.

3. Type G: (replace G with your own drive alphabet) followed by Enter. This will display a blinking line scrolling down to display display E:\>. After this step, type in attrib -s -h -r /s /d followed by Enter. This same blinking line should scroll down again.

4. Head over to your drive location on the PC, you will able to see all your hidden files now.

If you don't have any ideas while the files were hidden, try to scan your entire PC hard drive for viruses. Another method to unhide hidden files on an infected USD storage device by downloading this software: Infected Files Recovery Tool here. This version of Infected Files Recovery Tool works on Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7. Start the application, choose your desired infected drive, and then click recover. These are the simplest ways to recover hidden files from usb flash drive.

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