How To Sign Out From Google Play Store In Android Device

How To Sign Out From Google Play Store App Account On Android, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6 Phone & Tablet

How do I sign out of my google play store account
A lot of people use Android now and this does not even stop people from buying this powerful device on a daily basis. One popular method that Android users use to install new applications is through Google play store.

To access this application, you will be prompted to create an account and sign in to your Google account. A few days ago, I came across a comment from a forum user complaining that he could not locate where to sign out from Google play store account on his android phone.
log out from google play store on android
I began search for possible solutions on the internet and later discovered that this problem is worldwide. However, I was able to extract and verify two solutions to log out of Google play store on any Android phone or tablet with ease. This is the primary inspiration for writing this post. Consequent to the main issue we are trying to deal with, which is How to sign out from Google Play Store in Android Phone/Tablet, I have shared two powerful methods that you can use to easily log out of Google Play on your Android phone below.

How To Sign Out From Google Play in Android

Sign Out From Google Play

Method #1 : Sign Out Using Your Android Settings
When using an android phone, there is no provision on Google Play Store to sign out. You can use this method to your advantage by signing out and removing your previous Google Play Store account through your android device by following these steps –

Go to settings using your Android Device and follow the instructions that lead you to Accounts and Synchronization. The next thing to do is to click on the specific account that needs to be deleted.

After tapping on the account, a screen for Data & Synchronization will be displayed. To the top at the right side corner, a drop down button will be shown, select it and click on the remove account button. So, tap on it and select Remove account.

NOTE == You will not be able to log into your account after the removal of your account, but you can sign in again if you install a new application by simply adding the account again.

METHOD 2== Log Out Of Google Play Store Using Log Out App
There are some android applications made for logging out of your google account. One of the application is named Log out, you can make use of this method to log out on your android device.

You have to install this application, and then select Log out account on the application. Do not forget that it does not work in all devices

Make use of these tested and trusted steps in logging out of your existing Google Play Store on your Android device.

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