Phone Charging Bag - Solar Bags That Can Charge Your Cell Phones

Phone Charging Bag - Bags That Charge Your Phone

Bag charge phones
A few days ago, one of my friends informed me that a new bag is in town. Guess what, this bag can be used to charge your mobile devices.

According to Dolapo Otunla, these bags that charge your phone is a blend of fashion and technology considering recent trends today where technology is everything. Vanguard reported that this mobile charging bags called The Damaris-Techno-Bags is built with fashion consciousness and manufactured with high quality and durable materials which makes the bag maintain its good looks after several years of use.

With a solid clipping method, the cell phone charging bag can stand the stress of frequent opening and closing. The bag's dimension is 28cm by 50cm by 10cm. The size is perfect for most people and comes with two large zipped pockets and three internal compartments that provide enough room for personal use.

A Solaris charging bag has an inbuilt charger unit and can be charged to full capacity within three hours by connecting it to a power source and can charge two mobile phones or tablets at the same time. Additional charging unit containing an integrated 13x12cm Solar Panel is also installed.

The inventor, Dolapo claim the ideas behind this device charging bag was fueled by the need to alloy her engineering skills with her fashion sense. The leather solar bags provided additional functions while initiating a concept that people often make buying decision from both style and function. Whether you are in a Lagos traffic or on a project in a village, with this bag in your hands, you can be rest assured that you won't have a flat battery.

What is your opinion about these bags? Would you purchase them soon? Write a comment using the box below and let's discuss.


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