Cost Of Fixing Cracked Iphone Screen + How To Prevent Iphone Screen Damage

Fix Cracked Iphone Screen Price - iPhone 3, 3G, 3Gs, 4, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6 Plus Screen At The Mall With Warranty

How much does fixing a cracked iPhone screen cost? With smartphone screens getting bigger and bigger, dropping a phone on concrete (or tiled) floor is often a death sentence for the screen. True or false?

Though technological development had a big impact on scratch resistance, a massive amount of iPhone screens break on a daily basis. A popular question most users ask is, 'will apple store fix cracked iPhone screen?' So, how can you protect your iPhone screen from getting cracked? Here is the best way:
iphone screen damaged cracked

1. Don't Drop It In The First Place: Yes, the best protection from breaking your iPhone screen is to not drop it in the first place. Hey, I know what you are thinking. You are probably thinking: 'but those who got broken screens didn't drop it intentionally' and, 'there is no how my phone won't fall at one point or the other". Don't worry there are ways to protect it from breaking when it hits the ground.

2. Use Glass screen protectors:
While plastic screen protectors were quite popular in the past, a recent trend is using tempered glass screen protectors. But why would you put another layer of glass on top of your screen, which is already protected with a glass layer on top of it? Simply put, adding a glass protector to your screen won’t change your every day experience that much.

Yes, controlling your phone still feels nice, your screen is protected from scratches and the glass protector almost completely absorbs impact damage when dropping the phone.

While a plastic protectors typically try to keep your phone together like security glass, tempered glass protectors have similar features as your screen itself. Still on still, when dropping your phone, a glass protector is more likely to shatter. However, your screen is very likely to stay intact – and replacing the screen protector is rather inexpensive compared to completely replacing the screen.

Glass protectors usually don’t effect screen sharpness. Yeah, you don’t see a difference on your screen when having a protective layer on top of your screen. If you have ever installed a plastic protector, you’ll know the pain of properly attaching it to your device. Luckily, the majority of glass protectors use a full-adhesive or bezel-adhesive technology which make the installation process quite easy and convenient.

How much does it cost to fix a cracked iPhone screen?

These prices apply if you replace your device through an Apple Retail Store or mail it in through AppleCare. These prices are competitive with what the guy on the street can do it for.

Here's a breakdown of each device and its replacement cost: Apple Iphone Screen and Total Replacement Costs

Nevertheless, ensure the screen is well glued to the phone, if not, it will frustrate you.

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