Best 10 iPhone Games To Play With Friends

Best Paid and Free iPhone Games You Can Play With Friends

10 iPhone 5 And 6 App Games You Can Play With Friends on iPhone Free and Paid
iPhone, without doubts, are incredible devices. They gives users superb experiences. They are used to work, to socialize, perform daily tasks, entertain ourselves, and, of course, play games.

Now, when you think of multi-player games for the iPhone, you most likely think of Scrabble, Words With Friends and other word games. However, there are a multitude of multi-player games for nearly every game genre available in the App Store. And we are going to see some great multi-player games that should keep you and your friends busy for quite some time. So, whether you’re into board games, card games, strategy based games or shooters, there’s something here for everyone. Let us see them.

List Of iPhone Games You Can Play With Friends With iPhones

1. Chess With Friends:

Chess With Friends, developed by Zynga, is the default chess app in the App Store, allowing you to play up to 20 games of chess at once with friends, family members or random opponents. With push notifications to inform you when it’s your turn and an in-game chat system, u can’t do much better than Chess With Friends. If you don't want annoying ads, buy the premium version for $2.99.


Everything you love about the classic board game is available on the iPhone, with a few added tweaks. This game is developed by Electronic Arts Inc. U can play through three levels of difficulty and customize the games look and rules. In addition (superb!), you can play up to three friends via local Wi-Fi or up to two friends via Bluetooth. It cost $0.99 in the App Store.

3. Reiner Knizia's Samurai:

Reiner Knizia’s Samurai is a turn-based strategy board in which you gain the influence from the major castles: the Samurai, the Clergy and the Peasant. Developed by Conlan Rios, you can choose to go head-to-head with friend in both thePass ‘n Play and online multi-player modes. Do you have what it takes to become Emperor? The game is being sold for $4.99 in App Store.

4. PirateFleet for Friends:

For those who love Battleship but love pirates even more, there’s PirateFleet for Friends. You’ll enjoy the battle for pirate supremacy in a wonderfully designed game that’ll make you feel like your a captain of your own vessel. You can even challenge multiple ship captains as you please (cap of 10 in the free version).  Developed by United Toy, this game is one popular free iPhone games you can play with friends.

5. Checkers Free:

There are a plethora of checkers apps in the App Store, but Checkers Free takes top honors with its simple, yet sophisticated design and ease of use. Developed by Optime Software and can be downloaded FREE on App Store,Checkers Free doesn’t sport an online multi-player mode, but it does offer a two player Pass ‘n Play matches so you and your friends can be in the thick of it face-to-face. Checkers Free is one of the most interesting iPhone games you can play with friends free.

6. Depict:

Similar to to the game called Pictionary, Depict is a online drawing game for all ages. Take turns with friends as the artist, whose task is to draw one of six options while friends attempt to guess what’s being drawn. Games are short and easy to play, and players can jump in at any time. Developed by Makeshift Games, this game can be bought on the App Store for $0.99.

7. Armada — Galatic War Online:

The straight to the point words in the title 'Armada — Galactic War' says it all. Your objective in this four player online real time strategy game is to gather resources, create mechs, tanks and ships, and destroy your opponent’s mothership. Choose to battle random opponents or challenge your friends to a private match. Armada — Galatic War Online, developed by Pixel Stream LLC, is being sold for $5.99 at the App Store.

8. UniWar:

Developed by Xpressed and with over 1 million games played and counting, UniWar is one of the most successful games in App Store history. Take turns building an army to pit against your opponent, using the strength of your unit to take control over the map’s terrain. Play against as many people as you like online multi-player mode, or battle it out with your friend in Pass ‘n Play mode. It is being sold at the App Store for $0.99.

9. Flight Control:

Ever wonder what it would be like to be an air traffic controller? Well wonder no more! Developed by Firemint Pty Ltd, Flight Control is an easy and fun touch-and-drag game in which you must safety land a variety of aircraft, including jets, helicopters and seaplanes. Challenge your friend locally or via online multi-player to see who lands an aircraft the best. Get it for $0.99 at the App Store.

10. Trivial Pursuit:

Are you a Trivia lover? Then be happy as the world’s most famous trivia game is available for the iPhone. Challenge up to three of your friends in Pass ‘n Play or Wi-Fi multi-player mode to see who’s the brainiest of the bunch. This game is developed by Electronic Arts Inc. You can get it for $0.99 at the App Store.

There are lots of not only interesting, but shareable iPhone games out there waiting for you. Have fun.

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