Top 10 Movie Download Apps For Android

10 Best Movie Apps to Watch and Download Movies On Android Free

It’s always so much fun when you are able to download a favourite movie directly on your device, especially for android users that features a large screen to improve users’ experience in terms of movie viewing.

The android phone is built to accommodate so many applications, which created the need to develop those that will enable users to also have an easy downloading experience with their phones.

I will be making a list of the best downloader that you can utilize to get your best movie from online. The most interesting part of this is that most of the applications are free to use with unlimited number of movies. These are the best android app to download free movies.

10 Best Apps to Watch Movies on Your Android for Free

How to download free movies for android phones

Movies direct is a highly economical movie download/streaming application that can be downloaded on android phones. It allows for easy and fast movie download, which can be testified by its more than 2 million users since its launch in 2012. With just $2.99 (N700) you have access to an unlimited number of movies on a monthly basis. And for your information, they are not studio/cinema recorded movies. All in HD and can be downloaded here in Nigeria with very much ease of payment as well.

The recently launched Amazon Movies application has happened to be one of the best in the movies downloading app industry. It can be downloaded on any android phone. Although you have to be a registered member, specifically a prime membership, which you can get a free 30-day trial. The app comes with close to 200,000 movies/TV shows and are all in HD quality.

This is as well a free movies download application that you can utilise to download your favourite movies. It allows you to download movies through its browser that is common with other devices. You simply click on the video link that you wish to download and it starts automatically. The downloaded movies are saved in your gallery where you can easily reach.

This is one Movies download application for android phones that can download not only movies, but music, images as well as e-books for your reading pleasure straight to your phone. And the most valuable thing about this app is that it downloads straight to your device, which removes the need for internet connectivity to use later.

Google Play also features its own movies download app which allows you to watch movies and TV shows purchased or rented on Google Play. The movies are as well downloaded in HD quality and you can also watch even if you have no internet connectivity.

Youku movies downloading application allows you to download movies, news, TV shows, animations, music, musical videos. The android phone compatible app is actually ad-free, with a very user-friendly inter-phase that gives you easy navigation around the application.

Crackle is actually a direct movie streaming application for movies. The advantage it has is that it features a huge database of movies on different genres that you will get lost in your quest. It is compatible with most android phones and boasts of an impressive user experience and support.

Showbox is one of the most endearing movies download application. From its live streaming features for live shows, to its ability to download crystal clear HD quality movies. It is one app that you will simply fall in love with. It also features a device that allows you download just a part of any movie if you don’t want to get the entire movie. Won’t you like to have that?

Viewster is very much common among the European users, but also available to users around this part of the world. It has a lot of free movies, TV shows and lots of entertainment shows as well. The unique feature of this app is that it only features original contents rather than the main stream Hollywood movies. No sign up is required, just hit and play.

10. HUBI
Hubi is another impressive application that can be utilised to download and watch online movies for free. It works on the process of extracting the download link of any movies you are watching online, which it then gives you the option of downloading to your device. Available at Google Play Store

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