How to Transfer Credit On Glo: Glo To Glo Credit Transfer

How to Transfer Glo Credit: Activate Glo EasyShare Transfer Code And Password

Glo Transfer Credit Steps To Share Airtime
Have you been wondering about how to transfer credit on glo network? The answer to this is yes, using Glo Easyshare credit transfer allows you to transfer credit from one Glo line to another Glo line instantly. You can also share credit with your loved ones as gifts without delay while using this service. Below is the complete airtime transfer procedures on glo network.

transfer credit on Glo

How To Transfer Credit From Glo to Glo

For you to be able to transfer credit while using the Glo network, the first step you need to take is to activate Glo ME2U on your Glo line. To do so Glo Send ” Act” to 131. You will be sent an SMS that ask you to create or change your password. You also must change your default password to one of your choice.

How to Create Glo Transfer Pin

To have access to this Glo credit transfer service, you must have a 4 digit password pin to be used for the transfer steps. It is advisable to keep the password secret, for security purposes.

How To Change Glo Transfer Pin

To change your Glo transfer code, you have to send the sms below to 777
 0000 1234 1234

NOTE;0000 Is Your Default password
     1234 Is Your New password
     1234 Is Your New password Confirmation.

How To Use Glo Transfer To Send Credit On Glo NG Network

To use Easyshare, here is the glo credit transfer code: Dial *131*Phone Number of the recipient*Amount to be transferred*Password#.

If you want to transfer N100 credit with glo to your friend whose number is 08058765169 and your password is 4444, you have to dial *131*08058765169*100*4444# to transfer the credit. You will be duly notified when the credit share is completed.

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