MTN Zone Tricks: Cheat Code To Call Any Network For 4k/sec

The MTN Zone tariff plan is a common plan most people use to call any mobile network. In this post, I will be teaching you how to make calls at 4k/sec any mobile network.


MTN Zone

If you are a user of MTN zone tariff plan, you have access to low discount calls that varies according to your location. The lowest call rate during the day is 0.4k/sec, but this is very rare. Do you realize you can call glo, airtel, and etisalat numbers for as low as 4k/sec?

How To Call Any Mobile Network For 4k/Sec

For you to enjoy this, you need to migrate to the Mtn zone tariff plan by dialing *135*1#. To call any number on another network on your mtn sim, simply add *555 at the end of the number you want to call before dialing the number. Once you add *555 at the end of any non MTN number before calling, it makes the number to act like a mtn number.
The MTN call rate is lowest from 11am to 4pm.

Below is an example:
If the glo number you want to call is 08056748392, then you simply have to dial 08056748392*555 .
You should be aware that you can use this trick to make free night calls to your friends on other mobile networks.

How To Reduce Mtn Zone Tariff When Charging High (16k to 24k/s)

On MTN zone you are charged based on your location and the time frame. If you are in an over populated, crowded, or urban area that has a good reception for internet connectivity (3G, H+). Your call rate will be high compared to those in rural areas.

This is not useful for those using a small Nokia phone, because your small Nokia phone is configured automatically. For those using smartphones, congratulations, simply change your phone's mobile network to edge and call again after a few minutes so that your call rat will reduce to 4k, 8k, or 12k.

I hope this post has greatly helped you. Comment and spread the word to your loved ones.

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